Gharwale-Baharwale: Families That You Did Not Know Existed

Have you ever seen someone’s name flash on your phone and wondered how that person became such an integral part of your life? We all have these friends who walked into our lives unexpectedly and stayed on to become much more. On this International Day of Families, we want to shout out to those ‘families’ who may not be related by blood or name, but those groups whom we cannot imagine our lives without.
  • Bridge-playing buddies

seniors playing cards bridge
Friends get better with age.
Those Sunday afternoons seem so boring without the gang, eh? Ask your parents or your grandparents who their closest pals are and they’ll most likely mention the gang they play cards with at the neighbourhood club. In fact, why limit it to only a gymkhana? This International Day for Families calls for an outing with this bunch, and don’t the weekday prices at most our properties sound lucrative too?
  • Social Work Club

social workers take a break
A little breather from work can work wonders.
So you and a bunch of mates rally together to produce some socially relevant difference to the world? Why not get together today and chill out over a drink. For all the work you guys have done, ya’ll deserve a little break, no? So meet up, discuss the week that was and just unwind after that last piece of activism.
  • MBA group

suit drinking working
Drinks on?
If you’ve spent 2 gruelling years with a bunch of individuals who were equally intent on finding themselves and building up their careers, you will know that you all know match on that same wavelength. They say friends made during an MBA course are friends for life. Here’s your chance to put that saying to test: Make sure you and your entire gang land up at a designated bar tonight. Drinks on the last one to arrive!
  • Co-Teachers

Nobody gets teachers the way teachers get each other.
Squabbling kids, botched education systems and immense knowledge are such a great link to connect with others. If you’ve ever been a teacher, you know exactly how important your colleagues from work are. Gather up your co-teachers and head for a relaxing weekend (sans the noise and stress) at Parsi Manor, Matheran. Consider it as a vacation for those who truly deserve it.
  • Train travellers

Who said train journeys have to be bad and boring?
Who said train journeys have to be bad and boring?
Always catch that 9:14 local, do you? You’ll surely have a train gang then. Given this new age digital boom has left very few people getting their heads out of their devices, but when they do, you’ll see how friendly your train buddies can be. Try exchanging numbers and meeting up outside, and you now have a new group to hang out with!
  • Hobby class gang

Birds of a feather fly together.
Have you and your significant other signed up for a hobby or health class together? High chance is that you’ll have already formed a clique within the class. Why not plan a trip around the said hobby or health fad? Like practicing some yoga out on the porch at Verandah by the Valley on an early monsoon morning?
  • Kid’s friend’s parents

Why should kids have all the fun?
Why should kids have all the fun?
This gang of people is one you definitely will not be able to do without. If you’re a kid reading this, you’ll know how close your parents have become. If you’re in your mid-20s, it’s quite possible that you have been out of touch with your school pals, but your parents still get together like a house on fire. And if you’re a parent, the fact that your respective kids spend some 8 hours together, get along perfectly and won’t trouble you while on vacation makes these co-parents just the best travel buddies. Right?
  • Kitty Party

Head out of the city for your next kitty party!
Head out of the city for your next kitty party!
From husband-bashing to ranting against your ma-in-law to discussing the kid’s college and your world tours. Your gang of gal pals is extremely critical for your monthly gossip sesh, and none may deny that. So after all the home and hotel kitty parties you have hosted and attended, it’s time you stepped up your game and stepped out of the city. That’s right! Host a party in a hill station or just take a vacation together. And in case you are looking at ideas for fun games and activities at your do, look no further. We’ve got you, girl.
  • Neighbourhood Pals

You know those familiar faces in your galli that don’t have names yet whose smiles prove to be just the best pick-me-ups after a long day at work? Next time stop and have a chat with them. Who knows you’ll probably make a new BFF and that smile could mean so much more then!
Here’s to all the small families we build outside our etched ones. Here’s to those who matter too!

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