Town Of Cary Encroachment Agreement

Can I have a lamp in the window? For businesses located in the Cary Town Center (Downtown) District or in mixed-use neighborhoods with overlapping use, a neon sign may be displayed, provided it does not exceed two square meters and is illuminated only if the store is indeed open. To accommodate the NCDOT NC-540 (Triangle Expressway) extension project, it is necessary, prior to pavement construction, to lay part of the city`s 42-inch Camp Branch canal interceptor on the south side of the city. The Camp Branch Canal Interceptor is one of two water mains that transport wastewater to our Southern Water Recycling System for treatment. Construction crews have installed more than 500 feet of new 42-inch sewers and are now ready to attach the new pipes into the existing system. This requires bridging pumps to maintain sewers for our citizens. This week, crews will test the bypass system, equipped with a main pump and a backup pump. Once the system testing is complete, the bypass begins on Monday, November 2, until the connection work is complete. This work is estimated at 6 days and 24-hour monitoring of the bridging pumping system will take place during the duration of the work. Only the city council and a few collaborators will be present and socially distant. Everyone wore masks, even if they were talking. The employees only came into the room to introduce themselves, and then went downstairs.

Monday began with a meeting to sign bonds sold by the city. I signed 47 bonds and a few dozen other documents. The City of Cary requires setbacks for uses and structures that must be within priority rights or easements. As a general rule, no intervention (including landscaping) is permitted within an easement unless there are special circumstances and the authorization of the service holder is ensured. If you have any questions regarding an easement or road right, please contact the City of Cary Transportation and Facilities Department at (919) 469-4030. The City of Cary`s noise by-law is regulated by the police. If you wish to draw the city`s attention to a possible noise violation, please call the police emergency number at (919) 469-4012. Botanical Lights is a pop-up exhibition of bright bouncy castles and tubular lights that illuminate the evening sky. Artists Astrobotanicals and Julia Gartrell teamed up to organize this light installation which, until the end of November, can be considered both a drive-by experience and a practical experience on the former site of the library in downtown Cary. Bouncy castles are tall, colorful structures — some reach 20 feet tall — and look like flowers, but not of this world, leaving viewers to their imaginations and inflaming creativity. The installation is part of a larger series of light installations in downtown Cary called GLOW, which will showcase several innovative works of art and technologies during the winter months.

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