Pet-Friendly Weekend Getaways

6 Pet-Friendly Weekend Getaways Pawsitively for Pets and Pet-Parents

Whether it’s across the country or across the town for a quick getaway, as loving pet parents you often feel the need to take your pets wherever you go. However, in terms of accommodation, we still have miles to catch up to! So why should these constraints come in the way of your pawsome vacation?

Pet-Friendly Home: SaffronStays RiverRock, Panvel

Whether you’re looking for places to hold a family reunion, an after-fest party or your favorite cousin’s bachelorette. SaffronStays offers these amazing pet-friendly weekend getaway homes to take your furry friends to and be a part of your memories!

Think epic Instagram selfies, exploring nature trails and going on exciting adventures with your pet. These pet-friendly weekend getaways not only allow pets but also offer amenities for them. These include toys to customized meals – just to make sure your pet feels as much a valued guest as you do.

SaffronStays Casa Manga, Karjat

Pack your bags and drive down to this pet-friendly weekend getaway just an hour’s drive away from Mumbai. With lush green lawns providing pets with lots of leash-free open space, wisps of white clouds scattered across a blue sky, you and your furry friends are in for a perfect treat. You will also be equally delighted by the splendid outdoor pool.

#PawsomeVacation @SaffronStays Casa Manga, Karjat
Things To Do
  1. Indulge in relaxing activities by the pool with your pooch. Just be sure to bring a Frisbee along!
  2. A paradise for all adventure lovers, Karjat has quite a number of famous trek trails to explore.
  3. Sit around the campfire at night creating some amazing memories with your furry companion.
Pool side villa

SaffronStays Villa 270°, Dapoli

Think beaches and the oceanfront to run around with your pet. SaffronStays Villa 270° offers 5 stunning cottages set against the backdrop of the Arabian Sea. The rollicking hills and panoramic sea at this pet-friendly weekend getaway will make sure your pet has a propah’ time indeed.

#PawsomeVacation @SaffronStays Villa 270, Dapoli
Things To Do:
  1. Visit the famous Anjarle and Harnai beaches which are a dive away from this pet-friendly weekend getaway
  2. Hang with your four-legged bestie by the verandah. Get an amazing feeling of being exposed to the natural elements. All of this, while you relax in the relative luxury of modern amenities.
  3. This pet-friendly weekend getaway has a quaint little garden and a man-made pond to explore around.

SaffronStays Raanwara and Aranya Vilaas, Kamshet

Nestled amidst mighty mountains and the serene Thokarwadi Lake, SaffronStays Ranwaara and Aranya Vilaas is a cluster of four cottages each. You will witness a beautiful amalgamation of Greek and Maharashtrian architecture at this pet-friendly weekend getaway.

#PawsomeVacation @SaffronStays Raanwara and Aranya Vilaas, Kamshet
Things To Do:
  1. With small gardens and pools all over the place that invite you and your pet to take a splash, have a fun time with your BFFs.
  2. Stroll under the canopy of dense woods with your pets or enjoy your night walk under the stars on the stone pathway lit with dim lights.
  3. Thousands of fireflies illuminate the valley at night. Imagine watching this sight with your faithful companion right by your side
Human and pets

PS: You can book both the homes separately. However, when booked together this pet-friendly weekend getaway can host up to 42 guests!

SaffronStays Oriana, Alibaug

Blow up your Instagram with adorable pics of your pet at the SaffronStays Oriana, Alibaug. Just 10 minutes from Mandwa Jetty, this pet-friendly weekend getaway, in the midst of a lush-green lawn strewn with trees, is a stunning private villa that offers the luxury of privacy amidst nature.

Things To Do:
  1. The wide and open space amidst verdant nature guarantees pleasant weather for you and your furry little friends.
  2. Enjoy a peaceful read sitting by the quaint pond located in the backyard of the home.
  3. Run around barefoot with your pet on the supple grass lawns.
  4. Relish coastal-style home-cooked meals prepared by an in-house chef under the soothing mango tree and enjoy an al-fresco experience with your loved ones

Want to see what our pawfect guest had to say about his stay with us?

Meet Hammer at SaffronStays Casa Manga, Karjat
Video Credits: @joyful_hammer

While looking for a good pet friendly stay to celebrate my dads birthday, we came across Casa Manga at Karjat. A new addition to the list of SaffronStays properties.

We have always had a good experience when travels are planned through SaffronStays. Mum says it has always been good to reach out to Tejaswinee who puts in her best to make the entire process smooth and enjoyable.

It was completely fenced and safe. Had well maintained lawns for me to run around and play all day. The staff Baalu and Pandu were quite friendly. They offered water to me along with the welcome drink for my hoomans.

The caretakers gave my folks directions to a beautiful lake where i swam and played fetched all evening. It was a pawsome trip and a pawfect way to celebrate my dads birthday. Thank you. Hoping to have many more such fun times with SaffronStays. Pls add as many pet friendly places as possible.

– @joyful_hammer

With enough privacy, hassle-free stays and bonding there’s just about everything your pooch could ever want: To be pampered the way he deserves!

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