How do I plan for my pet’s weekend getaway?

There are a gazillion things to be planned and packed for going on a trip with your pets. Finding a pet-friendly accommodation, figuring out their meal schedule, looking after their safety and fun, the list is endless…’, says Surbhi, a pet mom to Bruno, the cute labrador. 

It’s been almost three years since Bruno and I have been travelling together, exploring cities, mountains, beaches, gazing stars at night, and taking blissful walks! Nothing beats the fun of having your pet baby as your travelling companion! 

When I decided to explore my passion for travelling, the first thought that came to my mind was taking Bruno along with me. In the beginning, I faced many challenges, but these challenges did not stop me from taking Bruno along with me to explore the world.

Since Bruno came into my life, JUSTDOGS has been my constant partner in my pet parenting journey. For three years, I have been shopping everything for Bruno from JUSTDOGS. When I decided to travel with Bruno for the very first time, without thinking twice I walked into the JUSTDOGS store and the staff helped me to pick the best pet- travel essentials. In these three years, I have learnt some basics about travelling as a pet mom! Never ever compromise on the meal schedule of your pet. Planning a meal schedule for your trip is going to be your best bet. Make sure to have packaged dry food, and wet food if you are travelling during summers, have treats handy. Keeping your pet hydrated is important, so have an ample amount of water and cooling essentials such as a cooling mat, and absorbent towel should always be there in your travel bag. To keep hygiene in place, make sure you have pet wet wipes, pet perfumes, and dry shampoos. Your pet’s safety should be your priority, so make sure to have safety essentials such as collars, leashes,  harnesses, paw protectors, and carriers for safe travel on board.

When you have meals and safety essentials sorted, another important step is to find pet-friendly accommodation. SaffronStays has been constant during our travel journey. Their pet-friendly accommodations, scenic views, and exceptional pet-friendly amenities have made SaffronStays our favourite destination for our petcation. How can I forget to mention the SaffronStays’ accommodations of Karjat, the idyllic beach destination of Alibaug, and the amazing views of Lonavala, and nothing beats the delicious and healthy meals served to Bruno! We had the whole pool by ourselves, Bruno had a lot of fun.

So if you are a pet parent and a wanderlust soul, then make sure to pack all the pet-travel essentials, and book your accommodation with SaffronStays.  We both always crave a relaxing spa day after an adventurous travel spree,  so for Bruno, I chose JUSTDOGS’ microbubble spa for deep relaxation and cleaning. 


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