Top 10 Private Cosy Villas for Small Families

Looking to escape the city with your family? Whether it is for a birthday party, a milestone, or simply for some family bonding, you deserve the best service and the utmost privacy. These 10 villas for small families offer just that. Perfectly sized and priced, you will finally be able to play cards and chat over dinner without any interruptions. 

1. SaffronStays Verandah by the Valley, Panchgani

The crown jewel of this hilltop haven is the treehouse affording a one-in-a-million view of Panchgani valley. Can you imagine having a quiet morning with your partner on the balcony? Watching the sunrise over the hills with a hot cup of chai? This private 1-bedroom treehouse is perfect secluded abode for small families! And if you’re lucky, you might just get some freshly picked strawberries. 

No. of guests: 2

Book now: SaffronStays Verandah by the Valley (Treehouse) 

2. SaffronStays Sohana By The River, Karjat

A relaxing retreat by the river is just the right place for a small family getaway. Senior citizens can access all parts of the villa with ease, and children have plenty of space to run and play. Enjoy a hot cup of chai as you try to beat each other at carrom — we know it can get intense!

No. of guests: 4-10

Book now: SaffronStays Sohana By The River

3. SaffronStays Serenity, Igatpuri

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Floor to ceiling windows give this villa a sense of refreshing openness. From every nook and cranny, you are presented with a captivating view of Nashik’s fields and mountains. Serenity is the ideal spot for you and your family to find solitude amongst nature in this small villa. With a wide lawn for sports and a vegetable garden to stroll through, this elderly-friendly villa has something for everybody. 

No. of guests: 4-8

Book now: SaffronStays Serenity

4. SaffronStays Whispering Windmill, Nashik

An artificial waterfall. A barbecue desk. A glass observatory with a stunning view of the mountains. Does your family holiday need anything more? This luxurious 2-bedroom villa is the perfect place to make new memories. You can even make your own meals, if you want a dash of that ‘ghar waali’ feeling. 

No. of guests: 4-6

Book now: SaffronStays Whispering Windmill

5. SaffronStays Salt Rim on the Beach, Korlai

The heavenly combination of beaches and sunsets, sits right at the doorstep of this villa. Apart from relaxing and reposing, you can also indulge in some water sports on the beach or take a short trek to Korlai fort. Situated in Kashid, Alibaug, this colonial-style villa is super easy to get to. Don’t forget to try the chef’s lip-smacking Maharashtrian fish curry!

No. of guests: 6-9

Book now: SaffronStays Salt Rim on the Beach

6. SaffronStays Linkin Park, Nashik

Family is incomplete without your furry friends. So make sure to let them tag along to this gorgeous retreat in Nashik. The 2-bedroom villa is best suited for small families to chit-chat, bond and play games. There’s even opportunities to go horseback riding and kayaking!

No. of guests: 4-8

Book now: SaffronStays Linkin Park

7. SaffronStays Indie House, Nashik

Imagine a picnic on a lawn with a stunning lake as a backdrop. The only sound is that of birds, and the kids have ample space to run around and play catch with your dog. This stylish 2-bedroom villa offers you just that! Boating in the lake and stargazing from the step-out balcony just complete that holiday experience. 

No. of guests: 4-8

Book now: SaffronStays Indie House

8. SaffronStays Nithyam, Wada

This cosy bungalow just a few hours from Mumbai, ensures you forget all your worries. If you’re looking for a holiday with total relaxation, this 2-bedroom pool villa is your best bet. You can have your own private pool party or enjoy a candlelight dinner on the terrace. 

No. of guests: 4-6

Book now: SaffronStays Nithyam

9. SaffronStays All That Jazz, Nashik

This modern glass treehouse is an unbeatable vacation spot. You not only get chic, Instagrammable interiors but also a bird’s eye view of the surrounding forest. And who wouldn’t love to have their own personal pool under a canopy of trees? Get ready for a totally unique experience!

No. of guests: 4-8

Book now: SaffronStays All That Jazz

10. SaffronStays Solitude Maison, Raigad

Looking over the expanse of rural Raigad, this enchanting private villa offers a one-in-a-million view of organic mango plantations and acres of forests where if you’re lucky, wildlife might be spotted. Small families will love sitting out in this traditional brickwork nature inspired villa 4-hours from Mumbai. Sip on a hot cup of chai seated on cane furniture and enjoy solitude, 180-degree views of hilltops and valleys as far as the eyes can see.

No. of guests: 3-6

Book now: SaffronStays Solitude Maison, Raigad

From cleanliness to meals to covid precautions — let us take on your worries for a few days! SaffronStays allows you to be carefree and enjoy your holiday to the fullest. So start planning that much-needed break now!

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