Give Your 9-5 Job A Holiday Feel At These Workcation Villas

When it comes to work, do you automatically think of plain desks, boring white walls and a terrible view from the window? What if we said you could work surrounded by hills or flowery gardens, within brightly painted walls and with delicious food for every meal? That’s right. You can get all this and much more with a workcation at any of our villas. We’ve shortlisted our top villas to work at, where you can finally get the workspace you always wanted!

1. SaffronStays Aatman, Mahabaleshwar

This stunning abode in Mahabaleshwar offers you multiple options of workspace — you could try the wicker chair with a spectacular view of the garden or settle on the super soft sofa in the living room. If comfortable cushions get your eyes drooping, we recommend the vibrant outdoor seating where the chirping birds and bright sky are bound to keep you awake!

No.of guests: 8-15

Plan your workcation: SaffronStays Aatman

2. SaffronStays Aurelia, Panchgani

The best part about working at this villa is that at any moment you can take a quick break from work and lose yourself in the view of Panchgani valley. Even those early morning meetings will feel easier if they come accompanied by a hot cup of chai on this villa’s spectacular verandah. You get peace, quiet, and abundant natural beauty at SaffronStays Aurelia, which is only a couple of hours from Mumbai and Pune!

No.of guests: 6-9

Plan your workcation: SaffronStays Aurelia

3. SaffronStays Red Brick House, Panchgani

Another Panchgani holiday home, this 4-bedroom workcation villa has a rustic feel and an old-world charm that will make you feel transported. It is an ideal villa to work from with the whole family, with plenty of nooks for you to catch up on those emails and lots of space for the rest of the family to enjoy. The wide lawn, table tennis board and porch swing ensure that each one is entertained while you get the solitude you need!

Nothing is quite as revitalizing as 

No.of guests: 8 

Plan your workcation: SaffronStays Red Brick House

4. SaffronStays RedFields By Venna River, Mahabaleshwar

This modern holiday home in Mahabaleshwar is one of the perfect villas to work at! It elegantly combines quiet workspaces with an exciting holiday vibe. So while your 9-5 can be spent working among the luxurious furnishings with delicious meals made from local, organic food, the rest of your day is open to a range of exciting activities — from strolling through the strawberry farm to visiting the nearby Lingmala Waterfall!

No.of guests: 6-12

Plan your workcation: SaffronStays RedFields By Venna River

5. SaffronStays Tudor Rose, Panchgani

A lovely wooden chalet overlooking Panchgani valley, SaffronStays Tudor Rose is a great villa to work at with your favourite colleagues. The wooden interiors create a gorgeous workspace while the tempting waters of the sparkling pool will push you to finish your to-do list as fast as possible. Large office groups will enjoy wrapping up a day of hard work with a well-earned cocktail at the outdoor bar!

No.of guests: 10-12

Plan your workcation: SaffronStays Tudor Rose

6. SaffronStays Casa Tranquil, Panchgani

Whether you are travelling with a couple of work buddies or with the whole team, this 4-bedroom pool villa will suit all your work-life needs. As the name suggests, this cosy work villa is situated in a quiet spot where Panchgani’s lush greenery provide the utmost privacy. The tasteful interiors are a great space to get in the zone while the indoor games, open garden and azure pool will make sure you also get to unwind. 

No.of guests: 4-12

Plan your workcation: SaffronStays Casa Tranquil

7. SaffronStays Horizon 360°, Mahabaleshwar

Richly coloured fabrics and plush seating areas can actually do wonders for your focus and mindset. You can experience it for yourself at this workcation villa that crafts a joyful vibe for its guests, which is only strengthened by the captivating infinity view of Mahableshwar’s landscape. We recommend you turn the balcony into a work zone so you can soak in both, the sunrise and sunset!

No.of guests: 2-15

Plan your workcation: SaffronStays Horizon 360°

8. SaffronStays Sky Abode, Panchgani

Looking to organize a team-building trip or an office retreat? Try this 7-bedroom workcation villa which has a spacious living room, an outdoor barbecue space and a private plunge pool! The pleasant weather and the spectacular view of the hills will help team members loosen up and engage more. From ice-breakers to goal setting sessions, this luxury villa’s vibe is set to match any mood!

No.of guests: 8-21

Plan your workcation: SaffronStays Sky Abode

9. SaffronStays The Glasshouse, Panchgani

Just a quick drive from Mumbai will get you to this exquisite private villa which is a perfect alternate WFH space. You will get total privacy, five-star level service and wall-length windows to draw in the beauty of the surrounding flora. A serene work spot for two. Bring along your closest work buddy or even your partner, and set yourselves up for the most luxurious workcation ever! 

No.of guests: 2

Plan your workcation: SaffronStays The Glasshouse

If you’re looking for villas to work at, one of these amazing holiday homes is your best bet for a super productive vacation. All of these villas for rent are in quiet areas, with beautiful surroundings and a vibe that will keep your energy levels high! Ready to get the hustle going?

Need more options? Check out this exciting list of some more WFH villas!

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