Top things to do in Wayanad on your next trip

Wayanad is home to splendid natural surroundings, exhilarating adventures, vast wildlife reserves, coffee plantations and historic charm. A perfect weekend getaway from Bangalore, which remains the epitome of God’s Own Country. From exploring striking natural trails to visiting eerie caves, Wayanad offers unique experiences. SaffronStays WellBeingVilla is the ideal choice to discover the local attractions of Wayanad and relish the serene getaway with your family and friends.  

Trekking experience

Wayanad offers several magnificent trekking trails for travellers to experience nature in its unspoiled form. The sounds of the rumbling leaves, gushing waterfalls, and scents of the enchanting forest will only accompany your trail. Just pause and admire the blooming flowers and towering trees while meandering deep into the woods. Also, you can spot rare birds and taste pristine water from the nature streams. Nature enthusiasts and adventure souls cannot miss this therapeutic experience. 

Pookode Lake

Pookode Lake is a glistening freshwater lake set amidst rich forest areas and the Western Ghats. The sweeping views of nature and tranquil ambience attract different travellers. Cruise along the lake that sparkles with lotus and water lilies while spotting wild animals and birds. The lake also offers a freshwater aquarium, children’s park and handicrafts shop to guarantee a fascinating outing experience for a larger group of friends and families. 

10 km away from SaffronStays WellBeingVilla

Lakkidi View Point

Touted as the Gateway to Wayanad, Lakkidi View Point in Kalpetta mesmerizes everyone with the views of the misty hills and twisty roads. Get the adrenaline pumping while driving along the snaky roads to reach this high-altitude viewpoint. A funky road trip playlist will further add to the fun. Capture the perfect sunrise and sunset in the backdrop of the green meadows. Slow down and admire the fantasy-like sceneries near the Vythiri Village.

13 km away from SaffronStays WellBeingVilla

Chembra Peak

Set at a soaring altitude of 2100m, Chembra Peak beckons travellers with its heart-shaped lake and exotic greeneries. The trail meanders through the tea plantations and waterfalls and gently reveals the heart-shaped lake on the top. Embark on this refreshing trek among clouds and endlessly behold the rolling hills. Opt for guided tours and get the enriching experience of climbing the highest peak in Wayanad.  

25 km away from SaffronStays WellBeingVilla

Banasura Dam

Banasura Dam remains one of the idyllic vacation places in Wayanad. Visit this impressive earthen dam in Wayanad for var of experiences. Witness the massive reservoir against the mountains swathed in lush greeneries. Explore a host of exciting activities in the park, climb the Banasura Peak and enjoy boating in the glittering reservoir. The vast stretch of greeneries in the dam offers the perfect spot to set up a fun-filled picnic. 

19 km away from SaffronStays WellBeingVilla

MuddyBoots Zipline

The rolling hills of Wayanad offer bespoke adventure experiences like Ziplining. Experience the thrill of gliding through the verdant slopes of Wayanad like never before. It offers the longest zipline in Wayanad which extends to 300 m. Also, MuddyBoots Zipline boasts an assortment of activities such as river rafting, camping, cycling and boating. Sign up for these curated adventure experiences and share exciting moments with your friends and family. 

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A memorable stay in SaffronStays WellBeingVilla

Nestled in a 50-acre coffee plantation estate, SaffronStays WellBeingVilla is a 3-bedroom eco-friendly villa home that reflects Kerala-style architecture. SaffronStays WellBeingVilla promises an immersive stay experience amidst nature in Wayanad. The aroma of coffee lingers in the air at this home, where you can enjoy the unhindered views of Arabica coffee plantations. Start your day with a cuppa in the poomukhom Verandah for heartwarming conversations whilst soaking in the scenic setting. 

Grab your favourite book from the in-house library and indulge in reading near the sunken atrium or sprawling garden. That’s not it! You can sign up for restorative Ayurvedic spa therapies and spend time playing indoor games. The home brings you the local flavours of Kerala right at your table for the epic food-tasting experience. Get around and easily explore the local attractions of Wayanad while staying in SaffronStays WellBeingVilla. 

Bookmark these amazing places in Wayanad whenever you plan a trip with your friends and family. SaffronStays WellBeingVilla will be your base to explore all these attractions in Wayanad.

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