10 Types Of Friends That Guarantee A Kick-Ass Trip

Every now and then, we pack our bags and head off for an adventure with our friends. No friend in the group is similar and with everyone so different, there are bound to be fireworks along the way. The fuss and the excitement created by each of these species promises us nothing short of a trunkful of unforgettable memories.

So, let’s take a look at the different types of friends that may exist in your group.

The Checklist

Getting ready for the trip
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This perpetual planner who makes meticulous contingency plans that rival the Sergeant’s plans for a military coup. The lists will have lists which will drive the other friends crazy with it. But let’s face it, it’s that saviour’s planning that will make the vacation a bit sane and will fix anything that goes wrong.


The Madcap

Adventure is in the blood
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This friend with his ‘dekh lenge yaar’ attitude is the one who will forget to fill the petrol tank of the car to maximum on the road trip. It is this friend who’ll think of it as an adventure when you lose your way and get lost either in the midst of a desert or a jungle. Looking for a rainbow at the end of a storm, the pal’s optimism and carelessness will get on the troupe’s nerves. But those antics will ensure an unforgettable journey.


The Dopey

Ready. Steady. Sleep.
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You are envious of this friend’s ability to sleep anytime and anywhere. There might be a hard rock metal concert going on but will still be able to stretch out on the ground and pass out in seconds. But this lazy bum is going to irritate you with the habit of getting up at noon and being tired by doing even the tiniest of the things and wanting long naps.


The Juicehead

With a bottomless pit for alcohol and the motto in life, Daaru toh banti hai, this friend will be having a variety of booze bottles in different sizes at all times and will find the trip a waste if at least one bottle is not downed each day.


 The Umpire

Living each moment
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The most sensible friend in the whole group, who is constantly trying to broker peace. The one who is constantly trying to mediate and coming up with compromises to satisfy everyone. This referee makes the trip a success by seeing to it that all the characters of the group don’t end up killing each other.


The Workaholic

Ready to rule the world
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This slave to the work will be constantly on the phone and checking the mails. This lost comrade will be counting down the hours to get back to the office’s distasteful coffee. The one who is always cribbing about not getting enough days off from work but once on the trip, will be raring to go back.


The Lovey-Dovey

This couple is busy turning the group trip into their honeymoon rendezvous. While they are indulging in their PDA, the group will give them either a wide berth or rag them, depending on the friends and the mood.


 The Diva

Head out of the city for your next kitty party!
The absolute Diva taking the center stage anywhere, everywhere

That snooty friend who is finding faults at every step of the way and will be expected to treated as royalty. From the linen of the bed to the water in the bathroom, from the food to the decor of the hotel, this friend will criticise till the tongue falls off. The Diva is the one who always wants to be the centre of attention.


The Luna Lovegood

The Luna Lovegood of the group is the one who actually believes in nargles and will be waging a war against the wrackspurts. The weirdo who is in another part of the universe, will spout out a philosophical comment and then go back to dreaming.


The Hermit

Building dream castles
Source – Rockpage.me

This lone wolf of the group is the one who is busy creating a utopia. Although with the group, this lost soul is still alone with the headphones on or is busy getting lost in the book. To talk to your buddy you’ll be constantly pulling the headphones or snatching away the ever so interesting book and shouting at the top of your voice to get your buddy’s attention.

So, do you recognise any one of your homie? Tag that eccentric friend!

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