Plan Successful Corporate Offsites With Positive Outcomes

Corporate offsites are a great way to inculcate team bonding within your work culture. Working from home has made most employees miss out on their daily informal interactions with their colleagues or ‘work friends’. As things slowly come back on track, it would be a great way to welcome your team to an offsite. After conversing in terms of work targets, strategies, to-do lists, everyone would long for a refreshingly good break. If you are wondering how to plan a successful corporate offsite trip for your team, we have some tips for you.

Status Update: Out of Office

Group of people chilling.
Bond offline with your colleagues. (Credits: Pexels)

Break out from the virtual meetings, go offline and bond offsite. Returning to office will be a reunion of sorts but the real bonds between colleagues will flourish when they are off their laptops chattering about things other than work. Change the status updates from ‘At Work’ to ‘Out of Office’ and transform the mood from run-down to rejuvenation.

Decide Your Objective

An objective of what you want to achieve is crucial for planning a corporate offsite. A clear intent makes it easier to plan things ahead – like booking of a conference room, arranging team-bonding activities or mapping the itinerary. But you can get hassle-free booking and secure stay, if you opt for a private villa like SaffronStays Summer Salt, a 6-bedroom stunning villa on Akshi Beach in Alibaug. Hold your brainstorming sessions under the canopy of coconut plantations, a palpable setting to come up with fresh ideas. Post the session, you can chill in the pool or swing away your worries in the hammock with a seaview. Your entire team will be catered with healthy home-cooked meals by our trained chefs on site, so everyone goes back satiated, be it stomach or the mind.

Discuss With The Group

Ensure everyone is on the same page about their expectations of this offsite trip. Plan it in a way to make everyone feel comfortable. Have elements involving the less expressive or newly-joined members. If there are adventure activities, check the number of employees open to participate. It is not financially feasible to make bookings for a large group when only a cluster of them turn out.

Choose a Place That Matches The Vibe

SaffronStays Constellations in Khandala
SaffronStays Constellations Orion

One of the most striking attributes of planning a corporate offsite trip is deciding upon a location. ‘What will be your location’, ‘will it fit in the budget’, ‘how to reach there’ are some of the many branches to the location mindmap. An interesting place will also tickle the excitement of your employees. 

One of the wisest options to have an undisturbed team outing is choosing private villas, with the whole property to yourself. There’s no worry of somebody hearing on your team secrets, weaknesses and successes being heartily discussed. SaffronStays Constellations, a private villa complex in Khandala will leave your team spoilt for choice! A set of 3 villas with 5 bedrooms each have enough scope to bond on several activities. Spend time lounging by the spacious pools or play team games in the lush lawns. The barbecue set-up right by the pool, or an outdoor bar setting, there are plenty of euphoric spots to cheer on. Your group pictures clicked outside these expansive villas will make your friends jealous of having such a wonderful work-fam to fall back on! 

Socialize Offline

People socializing over food and drinks.
Socialize with your colleagues offline

If your corporate offsite is meant for team bonding, let everyone unwind at their own pace. Have activities that fuel more conversations among the team. Be an anchor to the members who need to improve, socialize in a way that the guards of hierarchy are dissolved for a while. Choose a spacious site that accommodates everyone physically while unknowingly developing their emotional bonds. SaffronStays Kenzen in Alibaug is a 7-bedroom villa with an ample outdoor area and a pool that serves as the best meeting point a team could ask for. The outdoor space can be utilised to play games, organise matches and cultivate team spirit. 

Take Feedback

Feedback is Important (Credits: Pixabay)

Hosting an offsite drives an impetus to improve the productivity of your employees. It would take a little while to know how successfully yours worked. Once everyone returns to check their emails, don’t forget to take feedback about what could have been better, what more they would’ve liked, did it help them know the team better. With an affirmation to whether they look forward to more such outings, you know you have been off to a great start, outdoors. Check out SaffronStays Corporates to know more about our campaign and the perfect places to host your corporate offsite trips.

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