7 Premium Luxury Private Villas In Alibaug For Your Weekend Escape

Alibaug brings together the best of both worlds; calm and fun, nature and nightlife, in equal measure. There’s large open spaces and acres of green, water as far as the eyes can see and paddy fields. Whether its driving down for the weather, switching off from work or a chance to relive the quiet lazy life with your family, explore the land, sit back and relax in one of our private luxury villas that offer you the best things in life. There’s luxury experiences, large private pools to play in, expansive rooms with enthralling views, lip-smacking food prepared just the way you like it, and staff that is there to give you all that you need wherever you are. Get ready for experiences that won’t leave you even after your vacay is done.

1. SaffronStays Gardenia, Alibaug

An hour’s ride off the RoRo from Mumbai Port will get you to this stylish 4-bedroom villa that is surrounded by greenery. From the stunning infinity pool to the seamless garden that rolls up to the first floor, there are plenty of spots for the perfect photo op. You can turn your visit up a notch with the barbecue or bonfire services!

No. of guests: 10-16

Cost per room night weekend: INR 8000 per night

Cost per night weekday: INR 6500 per night

Plan your dream holiday: SaffronStays Gardenia

2. SaffronStays Osaree, Alibaug

If you’re looking to host a reunion or large celebration just a quick drive from Mumbai, this 5-bedroom pet-friendly villa is your best bet! The villa’s key feature is the broad verandah that stretches out next to the open sky pool. The spacious structure of the villa and its charming Colonial-style furnishings redefine luxury that is both vibe that will keep your party alive. 

No. of guests: 10-15

Cost per night weekend: INR 8000

Cost per night weekday: INR 6500

Plan your dream holiday: SaffronStays Osaree

3. SaffronStays Thalassea, Alibaug

SaffronStays Thalassea sits right on Thal Beach and screams vacation! The 3-bedroom villa is airy and boasts some vibrant interiors that will keep your mood lifted. It has a lovely combination of five-star service and homely vibe yet at a budget that works for everyone. You can be at this beachfacing villa and enjoying the cool sea breeze within 30 minutes of Mandwa Jetty!

No. of guests: 6 – 12

Cost per night weekend: INR 8000

Cost per night weekday: INR 6500

Book your luxury getaway: SaffronStays Thalassea

4. SaffronStays Summer Salt, Alibaug

Pools and beaches go well together as each offers a wide range of fun! This enchanting and expansive beachside Alibaug villa, is a piece of paradise where you not only have your own private pool but it is also just a short walk away from the Arabian Sea! The 6-bedroom villa’s charming vintage vibe and colonial-style furniture simply rounds off that wholesome holiday experience.

No. of guests: 12-18

Cost per night weekend: INR 8000

Cost per night weekday: INR 6500

Book your pool party: SaffronStays Summer Salt

5. SaffronStays Sea La Vie, Alibaug

One of the top seaside villas near Mumbai, pick SaffronStays Sea La Vie only if you’re a fan of breathtaking views of the beach and absolutely stunning sunsets. In fact, you can relish the sea breeze and savour the colours of dusk while floating around in the villa’s gorgeous pool. You can even ask for a poolside picnic or barbecue to be arranged. Multitasking never sounded this good!

No. of guests: 6-9

Cost per night weekend: INR 8000

Cost per night weekday: INR 6500

Plan your luxury getaway: SaffronStays Sea La Vie

6. SaffronStays Aura, Alibaug

Large families will love the classy interiors and playful vibe of this 5-bedroom villa. There is plenty of space for kids to run around and a game room packed with the essentials for a fun holiday. The open sky pool is attached to the main living room, creating the perfect party setting! Plan a stay at this beautiful villa for special family functions like anniversaries or milestone birthdays. Here you will find luxury redefined.

No. of guests: 16-24

Cost per night weekend: INR 8000

Cost per night weekday: INR 6500

Plan your dream holiday now: SaffronStays Aura

7. SaffronStays Aquamarina By The Beach, Alibaug

A private hideaway for your closest family and friends, SaffronStays Aquamarina, right on the secluded and pristine Nagaon beach is ideal from an escape from Mumbai. Take a leisurely dip in the uniquely designed private pool with an island tree in the centre, or catch up on all the Zoom meetings when you work out of this home. Luxury here means sitting in the lap of nature, undisturbed, private, with a private staff looking after your every need.

No of guests: 8-12

Cost per night weekend: INR 8000

Cost per night weekday: INR 6500

Book your luxury holiday: SaffronStays Aquamarina By The Beach

Weekend breaks away from Mumbai need an exclusive destination and Alibaug is easily reachable by car, boat or the Ro-Ro ferry. Sprawled across pristine beaches and hills are our uber-luxurious private villas behind pretty shrubbery, pink bougainvillea and large banyan trees. The Kihim Beach weaves in and out of our villas surrounded by coconut and ‘Flame of the Forest’ trees. Spend your days frolicking in the waves, look over scenic views of the Arabian Sea or spend time lazying around while you’re every whim is taken care of.

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