ADVENTURES GALORE!!! Beat the #SummerHeat by Stepping Out!

Hot Water Springs, Dolphins and Tandem Paragliding… sound like some exotic vacation? Guess what? These activities and some more, are right around Maharashtra. If you’re feeling the summer blues, fret not, because we’ve got a list of activities to kiss these feelings a sweet goodbye!

So what are you waiting for? Head out NOW!

Soak yourself in the Hot Springs of Dapoli

Hot Water Springs
Take a dip in the healing waters of Unhavare

Did you know you could step into healing hot water springs so close to home? Well, now you do! Head over to Unhavare for a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend of peace and quiet. Our quaint little Villa 270 promises to be the best bet for your Dapoli stay. Cheggit out!

Set Sail in the Seas around Mumbai

Sailing by the shores of Mumbai is a great way to destress.

Discover the amazing coastline Mumbai boasts of with a quick sailing trip around the shore. Many clubs around the bay provide extensive sailing classes from introduction level to advance stages. If you are even a day over 15 year, join one of the special summer courses where you can learn to be a pro sailor in just a day!

Contact: Mumbai Sailing Club

Go Up, Up and Away in a Balloon near Lonavala

Hot Air Balloon
Fly up into the air in a balloon with your family.

Always dreamt of going to Bristol or Cappadocia for a scenic Hot Air Balloon ride? Why look so far away when your neighbourhood has an equally eye-catching ride for you? The lush hills of Lonavala are a delight to see from 1200 ft and you must see it to believe it. Go and book your family a trip right now!

Contact: Adventure Nation

Two’s a Company at Kamshet’s Tandem Paragliding

Go solo or fly tandem! Paraglide away the summer heat.

Want to fly like a bird, but don’t have the courage to go alone? Don’t worry! Tandem paragliding is an amazing way to get some wind under your wings, quite literally. Head out to Kamshet, the less boisterous version of Lonavala, to enjoy a ride. Or sign up for a certificate course and stay at the gorgeous L’attitude Villa while you grab the ropes of this daring activity.

Contact: Indus Paragliding

Beat the Heat with White Water Rafting in Kolad

White Water Rafting
Turn up your adrenaline with an adventurous river rafting experience. From: CSG Raft Gear Ltd

Getting into a pool of water is probably the best feeling during the summers. But why stop at that? Jump into a nasty river while you go white water rafting and it shall be one guaranteed great weekend. So gather all your friends and head over to Kolad for a gala time!

Contact: Wild River Kolad

Picture Credit: White Water Mag Ltd, 


Spot a Beautiful Dolphin off the coast of Mumbai

Catch a glimpse of these beautiful dolphins right around Mumbai.

Want another example of how ecologically diverse and rich Mumbai is? Hire a boat and head out just a few nautical miles off the coast of Maximum City and spot bottleneck dolphins with your own eyes! Does sound splendid right? Here’s another summer afternoon planned for you and your family.

Contact: Pelican Sailing School

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