10 Things To Do In Mahableshwar While On Holiday

This monsoon, take a break from your computer screens and daily meetings. Instead, head up the beautiful hill station of Mahabaleshwar and soak in the fresh air. Indulge in cool mornings with mountain views, yoga in the hills and exquisite dinners with the family in the great outdoors. Besides exciting activities inside our private villas, you will also find some thrilling pursuits outside. Here are ten things to do in Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani!

1. Visit Scenic Viewpoints

Get bird’s eye view from the hanging bridge at Sydney Point (Pic source: Google)

The best part of a hill station is the breathtaking views! Mahabaleshwar has several such viewpoints, like Sydney Point and Parsi Point. Both overlook the Krishna valley and the serene waters of Dhom Dam. But, at Sydney Point, you get a bird’s eye view from the hanging bridge, while Parsi Point presents a panorama of the hills.
Don’t miss out on the second-highest plateau in Asia! Table Land is a 98-acre flatland and also the highest point in Panchgani. Go on a horseback ride and later enjoy the sunset from this gorgeous location. In the monsoon, these must-visit tourist spots are covered in a blanket of green. Stay at the nearby SaffronStays Casa Tranquil, Panchgani, to relax and unwind after a long day of all the activities. All the viewpoints are within 20 minutes from the home!

2. Go Boating On The Lakes

boating at venna lake in mahableshwar
Enjoy a boat ride at the famous Venna Lake (Pic source: Google)

A pleasant family activity to do in Mahabaleshwar is to go boating in Venna Lake. Choose a row or paddle boat and spend an hour in the tranquil waters. The surrounding area has stalls for food, drinks and games that you can explore afterwards. At the end of a long day, you can head back to your abode at SaffronStays Sylvan Meadows, Mahableshwar and relax in the jacuzzi. If you enjoy going on long drives, take the 1-hour trip to Lake Tapola. Nicknamed the mini Kashmir of Maharashtra, this beautiful lake is enveloped in greenery and offers exciting water sports like scooter rides and kayaking!

3. Explore The Stunning Waterfalls

The Lingmala Waterfalls at just a 20-minute drive from SaffronStays Aurelia, Panchgani

Monsoon is the right time to visit Mahableshwar because the landscape flourishes with waterfalls. If you’re a fan of splashing around under waterfalls and swimming in the chilly natural pools, then SaffronStays Aurelia, Panchgani, is the perfect villa for you. It’s only 7 minutes away from Bhilar Waterfall, where the water cascades from 4500 feet to create an ethereal feel. A 20-minute drive gets you to Lingmala Waterfalls, and a further half hour through the winding green landscape gets you to Dhobi Waterfalls. Remember, each waterfall has a charm of its own!

4. Taste The Thrill Of Trekking

Relax over a hot cuppa tea at SaffronStays Red Brick House after a trek through the rugged terrain

Another way to experience Mahabaleshwar’s beauty is to go for treks. Walking across the rugged terrain, amidst towering trees and plants glossy with the rain, you will feel immersed in nature. Whether you head to Connaught Peak for the mesmerising view from the top or to Lake Tapola for the picturesque views of rivers and dense forests, a hike through this landscape will leave you rejuvenated. At SaffronStays Red Brick House, you will find easy access to these treks as well as a hot cuppa when you return!

5. Trek to Pratapgad Fort

After a long day of activity, relax to the panoramic view of the valley from SaffronStays Horizon 360°, Mahableswar

One trek you can’t miss is the trek to Pratapgad Fort. Not only do you see some spectacular flora and fauna on the way but you also get a deep dive into history. The fort is rife with tales from the time of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and his fierce battles. And let’s not forget the view of the Sahyadri hills flowing out towards the horizon. Some people choose to camp at the top, however, if you’re looking for more comfortable accommodation, SaffronStays Horizon 360°, Mahableswar, should be your go-to place. This villa has space for up to 15 people and comes with a panoramic view!

6. Bring Out Your Adventurous Side

Watch the sun slip into the valley from SaffronStays Verandah by the Valley, Panchgani

Treks, boat rides and tourist viewpoints are gorgeous in their way, but there is one thing that beats them all — paragliding! This thrilling adventure sport is hands down the best way to experience the hillside. And staying at SaffronStays Verandah by the Valley, Panchgani, is the best way to get there. Head to Horizon Point, take flight into the cool skies and look down upon the bustling town and its people. Gaze at the sea of green and brown hills to where the sky meets land. Of all the things to do in Mahabaleshwar, paragliding will leave you marvelling at the miracle of the Earth. Later, in the night, you can sit with these thoughts on SaffronStays Verandah by the Valley’s, Panchgani, rooftop and watch the village lights glimmer across the valley.

7. Feel The Spirituality Of The Rajpuri Caves

The renowned Rajpuri Caves are one of most ancient attractions of Panchgani (Pic source: Google)

The Rajpuri Caves are a set of interconnected caves that are dotted with small ponds and host a temple to Kartikeya. A location that blends history and religion, it is believed that Lord Kartikeya used these caves for rituals and ceremonies. It is also considered to be a place of abode for the Pandavas during their exile. You can reach these beautiful caves in less than 10 minutes from SaffronStays Sky Abode, Panchgani. This Panchgani pool villa will let you explore the best of the region while pampering you with exemplary food as well as a live barbecue.

8. Visit Mapro Garden

Visit the strawberry farms at Mapro Garden (Pic source: Google)

After all that trekking and paragliding, you might want a day of rest and leisure. And there’s no better place for this than the wonderful Mapro Garden. There’s so much to do here. You can have a picnic on the lawn, stroll by the streams, take selfies with the vibrant flowers and just soak in the view of strawberry fields! Don’t miss out on eating some strawberries and whipped cream at the cafe. If you’re looking for easy and fun things to do in Mahabaleshwar, this is your best bet. Set yourself up at SaffronStays The Glasshouse, Panchgani — a suitable villa for couples and small families — which is a quick 8-minute drive from these gorgeous gardens.

9. Stay On A Strawberry Farm

Stay at SaffronStays RedFields by Venna River right in the middle of the strawberry fields

What is one of the unmissable experiences in the strawberry capital of the country? Staying on a strawberry farm! At SaffronStays RedFields by Venna River, you can spend your holiday right in the middle of splendid strawberry fields. An elderly-friendly villa, here your eyes will feast upon the view from every window. You can even pick strawberries from the fields, an altogether new experience!

10. Tour The Local Markets

The leather footwear in Mahableshwar market are a rage

A visit to any city is incomplete without stopping by the local market. Both Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani’s main markets are a centre of activity. Bright stalls huddle together on the bustling street, offering fresh fruits, syrups and jams from nearby farms, exquisite wooden handicrafts and, of course, strawberries. Keep an eye out for the area’s speciality which is leather goods — particularly footwear! These markets are magnetic, and you’ll be tempted to keep returning. So, make sure you’re staying at a nearby private villa like SaffronStays Cinco Elementos, Panchgani. This pool villa for families will ensure you check all the boxes on your vacation!

Can you tick off all these exciting things to do in Mahabaleshwar in one trip? With the perfect private villa on your itinerary, absolutely!

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