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6 Valentine’s Day Getaways To Celebrate Your Love

Come February and there’s an ambience of romance everywhere for Valentine’s Day. This time, take a Valentine’s Day Getaway as a celebration of love, of not just couples, but a reiteration of an endearment shared between families. The ties of love connect us differently with every member of the family, but how often do we talk about celebrating them? On Valentine’s Day, explore the idea of love within families – with grandparents, cousins, kids, BFFs, pet companions and of course, your significant other with a feeling of togetherness!

Celebrate Galentine’s Day With Your Girl Gang

SaffronStays Roselle in Malavli
SaffronStays Roselle, Malavli

Who needs a boo when you have your babes? Valentine’s Day is essentially for the couples, but what’s a better combination than your girl gang clinking glasses of mimosas? Honour the truest friendships you share with your girl friends with a Galentine’s Day outing. Make it riveting by setting a theme or planning a pamper sesh for all of you together.

Roselle, a 3-bedroom private villa in Lonavala is a perfect place to ring in this celebration. The floral-themed cushion covers spark a refreshing elegance while the bright-yellow plush couch is an exquisite backdrop for your ‘girl squad’ pictures. Make the blooming bougainvillea your photo-booth setting as you hug your best-friends for always being there. You don’t have to worry about the food too, as the trained chef will serve you some authentic dishes. The villa exudes a motherly comfort, just as the care you have for your girl gang right beside you!

Add Some Privacy to your Date Nights 

SaffronStays Little Paradise in Murud
SaffronStays Little Paradise, Murud

If you are a hopeless romantic and advocate of clichés, eternalize your love with a getaway with your partner this Valentine’s Day. Take the run-of-the-mill candle-light dinner date, and add a gentle sea breeze caressing you while you dig into the best hand-crafted spread of your vacation dreams? The perfect way to end the evening? A stroll on an almost-private beachside, long conversations in the lawns or a movie night under the stars – you pick!

At SaffronStays Little Paradise, 3 beachfront chalets in Murud, you can watch the sun set into the horizon as you cuddle with a cuppa in hand, or catch the sunrise from the white wooden swing in the courtyard. Rekindle your romance by giving all your undivided attention to the love of your life, while we pamper you on your holiday.

Go on a Long Drive With Cousins in Tow

SaffronStays Mega Farms by the River in Igatpuri.
SaffronStays Mega Farms by the River, Igatpuri

We never acknowledge the fact that our siblings and cousins are the first friends we make in life. This Valentine’s Day, plan a long drive with your cousins and celebrate the bond of this underestimated familial love. Having your own private villa to unwind without the prying eyes of the ‘elders’ is a luxury not many of us grew up with, but you can certainly enjoy it now on your getaway.

Visit SaffronStays Mega Farms by the River in Igatpuri, a modern villa overlooking a placid river. Sit out in the verdant lawns and forget the problems back home as nature’s tranquil presents itself as a solution you need right now. Some bonds run deep and you will only strengthen them as you share your stories with the ‘big brother/sister’.

Speak, Read and Learn Love With Children

SaffronStays Aranya Vilaas in Kamshet
SaffronStays Aranya Vilaas, Kamshet

Valentine’s Day may not have anything to do with children, but it is to do with love, an emotion that children need to learn, reflect and grow with. Envisage the curiosity of your little ones by spending a day out, speaking in the language of love, understanding what they like, and teaching them how to communicate it. 

If you are thinking of kid-friendly places with a host of activities, SaffronStays Aranya Vilaas in Kamshet is an ideal spot for both day trips or an overnight stay. The children can enjoy swings by the fish pond or splash around in the shared infinity pool. There’s an option to play a cricket match on the lush green lawns here, or enjoy a game of cards with the view of Sahyadri valley from the balcony. Alternatively, you can also go out on a trek to Visapur fort, bond over lessons of history and fuel up an interest for more such getaways. Sounds like an ideal getaway for the full fam!

Reminisce the Love of Togetherness With Family

SaffronStays Foresta By The Lake in Kamshet
SaffronStays Foresta By The Lake, Kamshet

Do you recall the last time your whole family sat together and gave uninterrupted time to each other? 2020 may have taken that away from our festive celebrations too, but picture this – a whole resort to yourself, grandparents watching their grandkids running around the lawns, brothers sitting in gazebos, turning pages of their childhood diaries, the ladies not worrying about what’s to be cooked.

It is not a description of a typical famjam from the Barjatya movies, but something that you can enjoy at SaffronStays Foresta by The Lake. An expansive villa in Kamshet spanning across 70-acres has everything you would ask for on a private family vacation. Be it playing board games, soaking in the pool or taking a stroll by the picturesque Andre lake, instill the strength of love and bonding of togetherness shared by a family. Watch elderly members smile heartily as everyone comes together to celebrate. Aren’t their smiles, we strive for? Sounds like a Happy Valentine’s Day getaway to us.

Take Your Pooch on a Pawsome Vacation

SaffronStays Sanskriti in Kashid.
SaffronStays Sanskriti, Kashid

Talking of love, how can we miss out on the unconditional one that comes in the form of our four-legged companions. Take your pooches along on a vacation this Valentine’s Day weekend and watch their tails wag non-stop.

SaffronStays Sanskriti located in Kashid will give your doggos enough space to run about the lawns, lie lazy in the mud and ask for more belly rubs. This 4-bedroom villa boasts of the finest antique collection, that will give you a south-Indian vibe right in Kashid. This home will be a perfect haven for a pet-friendly outing, paw-someness or unlimited licks by your happy pet, guaranteed.

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