SaffronStays Sanvina Farm, Karjat

5 Joys of Rustic Homes Staycations Missed in Urban Living

City life offers us various benefits, unboxed daily, many of which we take for granted. From grocery stores delivering essentials to your doorstep to ordering in a hot meal with just 3 clicks, and getting ‘farm-fresh’ vegetables sliced and sealed in easy-to-use containers – we’ve been living the easy, sheltered life. Which is why, stepping out of these daily comforts to get our hands dirty via rustic experiences only broadens your mind and learning. Here’s 5 lessons that we can take back to our brick-and-mortar houses after going on au naturel rustic homes staycations.

The Coolness Welcomes You With Warmth

SaffronStays Olive Greens in Karjat
SaffronStays Olive Greens

As you leave behind the city confines and enter the quaint townships, you will notice a dip on the temperature scale. Have you ever rolled down the window when you’ve hit the countryside to embrace the nip in the air, the pleasing green cover and unpolluted air?  It’s a refreshing feeling for all your senses and an ambience that no wallpaper in your home or hotel can do justice to. As we soak in the calming effect of the greens, it is time to go back home as a plant parent. 

SaffonStays Olive Greens in Karjat, a beautiful and spacious farmhouse presents you with such scenic scapes. A dip in the pool will relax your body, and to have it amidst bountiful greenery with towering Sahyadri ranges as the background, will rejuvenate your soul. You can ask the caretaker here for a sapling of your favourite herb/flowering plant/shrub and take back a part of your holiday with you. 

Farm Fresh Is Truly Farm Fresh

SaffronStays Sanvina Farm
SaffronStays Sanvina Farm meals

Your definition of farm-fresh meals will change when you step into the plantations, pick out the ripe produce and relish the taste of your fruit. With organic farms as far as the eye can see, and not a tinge of pesticides in the soil, you know every dish you consume is as raw and authentic as it can get. A taste palette that will linger on your tongues because of its freshness. 

SaffronStays Sanvina Farm offers this farm-to-table experience, where one can live within an organic farm of over 2,000 trees. You go back to your home with an understanding of what fresh really tastes like. Spread over 10 acres, the farms here have a range of plantations from Teakwood and sal to fruits like mango, lychee, mulberry, pineapple, phalsa and cherry. Besides, there are masalas like Tamarind and other vegetables too. So be rest assured, everything on your plate is truly farm-fresh.

The Need to Disconnect

SaffronStays Mango Huts in Khopoli
SaffronStays Mango Huts by The River

We are constantly hooked onto our smartphones or laptop screens, a single notification resulting in endless scrolling, be it work or ‘distraction’. But have you ever experienced the quietude of being unavailable? When you are disconnected from the network of notifications, you are connected to yourself, peeking into a peaceful insight. A break from the fast-paced city lives to enjoy the quaintness in open nature, accompanied by your immediate family is what bliss feels like. 

SaffronStays Mango Huts by the River, earthy cottages nestled in Khopoli offer you this chance to disconnect. It promises abundance of nature as you indulge in a digital detox on this rustic homes staycations. You go back home with peace and lovely memories looking back to simpler times.

Working From Nature

SaffronStays Kamal Farms By The River in Karjat
SaffronStays Kamal Farms By The River

A rough day at work makes you wish, if you could take a dip in the pool sometimes. Even dipping your feet in the pool water can be therapeutic after a busy day. But can you? Unless you choose to work remotely from a place with a riverfront! SaffronStays Kamal Farms By The River sits on the banks of the Tez river in Karjat. Even your 10-minute break away from the laptop, is right into the lap of nature. You can sit in glass-walled rooms, that give a feel of working from nature, one’s true wishful home. The constantly working folks can head out with their family on a workay here, be it for a couple of days. Give yourself this chance of a workation and experience your productivity increase manifold under the canopies of the natural world.

The Luxuries of Rustic Homes Living

SaffronStays Asanji Wadi in Alibaug
SaffronStays Asanji Wadi

It is time to break away from the notion of rustic being dreary. Yes, the choices and ways of living here may differ greatly, but there is so much to learn from. The best memories are often the ones where you have laughed whole-heartedly, surrounded by your friends and family, played outdoors or enjoyed a colourful sunset. It is recognising the daily drill back home does not give enough chances of spending such moments.

If you miss the old-world charm of brick homes and wooden furniture, the family sitout sessions or playing together and enjoying the chitter of the birds, SaffronStays Asanji Wadi, a rustic villa in Alibaug will transport you back in time. Surrounded by several vegetable and fruit plantations in a one-acre Wadi, it will remind you of your ancestral homes. This 3-bedroom villa is equipped with board games, Table Tennis table, a plunge pool and enough space to just recreate the bonds of familial living. The beautifully decorated interiors, unique pieces carrying a piece of history will inspire one to stay connected to their roots. 

Family retreats, workation or a friends getaway, experiencing such rustic homes staycations is a reminder of what all we take for granted, as well as, what we miss having in our four-walled structures. Driving down to the countryside is not solely an escape from the chaos of the city, but a reunion with nature, one that you and your family can cherish forever.

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