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What are your fondest vacay memories with your family? It could be so many things, right? Visiting your grandparents during summer vacations, going on a road trip to an unheard place or going to a nearby hill station. The beauty of travelling, however, remains the same. It’s all about coming across people and culture that are not the same as yours.

The definition of travel and tourism has changed over the years. The industry is not only limited to traveling for pleasure but also includes the business of attracting, accommodating, and entertaining tourists.

September being the Tourism Month, the United Nations’ (UN) celebrates World Tourism Day on September 27 every year. This day aims to increase the social, cultural, political and economic tourism awareness among the international community

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is responsible for the promotion of responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism. This year, the UNWTO chose India as the host country to celebrate World Tourism Day and its theme is ‘Tourism and Jobs: A Better Future For All’. In the last few years, offbeat vacationing has taken a front seat. So, newer business modules, job opportunities and different style of vacationing have become common.

With its focus on renting out private vacation homes, SaffronStays is one such leader in this category. With 130+ private and hassle-free stays around India, it caters to the 5 A’s of tourism. Let’s take a look…

1. Accommodation:

From 2 to 20, there’s something for everyone at a he SaffronStays home. Much like the aim of World Tourism Day, we want our guests to explore and grow through means of travel. If you want a home for couples, we have SaffronStays Un Bel Di, SaffronStays Beyond and others. For larger groups, SaffronStays Raanwaara and Aranya Vilaas, SaffronStays Dhyana, Nithyam and Ekaant are also suitable. If your pet is your extended family, there are several pet-friendly villas too, SaffronStays Villa 270° being a case in point.

2. Accessibility: 

So talking about the aim of world tourism day, SaffronStays started off with a few villas in the home state, Maharashtra- SaffronStays Parsi Manor, SaffronStays 9 Palms, SaffronStays Little Paradise and a few more to now expanding to the hills with SaffronStays Tridiva, SaffronStays Amayaah Tara and Palash plus a few more and the backwaters of our country with SaffronStays Kurinji Estate, SaffronStays Southern Seascapes and others. We want to cater to the needs and requirements of all our guests in India. Being a part of the digital world, we are trying to get to a fully digitalised system. One can book a home via our website or through the different Online Travel Agents.

3. Activities:

While on a vacation, most of us want to relax and rejuvenate. And so we have villas with enough and more amenities. SaffronStays Casa Manga and SaffronStays Alohomora for instance are just right for your next pool vacay. If you are looking at beach homes near Mumbai, there’s SaffronStays Salt Rim and SaffronStays Chirebandi. If the hills and valleys are calling you, head to SaffronStays Hillside Chalet and SaffronStays Verandah by the Valley In addition to the scenic views and the many-things-to-do, our homes have indoor games, too. Not just this, there are several out-of-the-box activities, too. For instance, did you know that At SaffronStays Calamondinn Bungalow, the owner himself organises baking master classes? Or that you could get a beekeeping demonstration there? Sounds fun, no? Several villas also offer treks and trails within their premises.

4. Amenities:

Talking about Amenities, SaffronStays includes a variety of them that’s in line with the motto of World Tourism Day. Not only do we have elderly friendly homes with elevators – SaffronStays Constellations Aquila, Orion and Cassiopeia – but also homes that have fireplaces: SaffronStays Jagheri Bagh and SaffronStays Kaapi Cottage besides others. If you love what you cook, you can cook for yourself in a few self-catered villas namely SaffronStays Ivory Cottagesand Saffronstays Calvin and Hobbes. But of course, one of our specialties is home-cooked food. Relish authentic meals at SaffronStays Parnakuti, SaffronStays Vedanta and others. Each home is unique with its own characteristics. And we are open to exploring and adding to our set of amenities. Do you have any suggestions to share with us this World Tourism Day?

5. Attractions:

Vacation homes must have an inbuilt vibe as well as a sense of aesthetics. We have homes with unique characteristics like the traditional Maharashtrian style decor at Saffronstays Bungalow 2259 and Goan architecture at SaffronStays Casa Eventor. Not to forget the traditional South Indian home, SaffronStays Coconut Grove or Spanish-style built of SaffronStays La Casa Maestro. We also strive to unearth homes that are surrounded by nature. These include activities like apple picking in the north India at SaffronStays Thanedhar Estate, visiting coffee plantations in the south at SaffronStays Kaapi Cottage or SaffronStays Nandanvan Estate or the treks and trails in Maharashtra around SaffronStays Avabodha and others.
With a sense of exploring more to witness the 5 A’s this World Tourism Day, let’s head for a quick weekend getaway already?

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