10 Best Places To Stay In South India

South India. Simply two words and there’s a sudden rush of emotions (topped with tamarind!). If you have ever gone on a Southern India tour with your family, you must have witnessed the traditional decor of the homes, italicised coconut trees for company, a tour of the backwaters in Kerala and so on. Not to forget the scrumptious Chettinad-flavoured food and downing bowls of Rasam and authentic Sambhar for meals… If this makes you want to look for places to stay in South India already, we’ve got you covered.

With several weekend getaways near Bangalore and Puducherry, we offer a variety of options for those looking at spending time with their loved ones. From a tour of the coffee plantations to walking hand-in-hand with your partner on the beach and dining at a private deck, the experiences are unparalleled. So, if you’re looking at places to stay in South India, look no further…

1. SaffronStays Suvarna Sangam, Udupi

Looking for some time off with your bae? Head to this rustic-luxe romantic villa for rent near Bangalore. Located on a river island, this home has a private deck with panoramic views. Serene and silent with coconut trees dancing to the beats of nature, enjoy delicious seafood delicacies as you bond once again over some conversations.
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2. SaffronStays Kaapi Cottage, Chikamagalur

Kaapi = Coffee.
Rightly named after the 45-acre coffee estate in its premises, this 5-bedroom farmhouse in Karnataka near Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary has an authentic Carnatic vibe. With charming views, this nature retreat near Bangalore also has options for trekking and birdwatching around it. At this home to stay in South India, don’t forget to ask for the lip-smacking Malnad delicacies prepared by our in-home cook.
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3. SaffronStays Ivory Cottage, Hassan

What’s your take on ‘peppering’ your next weekend getaway near Bangalore with an assisted home tour? Well, at this home surrounded by 100-acre coffee and pepper plantations, guests can experience just that. The 125-year-old coffee estate in Karnataka, which was built by Col. Crawford, has two cottages that ensure privacy. At the clubhouse here, you can have your own wine-n-dine session. And if you’re in the mood for a bonfire party, you’ve got that too!
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4. SaffronStays Maleya Manor, Sakleshpur

This one’s a starry home, trust us. While on the one hand, the 2006 super-hit Kannada film Mungaru Male was extensively shot here, on the other, you can witness the sky studded with stars. Starry enough, right? This 2-bedroom villa in Sakleshpur is surrounded by coffee plantations, so, enjoy a freshly brewed cuppa while here. Savour delicious South Indian meals and relax in the cosy bedrooms at this home near Bisle View Point. Just the ideal place to stay in South India!
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5. SaffronStays Coconut Grove, Harohalli

How about picking your own veggies for lunch from a vegetable garden? At this 4-bedroom farmhouse near Bangalore, you could do that. With an organic vegetable garden, it also has coconut and mango plantations. This pet-friendly home near The Art of Living Headquarters also has plenty of outdoor space; so, unwind over a cup of coffee and vadas in the lawns here. For your next weekend getaway near Bangalore with friends, plan a barbecue and campfire night.
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6. SaffronStays RiverSong, Kollam

Privacy, thy name is SaffronStays RiverSong. A 2-acre private island in Kollam, this waterfront villa is an ideal couple retreat in Kerala. Flanked by the Ashtamudi Lake on one side and the Kallada River on the other, everything about this home is unforgettable. One can also indulge in activities such as fishing, swimming, kayaking, village tour, sunset and sunrise cruise, canoe rides and crab hunting.
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7. SaffronStays Riverstone, Mysuru

What reminds you of Mysore? Mysore Pak? Mysore Palace? Mysuru Dasara? A quick weekend getaway to this waterfront villa near Mysuru will etch SaffronStays Riverstone’s name in your mind, too. The 3-bedroom massive brick home in Srirangapatna, a beachfront villa, is located near the banks of the River Kaveri. While you can indulge in some stargazing on the banks of the river, you can also snuggle up with your loved ones in the warmth of the bonfire. You can also go sightseeing as the villa is near Mysore Palace and Brindavan Garden.
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8. SaffronStays Thenkani Organic Farms, Denkanikottai

If you want to chance upon some elephants on your vacay without stepping out, then book SaffronStays Thenkani Organic Farms, where elephant spotting is common. Ideal for family getaways in Denkanikottai, this 2-bedroom pet-friendly wooden chalet near Bangalore is set within a forest reserve. Go adventurous as you camp on the hillock, have a bonfire night or opt for sleeping in tents. Relish home-cooked meals in the semi-outdoor dining area, and have a jungle-esque experience!
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9. SaffronStays Ocean Pearl, Hejamady

What would define the term ‘best of both worlds’ for you? With the backwaters on one side and a beach on the other, for us, it would be SaffronStays Ocean Pearl. And so, if you’re looking for a family getaway near Bengaluru, this 3-bedroom villa on Hejamady Beach is just perfect. Tuck in coastal meals at this elderly-friendly villa near Mangalore. Pawsome news: The home has two resident dogs, too. So, if you’re scouring for the best beach places to stay in South India, this is it.
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10. SaffronStays Southern Seascapes, Kovalam

Does it feel special to stay in a home that has won an award? If yes, then head to SaffronStays Southern Seascapes, a beachfront villa in Kerala. Winner of the Kerala State Tourism Award 2001-2002 for excellence in House Category, this homestay in South India is an ideal romantic getaway in Kerala for couples. Enjoy a candlelight dinner in the open-air dining area with a view of the beach. The exclusive chef here can also whip up an Ayurvedic meal.
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