7 South India Destinations To Visit In The Monsoon

Picture lush green fields, beautiful rivers flush with rainwater, rugged hillsides covered in verdure and coastal areas gleaming with fresh plant life — this is the kind of beauty awaiting you in the south. Go on a holiday full of exciting treks, amazing sunsets, and lots of cups of coffee. Here are 7 places to visit in South India to experience the best of the monsoon:

SaffronStays WellBeingVilla, Wayanad

Sip a coffee and enjoy fun conversations with your loved ones

This private plantation estate in Kerala is like out of a fairytale. It’s got the merrily babbling brook, the cheery chirping of birds, and a charming 5-bedroom, vintage-style cottage in the midst of it all. Stand by the top floor window and gaze out at the miles of woodland glistening with the recent rains. Get the most of the monsoon beauty by going on one of the several walking trails winding through the lovely trees and shrubs. Later, visit the tea, coffee and banana plantations and get an exciting peek into the harvesting process!
Max no. of guests: 15
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SaffronStays Bella Verdura, Wayanad

SaffronStays Bella Verdura is nestled amidst mountains and lush greenery

The hills of Wayanad bloom with life and energy during the monsoon season, making this the best time to head to SaffronStays Bella Verdura. Nestled amongst these hills, this large private villa is ideal for family getaways. A ground floor bedroom can be arranged for any senior citizens, the spacious rooms are safe for kids to run around and the villa is pet-friendly too! Together, the entire family can enjoy the scent of palm fronds, the fresh air and the green carpet of the hills. A private pool, indoor games, a sprawling garden, a quaint gazebo, barbecue and bonfire services — there are endless ways to have a good time!
Max no. of guests: 15
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SaffronStays Cliff Haven, Wayanad

SaffronStays Cliff Haven rests on a cliff surrounded by glorious greenery and fog

Perched on a cliffside, mountain-lovers and nature enthusiasts will love this villa’s breathtaking location. Imagine being enveloped in a densely forested area with a million shades of green. The fog swoops down to kiss the trees every now and then, and you can watch it right from your balcony. Picture yourself sipping on a hot cup of chai in the misty monsoon weather as you watch the lush hills undulating beyond. Isn’t it peaceful? Start your days with yoga on the lawn and choose from a range of activities for the rest of your day, from trekking to a mountaintop, heading to a waterfall or visiting a coffee plantation! This is one of the prettiest places to visit in South India.
Max no. of guests: 12
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SaffronStays Nandanvan Estate, Kodaikanal

Enjoy an alfresco dinner under trees adorned with fairy lights

Sitting right in the middle of a coffee plantation, this private villa in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, is a woodland paradise you don’t want to miss out on! Start your days with an open-air breakfast under clear blue skies and end it with an al fresco dinner under trees adorned with fairy lights. Go for picnics by the stream and walking trails through the woods; you might just spot some elephants or deer! Opt for a guided tour of the plantation and watch how the coffee goes from a seed to the aromatic brew in your cup. Sip on this steaming cup as you sit back, enjoy the flora around you and let the cool monsoon winds lull you into relaxation!
Max no. of guests: 11
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SaffronStays Coorg Toddy Farms, Coorg

This waterfront villa offers your breathtaking views of the backwaters

With a traditional-style villa facing the gorgeous Harangi backwaters, this has to be one of the dreamiest places to visit in Coorg. The calm waters, the bright green surroundings, and the vibrant blue skies make a lovely sight. You’ll want to sit by the shore and gaze at the scenery for hours, and lucky for you, this charming villa is made just for that! Every window of this waterfront villa in Coorg offers a glimpse of this beauty. You can even enjoy authentic south Indian meals on the log table by the shore and, later, try the walking trails around the area or simply sit on one of the benches and watch the sunset.
Max no. of guests: 10
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SaffronStays Calamondinn Bungalow, Coorg

SaffronStays Calamondinn Bungalow is adorned with unique artefacts, paintings and photographs 

One visit to this sprawling coffee estate, and you’ll understand why Coorg is the coffee capital of India. Go on an assisted tour of the plantation, and get a deeper look at the beans and different kinds of roasts, soaking in the rich scent of coffee. Later, sit in the garden and relish a hot steaming cup. It’ll make the lush trees and chirping birds all the more pleasant. Apart from some splendid nature trails, you can also learn about bees and beekeeping from the homeowner. But the best way to savour your holiday in Coorg is to just relax, unwind and let go!
Max no. of guests: 10
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SaffronStays Milton Abbott Estate, Ooty

SaffronStays Milton Abbott Estate, Ooty
SaffronStays Milton Abbott Estate is home with an old-world charm and rustic interiors 

A 4.5-acre estate of splendid forested land should be enough for you to leave behind all worries and stress. Keep all screens away and let your senses embrace the sights and sounds of nature. The gorgeous green views, the smell of petrichor and the cool, whistling monsoon winds are all you need for the next few days. Dine on delicious homemade Tamil, Sri Lankan, and English delicacies for every meal! And at the end of the day, cosy up around a bonfire and settle for some stargazing. Doesn’t it sound absolutely perfect?
Max no. of guests: 13
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It’s a tough choice to pick one from all of these places to visit in South India. But the monsoons are coming to an end and your dream holiday awaits!

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