Top Villas for House Parties: An Ultimate Celebration Guide

Sundown parties in private villas? It’s a new way to celebrate precious moments with your friends. Rather than heading to the usual clubs and pubs, escape to top villas for house parties. You can choose from colonial-era bungalows, riverside hideaways, nature retreats, etc. It’s time to raise a toast and groove to funky music near the pool with your amazing friends. Host dazzling house parties in the unique SaffronStays’ villas and soak in the holiday spirit. We have curated a list of top villas for house parties that promise an uninhibited celebration and unlimited laughter. 

SaffronStays Doon Mansion

Boasting the sweeping views of Doon Valley and dense greenery, SaffronStays Doon Mansion in Dehradun offers a rejuvenating stay experience. The rustic red tones of the home fit elegantly into the mountain scenery. The indoor bar cabinet, sophisticated gym and snooker room in the home will raise your spirits endlessly. 

SaffronStays Doon Mansion offers garden sit-outs, a gazebo and rooftop seats which easily bring your friends and family together for partying. With an elaborate spread and delightful drinks on the table and dusk settling over the mountains, celebrate like never before. 

SaffronStays Casa De Raga

Lying in the lively Arpora region of Goa, SaffronStays Casa De Raga embodies an authentic Goan-style holiday with a private pool. The floor-to-ceiling windows in this home offer the joy of indoor-outdoor living. Serene paddy fields and waving palms surround this home to retain the languid charm of Goa. A spectacular sunken gazebo and an azure pool will upgrade your house party experience in the very party capital of India. From indulging in fun-filled pool moments to sipping delicious cocktails amidst nature, don’t miss a glittering house party experience at SaffronStays Casa De Raga. 

SaffronStays Emerald Estate Homes

SaffronStays Emerald Estate Homes is a dreamy Italian-inspired villa in Ooty. SaffronStays Emerald Estate Homes offers a collection of three homes such as Emerald Nest, Emerald Escape and Emerald Greens with unique amenities. The home brims with old-world charm with glistening chandeliers, paintings, teakwood furniture and stonework. Sit around the bonfire at night to enjoy a sip of your favourite drinks and flavourful BBQ delights. Admire the mountain and green valley views from the lawn besides partying with your friends. 

SaffronStays Elderflower

Set in the gorgeous coastal town of Alibaug, SaffronStays Elderflower offers a quaint retreat. The home houses a sleek lounge bar to offer an exceptional drinking experience for guests. Spend your time endlessly in the extensive outdoor pool that blends into the lush lawn. The floor-to-ceiling windows lend a refreshing indoor-outdoor living experience. The luxurious pool gazebo is where you experience exhilarating party nights with your crazy friends or family in this home. Taste your favourite drinks and fiery grilled BBQ meats while exchanging light-hearted conversations.


SaffronStays Aranya Vilas

Hidden among the deep forests of Pawna, SaffronStays Aranya Vilas offers a postcard-worthy stay experience. This villa follows sustainable practices and has integrated natural elements into its architecture to offer a one-of-a-kind experience. Swim endlessly in the infinity pool that overlooks the forest and soak in the tranquil vibes. Imagine partying with your high-spirited friends amidst this mystic forestland and engaging in a host of amusing activities. Gather around the BBQ to relish great food and drinks. 

SaffronStays Gardenia

Nestled prettily in Alibaug near Kihim Beach, SaffronStays Gardenia is where the garden stretches up to the first floor to enhance its charm. The infinity pool by the garden is pure bliss at this home. Be it hosting a party near the infinity pool or whipping up BBQ delights and local seafood delicacies, you can create unforgettable moments with your friends. Sit back in the expansive garden space or an elaborate patio with swings and watch adorable birds when you are not partying. 

SaffronStays Riverfront Manor

Snuggled on the banks of Pej River, SaffronStays Riverfront Manor offers a secluded setting for your party gang. Tune into the rhythmic sounds of the flowing river while enjoying the thoughtfully curated amenities. Slow down and capture the mesmerizing views of the garden and Pej River from the Machan. Indulge in an array of indoor games to cherish the everlasting friendship. The charming gazebo is perfect for savouring your favourite drinks. 

SaffronStays Malsi Estate

SaffronStays Malsi Estate is the perfect addition to the hills of Dehradun near Malsi Deer Park. Widespread lawns with a gazebo and sparkling pool offer the ideal environment for partying with your friends at this home. Also, relax in the huge recreational space that features a pool table and a large screening. Lounge around the gazebo near the pool, share heartwarming stories and sing soulful songs near the bonfire for a delightful experience. 

SaffronStays Milton Abbott Estate

In the heart of the Queen of the Hills, Ooty lies the magnificent SaffronStays Milton Abbott Estate. A colonial-era charm teeming with heritage. The home offers stays of three different types such as heritage room, heritage family room and heritage suites. Host a memorable house party with your friends at this historical bungalow. Set the ideal ambience for partying on the well-manicured lawn and relish your bond. 

SaffronStays Clairmont Cottage

Cradled in the lesser-known village of Dhanachuli in Uttarakhand, SaffronStays Clairmont Cottage offers an idyllic mountain escape. The unhindered mountain scenery awaits at every nook of this captivating home. Host house parties in this offbeat mountain location and create memories that last longer. Witness the vivid hues of the sky in the early morning as the sun rises above the mountains. Explore the nearby nature trails to connect yourself deeply with the mountains. 

These are the ideal villas for hosting house parties. So, just pack your bags and find moments of joy with your friends and family.

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