25 Best Spots To Catch Stunning Sunsets In India

At around 6:30 pm every day my father calls everyone out in the terrace to witness yet another stunning sunset sky. This activity is relatively marked in our daily calendar since the last 2 months now, and thanks to the lockdown, the entire family can simply step into the terrace to witness the newest painting that the sky has framed.

My Instagram feed is filled with stunning sunsets, which makes me believe that across the world, we’re all in awe of these pre-monsoon bursts of colours that fill the sky. Every city is lucky to have it’s own version, or an artist’s rendition if I may, of a dual or triple toned sunset, one that gives tough competition to a Pantone colour wheel. 

I’ve rounded the best spots to catch gorgeous sunsets across India for you. With states slowly opening up, and travelling now made hassle-free with an e-Pass, you should head to these stunning locations to catch some stunning twilights:


Nothing beats a sunset from a beach – the blazing yellow sun, dipping into azure waters and painting the sky a rich effervescent crimson. These beach homes in Maharashtra and beach homes near Bangalore are some of the best spots to end your day. And a large beach villa in Goa with pool is just what the doctor ordered!

1. SaffronStays Thalassea, Alibaug

SaffronStays Thalassea is a 3-bedroom home situated right on Thal Beach in Alibaug. The seafront villa is one-of-its-kind, placed right on the beach for easy access to the sun, sand and salty waves.
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2. SaffronStays Chirebandi, Velneshwar

Did someone ask for stunning sunset views from your private beach? It can’t get better than SaffronStays Chirebandi, a beach home in Konkan Maharashtra with a beautiful lawn.
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3. SaffronStays Ocean Pearl, Hejamady

Tired of Bengaluru city? Head to SaffronStays Ocean Pearl, a beach home near Bangalore for a breathtaking end-of-day visual right from your private beach.
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4. SaffronStays Salt Rim on the Beach, Korlai

I mean, this home is called Salt Rim on the Beach! All I can think of is sipping a Bloody Mary as the ruby sun dips into the sea in front of me… Forget sitting at Marine Drive to watch crashing waves (there’s just too many people there now!) Instead, I’d enjoy unparalleled views of the Arabian Sea from this 2-bedroom pet-friendly villa on Korlai Beach in Kashid.
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5. SaffronStays Aquamarina, Alibaug

A private hideaway for your closest family and friends, SaffronStays Aquamarina, right on the secluded and pristine Nagaon beach is ideal from an escape from Mumbai. Take a leisurely dip in the uniquely designed private pool with an island tree in the centre or catch up on all the Zoom meetings when you work out of this home.
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6. SaffronStays Villa Martini, Goa

Looking for a place to stay in Goa, the party capital of India? Here’s SaffronStays Villa Martini for you. This cluster of 3 pet-friendly villas that can accommodate up to 28 people, on Candolim beach is where you should be going RIGHT now! Especially since Goa has opened up now 🙂
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A slow evening, a cup of coffee, and your favourite book and a stunning sunset in front of you… sounds like just the perfect combination, and the right dose of blue. These gorgeous homes, all safe for friends and family getaways are ideal to let the photographer in you come alive!

7. SaffronStays Suvarna Sangam, Udupi

How about a private island right in the middle of the backwaters of Suvarna river? This private villa near Mangalore in Karnataka is the perfect break from city life. Catch a stunning sunset to the tunes of some soulful music and a chilled glass of beer. Prateek Kuhad, anyone?
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8. SaffronStays Parnakuti, Nashik

The right kind of blues are the evening blues – those that bring joy and curiosity for the night ahead of you. Imagine diving into your private pool and having a gala time with your friends and family at SaffronStays Parnakuti, Nashik and watching the sky turn every shade of blue in front of you. Heavenly, no?
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9. SaffronStays Seaview Soiree, Gorai

Just 40 minutes from Borivali, is the hidden gem of SaffronStays Seaview Soiree in Gorai. I clicked this photo on a trip here, pre-COVID and it’s been my wallpaper ever since. Wouldn’t you want to escape to Mumbai and head over to do such a gorgeous spot?
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10. SaffronStays Riverstone, Mysuru

Want a quick getaway destination from Mysore or a quick getaway destination from Bangalore? Wouldn’t this view be just the one to work with? I mean… just look at that sky. Uff, #skyporn is a real thing you guys, and this sunset just proves it!
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The rolling valleys of North India and unending plantations of South India make for perfect foregrounds against stunning sunsets. All professional photographers agree that these are the best place to start capturing stunning sunsets. I couldn’t agree more – I’ll let the photos do the talking.

