Mouth-watering Indian Cuisines To Try While Traveling!

Top 10 Mouth-watering Indian Cuisines To Try While Traveling

Indian cuisines are predominantly a mixture of a variety of spices and flavors. Apart from cultural diversity, the culinary style in India also varies from place to place. These Indian cuisines are so much more than the staple Punjabi dishes served at most Indian restaurants.

Indian Cuisines

Each region has a certain flavor and taste of their own. So if you’re a foodie, what better than exploring these Indian cuisines at a private homestay? Imagine tasting lip-smacking “Ghar Ka Khaana” made specially for you! Here is what kind of Indian cuisines to expect as you travel through the different regions in India.

Behold the amazing, mouth-watering Indian cuisines from each region as we give you the top 10 homes of SaffronStays which serve you these.

SaffronStays Parnakuti, Nashik

A spacious 5 bedroom villa with the comforts and luxury of a home, SaffronStays Parnakuti is an exotic, farm stay.  This home serves authentic Maharashtrian food to all it’s guests. Dishes like “Bharli Wangi, Jhunka Bhakri, Chicken Rassa” are to die for here. This is one of those Indian cuisines which will make you lick your fingers clean.

So come, luxuriate in the privacy of this exclusive villa, SaffronStays Parnakuti, with friends and family for a fun-filled holiday 

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SaffronStays La Casa Maestro, Kashid

Influenced largely by the homeowners’ time in Argentina and Spain, SaffronStays La Casa Maestro has a taste of Spanish architecture, with terraces and arches dominating the look. 

A beachfront property, that serves authentic Malvani and Alibaug-style dishes like Fish curry, malvani chicken curry and more that’ll surely make your mouth water.

P.s our caretakers also prep up the barbeque! Don’t forget to inform in advance.

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SaffronStays Masaya, Alibaug

Just 15 minutes from Mandwa Jetty, SaffronStays Masaya, is set on a picturesque hill. You can spend quiet hours enjoying the clean fresh air or identifying the fruit-bearing trees that surround the home. 

This Veg-Only home has one of the best cooks who serves soft Gulab Jamuns and delicious food, fresh from the kitchen. Ghar ka Khaana like this is our definition of ultimate luxury!


SaffronStays Falcon Hill, Lonavala

 A 6-bedroom villa, SaffronStays Falcon Hill boasts of sleek interiors in muted tones. Your trip isn’t complete without tasting our Indian specialities made by our rockstar cook, Sukhchandji.

Right from authentic Indian to Desi Chinese to Royal Italian, you get all kinds of cuisines served up on your plate here. Doesn’t this want to make you visit this home all the more?


SaffronStays Nandanvan Estate, Tamil Nadu

Refreshing coffee aroma, lush farmlands a well-manicured lawn and an earthy countryside villa awaits your presence at SaffronStays Nandanvan Estate near Kodaikanal.

Savor delicious South-Indian cuisines where most of the ingredients have been sourced from their own herb garden. South Indian cuisines can’t do without rice. It’s included in their staple diet. Watch out for Chettinad cuisine, perhaps one of the fieriest Indian Cuisines of all time!
Also savor delicious South-Indian breakfast on the spacious porch, outfitted with cosy bamboo furniture.

Breakfast with a view


SaffronStays Kurinji Estate, Tamil Nadu

Tucked away from the chaos of the main market, SaffronStays Kurinji Estate is an idyllic retreat for those looking to relax and unwind. Surrounded by lush greenery, this 9-acre estate features a gorgeous 6-bedroom heritage homestay built in the 1930s, landscaped gardens and a scenic pond complete with a rustic sit-out.

As one of the best Indian cuisines, the food here is known for its light, low-calorie appetizing dishes. This Indian cuisine is famous for its wonderful mixing of rice and lentils to prepare yummy lip smacking dosas, vadas, idlis, and uttapams.


SaffronStays Suvarna Sangam, Udupi

SaffronStays Suvarna Sangam, a rustic-luxe homestay, rests upon a river island formed by the splitting, then merging, of the mighty Suvarna River.  Untouched and unharmed, the raw pulsating beauty will leave you spellbound!

The Udupi region of Karnataka is renowned for its simple but vast vegetarian fare. However, if you’re at the deck at the right time, you may chance upon a fisherman, and ask for the catch of the day!

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SaffronStays Jaipura Garh, Jaipur

SaffronStays Jaipura Garh, a royal heritage home is an ideal destination for a quick yet enriching getaway, 40 km from Jaipur city. For those seeking to witness a melting pot of cultures, encounter fascinating anecdotes of history and take their taste-buds on a roller coaster ride, SaffronStays Jaipura Garh is your answer.

Known for its slight sweet touch, Rajasthani cuisine is one of the finest vegetarian cuisines in India. This home offers many exciting experiences like Dinner with the Royals and the joy of flavorsome Indian cuisines. While on their stay here one must savor the Rajasthani Thali with delicacies like Dal Bhaati Churma, Gevar, etc.

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SaffronStays Elgin Hall, Himachal Pradesh

With a legacy of more than 100 years, SaffronStays Elgin Hall is a majestic 7 bedroom stone villa. As you enter the villa, you are sure to be carried back to a regal era with its charming vintage vibe. The wooden plank flooring gives the home a warm, cozy vibe while the chandeliers and the vintage artifacts lend an elegant touch.

Meat and Indian bread are the main features of North Indian food served here. This is one of the Indian cuisines which is hearty and commonly cooked in a tandoor. Also, north Indian curries have a usually thick, moderately spicy and creamy gravies.

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SaffronStays Master’s Courtyard, Gholvad

A charming four bedroom homestay located 15 minutes from Gholvad beach, SaffronStays Master’s Courtyard is ideal for families looking to escape the city for a weekend.

Parsi cuisine is one of the Indian cuisines which has an eclectic mix of hot and sweet, nice and spice. It involved simple yet diverse ingredients. Don’t miss out on experiencing authentic Parsi food and Taari while on your stay here with us.

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Indian Cuisines are different from the rest of the world. Not only in taste but also in our cooking methods. They reflect a perfect blend of various cultures and ages. So come, explore more cultures, more cuisines with us!

Have you not yet booked your stay with us? Well, what are you waiting for!

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