5 Ways Your Vacations Can Benefit The Environment

Are you a nature lover? Wish to contribute to environment protection? Well, there is an exciting way to do that – make your holiday eco-friendly. How? On World Environment Day we show you how to contribute to the environment while enjoying the abundance of nature.

Plant Saplings: One Seed Bears Many Fruits

Whether by a beach or in the mountains, everyone loves to rest and relax amidst abundant flora. For those escaping the crowded metros of our country, a dash of green is always more soothing than the dull greys that surround us. So, while armchair activism about fewer trees in the vicinity may provide temporary respite to the weary mind, planting saplings, especially of indigenous plants, would be a perfect long-term answer for the greater good. Take Kurinji Estate, Kodaikanal for example: This lovely heritage property sits nestled in the midst of an award-winning garden, a percentage of which is the fruit of all its guests. How, you ask? Every guest SaffronStays hosts is gifted a sapling before check-out and can place it anywhere they like on the 9-acre property. Inclusion at its best, innit?

Harvest Water: Each Drop Counts

The fact that our country has to face water scarcity every summer is no news. Interior Maharashtra, the Himalayan region and Central India are some of the worst hit. But you can do your bit by saving your usage of water, and recycling what you can. While lush lawns may look visually appealing, sometimes less is more, and in case of water scarcity, absence can be sweet. The charming owner of L’attitude, Kamshet forfeit the traditional water-guzzling, ecologically disruptive short-grass lawn and planted 108 drought-tolerant trees around the home. Practicality and presentation can always go hand-in-hand. After all, 8th Grade Environmental Studies was taught for a reason, right?

Create Indoor Gardens: True Beauty Is On The Inside

Remember when your mother said ‘Looks don’t matter till you are actually beautiful from the inside’? While an acne-ridden face could not digest this statement, there is no truer line for a home. Imagine waking up to a stunning garden inside your home, rather than just around it? Fresh air, cool ambiance, branching shade and gorgeous flowers, literally at your doorstep is a perfect setting to grab your morning cuppa. While Master’s Coutryard, Gholvad has a central aangan with bed of trees, the various indoor plants sprouting within Cabo de Goa make both these holiday destinations

Source Locally: Nobody Likes A Foreign Body

Being different and trying to push an exotic concept, be it through architecture, materials or plants may not be the best approach to creating a home. Villa 270°, Dapoli is the epitome of inclusive creation: terracotta tiled roofs, structures made of local laterite stone, vernacular architecture that make the cottages charming, yet conserve the environment.

Ventilate Organically: Natural Is Normal

Summers in India are nothing short of harsh. Imagine planning a getaway and then facing the horrid heat, where even an Air-Conditioner is a mere tool against the forces of nature? But, there is a way to beat the blues organically: Create using the natural pattern of wind to maximise the breeze through windows, and curate using natural plant-based materials like Vetiver (Khas) that can provide a day’s cooling on a few drops of water. Simple and easy, right? The owner and the architect at Maya, Khadakvasla got this formula absolutely bang-on.


So get going, and let’s save the environment!

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