Celebrate Yoga Day By Finding Inner Peace!

When you think of Yoga, the images of your childhood comes flashing in front of your eyes. Sitting silently with eyes closed in the classroom while the yoga class was going on and in between, breathing in and breathing out, you peeked through your eyes and you made gestures to your friend. Trying to get the right position of the asana but losing the balance and falling down. Oh! Those were the happy days.

Yoga, now is not just limited to those sweet memories of childhood, but it is fast gaining momentum around the world. With such widespread recognition, 21st June is now celebrated as International Yoga Day. But why just celebrate it for one day? Saffron Stays recommends these five homes in Maharashtra, where can you leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind and breathe in the calm and relaxing air any time of the year.

Saffron Stays Bliss, Mulshi Road

Bliss, a luxury villa which is perfect for a short getaway, with its serene beauty and top-notch service and amenities, guarantees a relaxed and wonderful trip.

With the sun shining through, a quick yoga session in the lawn of this luxury villa is a sure way of rejuvenating oneself.

Breathe in this mesmerizing view while you meditate and lose all the tension and worries behind.

Saffron Stays Maya, Khadakwasla

Perched on the hilltop, Maya, with its spectacular views of the valley offers a peaceful getaway where you can experience nirvana.

With such a mind-bogglingly beautiful view of the surroundings, you are sure to forget all the moh-maya of the world!

As you the feel the rays of the sun on your face and unparalleled view of the valley, the yoga session will leave you stress-free.

Saffron Stays L’attitude, Kamshet

With earthy decor and stunning lakefront views and calm surroundings, L’attitude, in Kamshet will make you yearn to stay there forever.

Have a yoga session out in the veranda where the gorgeous views will keep you company and the earthy decor will soothe your senses.

Or, have an indoor session where the stunning view still keeps you company.

Saffron Stays 9 Palms, Alibaug

A striking villa in Alibaug, 9 Palms, with its pretty gardens and luxurious indoors, promises a laid-back stay.

Draw up the curtains and cut yourself off from the world and you meditate to find your inner peace. Ohm… Ohm.. Ohm..

Bathe in the warmth of the sun and breathe in the greenery while you unwind and de-stress.

Saffron Stays Salt Rim, Korlai

A private beach and breathtaking views of the Arabian sea, Salt Rim, the beautiful cottage  with comfy interiors is the house of your dreams.

As the waves crash against the rocks, you can breathe in the sea air while you enjoy your yoga retreat.

As the sound of the waves calm you, and the smell of the sea soothes your nerves, this is an ideal place when you need to escape the fast paced city-life.

 When your brain goes into overdrive and you just need a breather, Yoga is the answer! Wishing you all a Happy International Yoga Day!

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