Live It Up At These 10 Party Perfect Homes

Who said you need to head out to the club to have a party? House parties have become the modern way of celebrating milestones and intimate celebrations away from overcrowded clubs and restaurants. Here’s a list of our 10 top recommendations of party-perfect homes for your next big party.

1. SaffronStays Sundowner, Karjat

Party on your mind!

This contemporary 8-bedroom private pool villa is the perfect choice for a sundowner. The villa is aptly named for party animals looking to celebrate milestones equipped with a sparkling pool, verdant lawns and a rain shower, just 1.5 hours away from Mumbai.
No. of guests for overnight stays: 16-32

2. SaffronStays Odyssey, Karjat

Keep calm and party on

This spacious 6-bedroom villa with a 10-acre estate and private pool is the perfect party spot near Mumbai. Experience privacy amidst nature like never before. Your furry friends can also tag along to this pet-friendly abode.
No. of guests for overnight stays: 12-18

3. SaffronStays Gardenia, Kihim

Have a party or two before the bride says I do

Experience a luxurious bachelorette at this 4-bedroom villa located 1.5 hours away from South Mumbai. Adorned with breathtaking landscapes, uninterrupted privacy, an infinity pool and a multi-cuisine menu, what’s more, to ask for? 
No. of guests for overnight stay: 8-16

4. SaffronStays Jannat, Igatpuri

Touchdown in paradise

A luxurious heavenly retreat for an offbeat party. Just 4 hrs away from Mumbai and Pune, lies this 3-bedroom humble abode. Set against the backdrop of Waldevi lake and distant hills, find your way to this luxurious escape in the land of vineyards.
No. of guests for overnight stay: 6-12

5. SaffronStays Aura, Alibaug

Time to show your moves

Lush greenery, a private estate, spacious areas to unwind in, a private swimming pool, and a lip-smackin’ barbecue, what else do you need to please your party crowd? Just 1.5 hours away from South Mumbai, this home is suitable for a large group lies this 4-bedroom homestead.
No. of guests for overnight stay: 8-14

6. SaffronStays Estella, Alibaug

A taste of good life!

A chic home nestled amidst the hilly nooks of Alibaug, just 1.5 hours away from South Mumbai. The home is equipped with 5 spacious bedrooms, a verdant lawn and a breathtaking games room ideal for entertaining a party crowd. 
No. of guests for overnight stay: 10-15

7. SaffronStays Summer Salt, Alibaug

Sunshine, poolside, party time

Craving for a tropical retreat? Do tall palms, a sparkling pool, private access to the beach and endless views suffice you? Summersalt your way into this 6-bedroom pet-friendly abode just 1 hour away from Mandwa Jetty. 
No. of guests for overnight stay: 12-18

8. SaffronStays Falcon Hill, Lonavala

Bring on the night!

In the go-to party place for folks from Mumbai and Pune during the monsoons, lies this luxurious 6-bedroom private pool villa. Overlooking distant hills and lush greenery, this home offers you the perfect escape from the bustling city. 
No. of guests for overnight stay: 12-16

9. SaffronStays Del La Mer, Goa

High tides and good vibes

Escape to the party capital of the west coast. A charming multi-storey private pool villa to make all your party dreams come true. Equipped with 4 magnificent bedrooms, endless ocean views and a sparkling pool, what else do you need from a trip to Goa?
No. of guests for overnight stay: 8-12

10. SaffronStays Elysian, Dehradun

If it ain’t barbecue, it ain’t a party!

Grab your gang and head out to the hills! A luxurious home perfect for intimate parties and celebrations. This 2-bedroom homestead is adorned with modern amenities, uninterrupted views of distant hills, and a bonfire and barbecue setup is perfect for a party in the hills.
No. of guests for overnight stay: 4-8 

Surprise +1:  SaffronStays Casa Del Palms, Alibaug

Casa Del Palms in Alibaug
Making your own waves

Nothing screams pool party like this massive estate with an azure pool with the most spectacular vibe of the ‘Baug. Equipped with 7 magnificent bedrooms and luxe amenities such as verdant lawns, a movie room and much more! You wouldn’t want to miss an invite to this party!
No. of guests for overnight stay: 14-21

Surprise +2:  SaffronStays Mariposa By The River, Karjat

Boasting 3 private pools, a lush-green lawn, breathtaking hill views, and spacious verandahs, SaffronStays Mariposa By The River, Karjat is a 7-bedroom pool estate that packs all the fun for the party! Spread over 3 villas: Mariposa By The River~Sol, Mariposa By The River~Rio, and Mariposa By The River~Montana, you can expect endless fun with your group as you bond over indoor games, walks by the river, bonfire and live BBQ!

No. of guests for an overnight stay: 6-21

If a party is on your mind, then this list of top 10 party-perfect homes is what you need to plan your next house party.

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