Happy Father’s Day: Celebrating The Superman In Your Life!

Remembering those sweet memories and with a wide-eyed kid’s perception, the man of the house appeared as a big strapping man off to conquer the world. In a way, he was conquering the world, for YOU; to make you the happiest and luckiest child in the world. Dad. Papa. Daddy. Baba. Pops. He was there, every step of the way, right from your first crawl to your first doddering steps to you running at full speed.

It is often said, that a child needs the mother the most. But what is equally true, is that a child wants his father the most. He is the tallest guy with his head held high when you are graduating, when you earn your first salary and when you are building a family of your own. A man of few words, his actions speak ten times louder than words.

So today, on Father’s Day, let’s take a trip down the memory lane to reminisce about those sweet memories of our childhood, where the bond between the father and the child only grew stronger with time.

Protecting You From the Monsters

Watching over you, always
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Every night, without fail, before you went to sleep, he checked your room for monsters and ghosts. He made sure that there was no one hiding under your bed or hiding in the cupboard waiting to startle you in the middle of the night. Your father was the all-powerful monster-hunter ready to wield his imaginary weapon to shield you from from the imaginary monsters and ghosts. Hail, Daddy!

The First Sixer

Having the time of your life
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Now that you are grown up, you can wield the bat like a pro but it was your father who taught you how to hold it properly. It was he, who threw the ball countless times so you could at least manage to touch the ball with your plastic bat. It was with that plastic bat, that you him for a four! And then a six! With his bottomless patience and love for you, was how he taught you to play and enjoy.

The first bicycle ride

Learning to fly
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When you graduated from a bicycle with training wheels to one without them, it was your father’s firm and patient hands guiding you to stay upright. Even when you requested him to not to leave the handle, he let you go so that you could learn do it independently. But he was right there next to you when you fell off the bicycle, encouraging you to get back on. And boy! did you fly like the wind.

Teaching You to Drive

Ready. Set. Drive
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One of the big accomplishments, is to drive a car. And he was the teacher who taught you the brake from the accelerator. He was the one to make you understand the purpose of different gears. Even when you were afraid of banging the car, it was his faith in you that helped you learn and manage the drive of your life. And you earning your driver’s license was all the vindication he needed.

The First Beer

The first validation you got that you were an adult was when your father gave you your first alcoholic drink. With that first drop of booze you felt extremely proud at being treated like an adult. Helping you to become the person that you are today, he was ready to let you spread your wings.

On this Father’s Day, why don’t you take the time out of your busy schedule and look back at those happy memories with your father and do something special for him?

So, do you have any memories with your father that you would like to share?

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