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You Can’t Call Yourself a Luxury Rental Unless You Have These

In the past, there was just one choice that catered to the luxury travel market — upscale accommodations that were also expensive. The game has changed today. This new generation of travellers is increasingly choosing vacation rentals over 5-star hotels due to the growing popularity of luxury rented homes.
But what precisely can homeowners who rent out their villa for vacations do to make their house more inviting to the more affluent travellers? We have compiled a list of amenities you can add to your vacation home that will make your home a luxury rental villa.

1. Quality Air Conditioning

SaffronStays Athaang (Tarang), Dapoli

An ideal room temperature allows guests to unwind and enjoy their stay in your holiday rental home. To guarantee the best possible stay for guests, ensure a thorough check of the AC units following each guest’s departure.

Functional and Fully-equipped Kitchen

The Amlyn, Manali

Although guests are not permitted to use the kitchen at our villas, having a fully working, contemporary kitchen with high-quality appliances and utensils is a must for a luxury vacation rental. 
It is convenient simply because you won’t have to eat out or buy these essential supplies. Also, you can enjoy the authentic local cuisine cooked by the in-house chefs giving you the perfect home-cooked food vibe.

Family-friendly and Pet-friendly Amenities

SaffronStays Minerva, Alibaug

Updating your home with luxury vacation rental facilities and making it family-friendly and pet-friendly will make it a favourite among guests scouting for a luxurious place to stay for their holiday.
You could make a modest welcome basket for your guests’ pets, complete with goodies and toys for their furry pals. After the visitors have left, be sure you tidy up all the toys.

Lux Toiletries

Toiletries at SaffronStays villas

Guests expect these in hotels but not in a vacation rental. So, ensure you provide branded shampoos, conditioners, lotions, disposable razors, shaving cream and so on. Your guest will surely be delighted. You can amp up the luxury with ‘spa’ products such as face masks, bath bombs, essential oils, etc. 

Home Gym

SaffronStays Juniper, Lonavala

Is there no workout zone or gym? No worries. For your energetic guests, you can easily replicate a gym experience. Install a huge mirror, keep yoga mats handy, and a smart speaker and your guests will be more than happy. Want to go even higher-end? You can consider purchasing larger exercise equipment, such as an exercise bike or a treadmill.

Modern TVs and Entertainment Streaming Services

SaffronStays Casa De Familia

To ensure the maximum service level, equip your home with numerous TVs, streaming services, and different channels. Investing in a cable TV package that can be viewed on your smart TVs is the most excellent way to impress your visitors and add to the luxury of your holiday home. When selecting the best smart TV, go for newer models with large flat displays and 4k resolution.

High-speed Wi-Fi 

SaffronStays Nandanvan, Kodaikanal

High-speed Wi-Fi is a necessity nowadays. Unless you plan to provide a particular off-the-grid no-Wi-Fi lodging, your guests will expect it to be a standard feature of your vacation rental. With work from home and remote jobs still a practice today, your guest will be happy to notice fast-working Wi-Fi in your home. 

Workspace and Office Supplies

Make your vacation home remote work friendly
SaffronStays Odeon, Khandala

With the development of remote employment, it’s usual for visitors to travel with their computers. Make a place for them to make video calls, respond to emails and work. Consider a peaceful area upstairs or repurposing a large walk-in closet. Then, supply all of the amenities of a home office, such as an office chair, sticky notes, pens, paper and notebooks.

Premium Bedding and Comfortable Mattress

SaffronStays Gardenia, Kihim

Nothing encourages comfort like high-quality mattresses and a good cotton bed set. Make sure your home has a variety of pillows so your visitors may select the one that best suits them. Bedding wears out quickly, so invest in high-thread-count sheets and additional pillows, throws, and blankets for luxury comfort and long-term savings.

Porch or Balcony or Verandah

SaffronStays Verandah by the Valley, Panchgani

A porch, balcony, or verandah is an excellent addition to any holiday villa. Not only may your guests appreciate the view, but they can also enjoy the fresh air and beautiful views without leaving the premises. Consider adding flowers, soft wraps, cushions for the chairs, and fragrant candles to create a relaxing zone.

Indoor Fireplace, BBQ grill

SaffronStays Elysian, Dehradun

Nothing compares to spending a cold evening curled up by a fireplace with a bottle of wine. It’s the best setting for unwinding! Including a fireplace in your vacation home is an excellent approach to showcase your luxury getaway and attract more guests by promising a high-end holiday.
If your rental home already has a fireplace, make it more attractive by adding plush cushions, a faux fur rug or skin, and a modern low coffee table in front of it. Furthermore, if your outside space is large enough, try adding a fire pit, a BBQ grill and a vast eating zone with a large table that can accommodate many people. 

Pool or Hot Tub

SaffronStays Glistening Waters, Nashik

Pools and hot tubs are essential luxuries at either a vacation rental or a hotel, and they can quickly boost a home from standard to exceptional. Guests looking for a luxurious holiday generally opt for accommodations with a pool or a hot tub. Whether or not your home is near a beach, many travellers book villas with a private pool so they can enjoy themselves without being surrounded by a mob of people. Nowadays, privacy is a luxury, and guests will appreciate your posh getaway with these added conveniences.

These luxurious vacation rental features will elevate the visitor experience to new heights. The luxury villas at SaffronStays have amenities so our guests can spend time with their families and do things their houses do not provide. We provide farm-to-table cuisines from an in-house chef, sparkling pools, impeccable service, bars and wine cellars, an equipped kitchen, a work-from-home station, and many more amenities to keep you coming back for more.

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