10 Budget Friendly Private Villas In Lonavala You Must Choose For Your Next Stay

A vacation is exciting when one doesn’t have to spend too much mindspace on where to go, what to do and how to go about it! Planning a trip to Lonavala is therefore perfect. A hill station situated not far from Mumbai, Lonavala has plenty of scenic escapes, infinity and mountain views and greenery as far as the eyes can see. If the city is getting too claustrophobic, then take a break from the routine and envelop yourself with nature with private stays that won’t put a hole in your pocket. These 10 gorgeous private villas in Lonavala are elegant, affording luxury, privacy and perfect for an outing with your family, your college gang or just buddies who want to connect outside the city. Get ready for some mystical views, lip-smacking local food, fully staffed homes and beds that you can blissfully sleep in. 

1. SaffronStays Aspen, Lonavala

Pool at the villa

A 3-bedroom private villa in Lonavala that offers you one of the quickest getaways near Mumbai and Pune. You can take a refreshing swim under the open sky with snacks and drinks right within reach as the pool is connected to the living room itself. With modern and elegant interiors, amenities like a mini-library and indoor games area, this villa is a great place for a family to spend quality time together. 

No. of guests: 6-9

Cost per night weekend: INR 5500

Cost per night weekday: INR 4000

Book your pool party: SaffronStays Aspen

2. SaffronStays Falcon Tents, Lonavala

Did you know you can stay in the thick of nature and still enjoy the luxury of five-star services? These glamping tents in Lonavala allow you to envelop yourself in greenery and wake up to chirping birds, without losing out on comfort and ease! The property is only 5 minutes away from Tiger Point, from where you can get a splendid view of the valley as well as a spot for the perfect selfie.

No. of guests: 8-10

Cost per night weekend: INR 5500

Cost per night weekday: INR 4000

Experience nature at SaffronStays Falcon Tents.

3. SaffronStays Inverlochy, Malavli

Did you ever want to own a private mountain? When you stay at SaffronStays Inverlochy, you can fulfil this dream. This private vacation villa near Lonavala has been built with love and care that is visible from every tile in the home- be it the embellished patterns to the kitschy wall art! In fact, the name of the home has been drawn from the tile pattern prevalent throughout the home – Inverlochy. You’ve got to visit this home which is just 2-hours from Mumbai, experience its magic at night and see beauty for yourself without spending too much on your stay.

No. of guests: 6-9

Cost per night weekend: INR 5500

Cost per night weekday: INR 4000

Spend time outdoors: SaffronStays Inverlochy

4. SaffronStays Roselle, Lonavala

Cute, cosy and chic. These three words describe this lovely 3-bedroom bungalow which sits in a quiet area, away from the hustle. If you’re looking for a chill evening floating in the pool with the fam, with breezy chit-chatting and lip-smacking mocktails, then SaffronStays Roselle is the place for you. Bring your furry friends along to this pet-friendly villa!

No. of guests: 6-10

Cost per night weekend: INR 5500

Cost per night weekday: INR 4000

Book your pool party: SaffronStays Roselle 

5. SaffronStays Vedanta, Lonavala

If vacation rentals in Lonavala are on your mind, you must add SaffronStays Vedanta to your list. This luxury private pool villa near Mumbai is the best weekend getaway for you and your family. It’s sprawling lawn and plunge pool will keep you occupied for hours! A 5-bedroom home with spacious interiors and serviced by caretakers, housekeeping staff and home chefs is just so ideal for a hands-off, ‘easy on the pocket’ vacay, right?

No. of guests: 6-12

Cost per night weekend: INR 5500

Cost per night weekday: INR 4000

Get away with your fam: SaffronStays Vedanta

6. SaffronStays Fred, Lonavala

Mornings that wake you up to the breathtaking beauty of the Western Ghats hills, what more could you ask for? If you love being outdoors, letting nature calm and soothe you, SaffronStays Fred is the place to be. Surrounded by a large lush lawn, spaces to play games, run with your pet or even picnic-style meals, this 4-BHK pool villa is suitable for family gatherings as well as corporate get-togethers and makes for a very affordable stay. Disconnect and unwind with a healthy dose of nature, some quiet and a pocket-friendly stay!  

No of guests: 5-10

Cost per night weekend: INR 5500

Cost per night weekday: INR 4000

Book your holiday: SaffronStays Fred

7. SaffronStays Ebony, Lonavala

This 4-bedroom pool villa is an elegant holiday home is located close to the main city but just far enough to offer seclusion and privacy. Take a break from city life for a few days, play games on the lawn, sip on chai while sitting on the balcony, arrange for sundowners in the outdoor gazebo or just catch up on some sleep. Celebrate occasions with the family or work colleagues at a place that affords luxury without the fuss. We recommend taking your pets for all the space that’s available for them to play.

Min Occupancy: 6-12

Cost per night weekend: INR 5500

Cost per night weekday: INR 4000

Plan your vacay: SaffronStays Ebony

8. SaffronStays Casa Delizia, Lonavala

Casa Delizia is a 4-bedroom villa that offers an escape in luxury. You can marvel at the beauty of art and sculptures inside, as well as the breathtaking view of the mountains outside. The plunge pool, bar-n-barbecue set-up, and a plethora of indoor games will keep you entertained. Meanwhile, our in-house chefs Dasharath and Bharti will provide fresh homemade meals. 

Min Occupancy: 8-12

Cost per night weekend: INR 5500

Cost per night weekday: INR 4000

Plan your dream holiday now: SaffronStays Casa Delizia

9. SaffronStays The Riverine, Lonavala

This private 5-bedroom bungalow in Lonavala is perfect for you and your friends to have a workcation together. Alongside marking your to-do list, you can also spend quality time with them in the pool or the charming gazebo or even at the outdoor bar. There’s no reason work should stop you from enjoying five-star service in your own private villa at affordable rates, right? 

No. of guests: 10-15

Cost per night weekend: INR 5500

Cost per night weekday: INR 4000

Book your WFH: SaffronStays The Riverine

10. SaffronStays Slate, Lonavala


Travel with your pets and family to SaffronStays Slate. Host sundowners with them, chill by the pool, soak in the serenity of this quaint bungalow best suited for private parties of up to eight guests. You not only get complete solitude but a space to call your very own for a few days. Lounge around with cocktails or dance till the break of dawn! If you’re looking for something more to do, the venue is located near Govinda Go-Karting track as well as Wet ‘N’ Joy water park.

Min Occupancy: 5-8

Cost per night weekend: INR 7000

Cost per night weekday: INR 6000

Book your weekend stay: SaffronStays Slate

If don’t intend driving off to destinations that are far off, then choose something closer for your family vacation. What’s more, you don’t have to fork much to spend quality time at a luxury villa near you. Just pick any one of our budget friendly villas for a super comfortable, affordable holiday.

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