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10 Affordable beach villas: Best of the Konkan and Alibaug

Tired of crowded beaches? It’s time to experience the best of Konkan and Alibaug. Nestled along the western coastline of India, these regions are famous for their pristine beaches and unexplored natural beauty. With their cultural richness, delicious cuisine, and less commercialised ambience, these beach villas make an appealing destination for travellers. It’s time to get over Goa fever and explore better at these beach getaways in the Konkan region.

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Affordable Beach Villas by SaffronStays

1. Summer Salt, Alibaug

Beach front villa in alibuag
Summer Salt, Alibaug

This 6-bedroom pet-friendly villa on Akshi Beach is perfect for an Alibaug getaway. SaffronStays Summer Salt, as the name suggests, is all about crisp summer vibes with old-world charm, high ceilings, palm-lined shores, an in-house library, and delicious home-cooked delights. You can also enjoy water sports or a beautiful sunset at Akshi Beach, just 5 minutes away.

Featured by GQ India as one of the “Best weekend homes near Mumbai” this getaway will cost you Rs. 3500 per person per night.

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2. Amolee, Alibaug

Live in a piece of history at this villa located near Alibaug Beach. Built in 1830, SaffronStays Amolee was acquired by the homeowner in 1982 and painstakingly restored to its original glory. This pet-friendly 4-bedroom home offers a relaxing stay with a variety of amenities. Enjoy the day by making a splash in the pool, engaging in a round of board games with your gang, or heading out in the backyard for badminton. For the bibliophile in you, the reading room is perfect for a peaceful read.

Featured by News 18 as one of the “Top 5 heritage villas to visit on World Heritage Day,” this getaway will cost you Rs. 2800 per person per night.

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2. Villa 270°, Dapoli

Want to detach from the world? Villa 270° in Dapoli is the right choice for you. This traditionally designed set of 5-cottages near Murud beach overlooks endless expanse of the Arabian sea. Exploring Konkan’s untouched beauty should surely be on your bucket list this year. From pristine clean beaches to delicious local cuisine, this gem is surely unmissable.

This homestay will cost you Rs. 2500 per person onwards.

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4. Nishta, Alibaug

Nestled near Mandwa beach, this luxurious 4-bedroom villa is an ideal haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Boasting a plethora of activities on a meticulously maintained turf, residents can indulge in everything from lawn games to a refreshing splash in the expansive pool. In addition to its pet-friendly ambiance, this villa has the perfect setting to unwind with an outdoor gazebo. Here, you can relish a delectable barbecue, accompanied by your favorite tunes, all while basking in the warmth of a bonfire. Moreover, the villa’s proximity to the beach enhances the overall experience, offering residents the option to seamlessly transition from the tranquil poolside to the sandy shores for a day filled with coastal delights.

Perfect for families and groups, this villa will cost your Rs. 3500 per person per night.

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5. Amavi, Dapoli

Embark on a nostalgic journey as you step into the enchanting ambiance of SaffronStays Amavi in Dapoli. Nestled amidst mango and chikoo orchards, this 4-bedroom villa is designed to cater to elderly guests. The villa’s unique charm lies in the eco-friendly backdrop of rustic red laterite stone. Moreover, its location provides easy access to the Murud beach, allowing you to enjoy the serene coastal surroundings.

This is ultimate destination for celebrations and getaways at just Rs. 3000 per person per night.

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6. Adora Woods and Hills, Raigad

Featured by Grazia India, SaffronStays Adora Woods and Hills, this 4 bedroom villa in Murud is best known for its surrounding beaches and delicious seafood. Featuring a private swimming pool, gazebo and a terrace terrace from where you can catch beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Indulge in a scenic drive to Murud Beach, just 10 minutes away from this luxurious retreat at Rs. 2800 per person per night.

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7. Little Paradise, Alibaug

Secluded from the urban hustle, SaffronStays Little Paradise is set of three sea-facing couple-friendly, pet-friendly wooden cabins – Lotus, Tulip, and Orchid. Overlooking Murud Beach, this stay is a 2021 Travelers’ Choice Award Winner by TripAdvisor. Each room offers a private balcony or verandah. Dive into adventure with exciting water sports like parasailing and banana boating right on the beach. Expand your exploration by taking a ferry to discover nearby gems such as Dighi Port or the historic Janjira Fort.

This little gem offers uninterrupted views of the sea with innovative mouth watering dishes prepared by the in-house chef at just Rs. 3000 per person per night.

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8. Cassia, Alibaug

Whether it’s family time, celebrating milestones, or chilling with friends, SaffronStays Cassia is the perfect spot. This beach retreat offers 4-bedrooms, a swimming pool, a spacious lounge featuring various indoor games, a sprawling lawn, and stunning views. In addition to this, you’d be able to gorge on freshly prepared Alibaug-style home-cooked meals made by the in-house chef. All of this and much more at an affordable rate of just Rs. 4000 per person per night.

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9. Masaya, Alibaug

Nestled 15 minutes from Mandwa Jetty in Alibaug, SaffronStays Masaya is a three-bedroom pet-friendly villa. With a high-ceilinged living room and bedrooms boasting private balconies on level one, this retreat offers a unique experience. Additional highlights include an attached bar, two outdoor sitting areas, private waterfalls, open-air bathrooms, and lush greenery. Exclusively vegetarian, it provides a serene escape, just a short drive from the beach at Mandwa Jetty.

You can book this gorgeous villa at Rs. 4800 per person per night.

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10. Crescent Bay, Palshet

SaffronStays Crescent Bay, near Palshet Beach in Guhagar, is a place where the sea meets the sky, making you feel right at home. Ideal for family getaways, road trips with friends, or special celebrations, this 3-bedroom sea-facing home in Konkan offers stunning views of the sky and sea. Enjoy peace and tranquility as if this place is unaware of the chaos elsewhere. Explore the neighborhood with fun adventures like angling, hiking in Palshet forest, or visiting the Anjanvel Lighthouse. The per person per night cost starts at Rs. 2500 onwards. It’s not just a destination; it’s a calm retreat where the beach and sky come together for a perfect escape.

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To wrap up our journey through the Konkan and Alibaug, these 10 affordable beach villas stand out as seamlessly blending tranquility with budget-conscious choices. Each villa is a gateway to the experience unmatched. Whether it’s the laid-back charm of Konkan or the captivating appeal of Alibaug, these accommodations offer a budget-friendly yet memorable beachside experience.

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