11. SaffronStays Elgin Hall, Dalhousie

Not only is this home one of the most stunning royal homes we have on the Network (it’s been featured in Vogue), but also promises some of the most stunning sunsets we’ve seen. I’d sign up for gorgeous views inside and outside my window!
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12. SaffronStays Thanedar Estate, Shimla

How cool would it be to live on one of India’s premier apple orchards, and enjoy this view at dusk? At SaffronStays Thanedhar Estate, Shimla, you can stroll in the gardens and pick you own apples, and end the day with some apple code, with this view. It is the perfect 4-bedroom private villa near Delhi!
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13. SaffronStays Jagheri Baug, Shimla

The dancing yellows, the bright reds and the rolling greens – may be a masterpiece painting or the colours that lie before you when you stay at SaffronStays Jagheri Baug.
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14. SaffronStays Tridiva, Gwaldham

Warm tones and cool ones amalgamate to create the perfect background for any image when you’re at SaffronStays Tridiva, a kitschy home on in Gwaldham. If you’re on a char dham yatra, and want to escape to another world, you should step into this home.
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15. SaffronStays Nandanvan Estate, Kodaikanal

Purple Hills. That’s all I think of when I dream about the rolling coffee plantation at SaffronStays Nandanvan Estate. The unfenced estate provides a seamless merger between land and sky, and you might just spot the silhouette of the occasional elephant on the horizon. Who’s joining me?
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‘Everything the light touches is our kingdom’ Mufasa famously said in (my favourite movie, ever) The Lion King. The luxury of virtual ownership, one that makes you feel like you own everything in front of you, is something that you can experience when you stay in these private villas and estates across India. Here are some of my favourite ones:

16. SaffronStays 7 Seas, Alibaug

I cannot wait to jump into this pool, and then then dig into a fresh mango from the plantation a SaffronStays 7 Seas. This 7 bedroom pool villa in Alibaug is ideal for large groups, private celebrations and intimate gatherings. Who wouldn’t want to end a gorgeous day with this stunning sunset?
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17. SaffronStays 9 Palms, Alibaug

Just 15 minutes fro Mandwa Jetty, this 5-bedroom pool villa in Alibaug that can host up to 25 guests is ideal for all those small functions you will be hosting now. Sundowner in this pool, RSVP me IN!
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18. SaffronStays Grande Lakeview, Khadakwasla

For a home that is named Grande Lakeview, a stunning sunset over Khadakwasla Lake is exactly what I want to sign up for. The jacuzzi, fountain and home theatre are just some of the many additions in this home!
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19. SaffronStays Amantra Farms, Karjat

Monsoon skies are the most melodramatic. This image of SaffronStays Amantra Farms in Kajat just proves so! Imagine a swim in this private pool after a long day at ‘work’ and seeing this gorgeous sight unfold before you. Capturing beauty in a frame is an art, I guess?
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20. SaffronStays L’Attitude by the Lake, Kamshet

The calm Andre Dam stretching out in front of you, with rolling hills beyond – you virtually own everything that lies in front of you, and this sunset is something I would pay top dollar for!
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21. SaffronStays The Fort, Sapotra

A haveli, mere 20 minutes from Ranthambore National Park, is somewhere I would head to, to catch the glistening colours paint the sky.
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22. SaffronStays Masaya, Alibaug

The dulcet blue tones of this image put me in an almost trance state of mind. I can picture my girlfriends and I clicking our glasses and reminiscing all the lovely limes we’ve had. I guess sunsets have a way of inducing nostalgia.
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24. SaffronStays Whispering Windmill, Nashik

Heated Jacuzzi with this stunning sunset. That’s all.
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24. SaffronStays Dulwich Cottage, Panchgani

The brick and stone facade, as well as the red and white coloured walls of the bungalow, will remind you of the quintessential holiday homes in the misty hill-stations. Every inch of this home is reminiscent of simpler times., and the sunsets from the terrace balconies just ring that back.
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25. SaffronStays Xanadu, Alibaug

Imagine checking into this magnanimous private villa in Alibaug with a – wait for it – private pool, indoor gym, spa, home theatre, poker set-up, 2-floor elevator, billiard table and 7 extra spacious rooms… and seeing the Pantone shade card come to life at sunset. I’m already drooling.
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