Use These 8 Hot Tips To Give Your Holiday Home Guests The Best Experience

It’s very tempting to open up your vacation home for guests and set up a sweet source of income. But that income depends on guests not only choosing your home for a holiday but also having a great time there. Remember, you aren’t just giving them a place to stay but rather curating an experience. So use these 8 tips for holiday homes to provide your guests with the finest vacation!

1. Prioritise safety 

SaffronStays Ambe Moha, Karjat

The overall safety of your holiday home should be your top priority! That includes everything from having sturdy door locks to following Covid-19 safety protocols. Keep the house free from fire hazards, cover loose wirings and inspect electrical appliances for any faults. Depending on the locality, add amenities to prepare for extreme weather conditions. Cover all your bases, so your guests can get a sound sleep at night and so can you!

2. Get high-quality furnishings

SaffronStays Horizon 360°, Mahabaleshwar

Your guests are going to expect their money’s worth. How do you give it to them? With high-quality furnishings like plush sofas, Instagram-worthy lighting, gorgeous dining areas, charming outdoor seating and memory foam mattresses that make them go wow. No penny pinching here. Give them a luxury filled holiday and it’s almost guaranteed that they will return someday. 

3. Paint a visual picture

Kairos Athena, Karjat

Part of curating a holiday experience is making your rental visually appealing. Nobody wants to feel like they’re still at home, they want to feel transported. So, pick an idea and then bring it to life. Use soft pastel paints and light curtains to make your guests feel like they’re in the clouds. Or pick nautical wall hangings and deep blue hues to make them feel out at sea. Whisk them away to a place of dreams!

4. Offer a fun-filled package

SaffronStays Casa Manga, Karjat

Some people like lazing around on holidays, but most enjoy throwing themselves into a flurry of activity. So whether it’s a pool table, a swimming pool, or a disco room, load up your vacation rental with a bunch of exciting activities. This is one of those tips for holiday homes that will not only keep spirits high but encourage longer holidays. Plus, your guests will love having a range of options to choose from!

5.  Top-notch food for every meal

SaffronStays Grand Mansion of Saipem Hills, Candolim, Goa

Three meals a day means that food makes up the majority of one’s holiday time, so it’s crucial that you get this right. In-house cooking services should cater to the majority of your guests, but also feature a variety to keep things exciting. Local delicacies are a must-have. Should the guests feel like it, they should have basic cooking facilities as well as a range of restaurants in and around the locality to order in!

6. Maximum privacy, minimum contact

SaffronStays One Tree Farm, Karjat

An important tip for a holiday home is to give your guests maximum privacy. The space should allow them to feel free to be themselves and let go of all their worries. Highly trained staff who approach only when needed and a quiet surrounding locality are a few ways to ensure this. You should also get the formalities out of the way at the beginning itself. The less you contact your guests, the more they will appreciate you. 

7. Stay there once a year 

SaffronStays Nadnanvan Estate, Tamil Nadu

The best way to craft a superb experience for your guests is to stay at the vacation home yourself, at least once a year. Putting yourself directly in the consumer’s shoes will enable you to find any gaps in your service and fill them, find any faults in the amenities and fix them. You’ll come across that loose handle or the broken toaster, which otherwise may have been overlooked. 

8. Hire a middle man

SaffronStays Fiesta, Nashik

Hiring a middle man will make things very easy for you and your clients. Experienced middlemen can handle all the in-betweens from logistics and pricing to cleanliness and sanitisation. And they can do it with an expertise that only increases the value of your home. An expert vacation rental partner like SaffronStays can make sure that you are giving your guests only the finest service, while managing everything on behalf of you.

So there it is. Follow these 8 tips for holiday homes and yours will be ready to provide the ultimate vacation! 

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