Top Features of an Ideal Premium Vacation Rental

Top Features of an Ideal Premium Vacation Rental

Travellers today are becoming pickier. They can narrow down their searches with filters on vacation rental websites based on the amenities they choose. As a result, the most important aspect that every Home Owner should consider exploring for their vacation rentals is offering as many amenities as possible. Installing a pool and remodelling (or creating) a kitchen is more challenging than other facilities. Still, homes need to concentrate on small wins and holiday rental supplies to stand out from the competition. Examine what is being currently provided and consider how it can be improved in light of the target market.

To help you, we have compiled a list of some important features to upgrade your vacation rental to a premium one.

SaffronsStays Moira in Kamshet
 Unprecedented views of the serene Thukarwadi lake from SaffronsStays Moira, Kamshet

1. Unblocked View
Is there a spectacular view from your property? Can your visitors see it? Because no two pictures are comparable, showcasing an incredible facet works wonders for promoting your house. If your home has a beautiful mountain, city, or river view, ensure your guests can fully use it. Consider clearing overgrown plant life, scheduling regular window cleanings (indoors and out), and keeping house décor out of the way for unobstructed vistas that guests will love.

2. Toiletries for a Vacation Rental
When staying in a hotel, guests expect travel-sized amenities, but they get surprised when they receive the same level of care in a vacation rental. Installing soap and shampoo dispensers on the shower wall is a smart place to start, but you can also offer additional items like mouthwash, conditioner for hair, and lotion for the skin. Although optional, bath salts, bombs, and aromatic oils can wow your guests. Provide extra towels, picnic baskets, beach coolers, and possibly a kid’s shovel if you run a beach vacation rental.

3. Streaming Services Or Cable TV
Most guests view television access as a necessary amenity in their vacation rental, even if they don’t watch TV. The ideal combination would be to provide live television for local information and weather reports, cable television and access to Netflix or Prime.

Casa Del Palms in Alibaug
The azure blue pool at Casa Del Palms, Alibaug

4. Swimming Pool 
Do you want your vacation rental to stand out? Consider installing an indoor or outdoor pool! Yes, it is a considerable investment, but most visitors are prepared to pay for it. After all, splashing about without stumbling into a stranger, having to leave by a specific time, or having a large number of people bathe in the water is well worth the money.

5. Games for the Whole Family
Save families from having to travel with a whole pack of games. Consider providing crayons, books, and bath toys without charge. For added family amusement, add some card games and board games such as Pictionary, Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, Monopoly and Uno.

6. Fast Wi-Fi Access
Wi-Fi is an essential amenity in a hotel or a vacation rental in today’s world. Unless your home is off-grid and targeting a “technology hideaway” niche, your visitors would expect Wi-Fi to be included in the rental package. Lack of a fast wireless internet connection can discourage customers from making a reservation.

SaffronStays Nandanvan in Kodaikanal
 Take your beloved pets along for a vacation to pet-friendly homes like SaffronStays Nandanvan, Kodaikanal

7. Pet-Friendly Requirements
If your vacation rental is pet-friendly, you can accommodate your guest’s furry friends. Keep a set of food and water bowls in your kitchen. Additionally, you could prepare some treats as a special greeting for them. Their owners will appreciate and remember such wonderful effort when they evaluate your facilities afterwards! Check out our pet-friendly villas if you wish to spend the holidays with your dogs or cats.

8. Tours and Transfers
Partner with local companies and provide travellers with tours and transfers rather than making them organise these services elsewhere. You could offer various transportation options and excursions, including pick-up and drop-off at the airport, chauffeur services, and city tours.

9. Complimentary Welcome Basket
Treat visitors with a welcome basket when they arrive at your rental house. A small selection of regional treats, such as candies, wine, coffee, and postcards, is an effective way to welcome guests to the area and leave a lasting impression. A greetings book, local snacks or drinks, and possibly a souvenir for the visitor can all be included in your welcome basket.

SaffronStays SanvinaFarm
Antique artifacts all the way from the havelis of Ahmedabad adorn SaffronStays SanvinaFarm

10. Interior Design
You can easily distinguish your house by updating the interior design. Vacation rentals include identical furniture, bedding, lighting, and accessories. Adding a distinctive design to your home attracts attention and encourages travellers to book your home. 

11. Small Kitchen Appliances
Guests who enjoy cooking at home while on vacation will appreciate it if you provide a selection of kitchen staples like a decent set of sharp knives, utensils, a complete set of pots, serving platters, and other eating/cooking needs. Rice cookers, crockpots, blenders, coffee makers and kettles are a great addition to your kitchen.

12. First-aid Kit for Safety
Safety is one of the essential aspects of the visiting experience. Even though no one plans for or anticipates them, cuts and bruises are more frequently experienced while travelling. Keep a first-aid kit in the bathroom or another easily accessible location in the house to help minimise unpleasant experiences rather than allowing minor errors to ruin a vacation.
Bandages, gauze, antibiotic ointment, disposable gloves, and medical tweezers should all be included in a first-aid kit. If you want to be extra careful, you may add saline solution, children’s bandages, painkillers, cold packs, and a digital thermometer.

Make your vacation home remote work friendly
Workcations have become extremely popular post Covid-19

13. Office Equipment
Due to the evolution and redefining of travel, people are no longer merely taking traditional holidays. As the opportunity to work remotely become more widespread, many digital nomads and remote workers are searching for vacation destinations that offer all of the conveniences of an office in the comfort of their homes. Guests can see that your house is well-equipped for work by noticing sticky notes, pencils, paper, notebooks, and even a computer monitor. 

What’s More?
The amenities you choose for your vacation home will depend on its location, structure, and kind of visitors. You can upgrade with additional amenities to become a “premium rental” rather than just a “rental”. You can always offer your guests the basic necessities and earn good reviews. However, to impress them, you must go above and do something extra!

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