7 Reasons Why Alibaug Is Called Mini Goa

7 Reasons Why Alibaug Is Called Mini Goa of Maharastra

Surrounded by the blue sea on three sides, Alibaug is an idyllic getaway from the noisy cities in the lap of solitude and nature. With its pristine beaches, ancient forts, and uncanny resemblance to Goa, Alibaug has gained popularity as a tourist destination with its serene environment and has been labelled the ‘Mini Goa of Maharashtra’. 

With its proximity to Mumbai and Pune, travellers prefer heading to this beautiful town to filter their stress and rejuvenate themselves with the same zest and zeal as Goa. Here are five uncanny resemblances that Alibaug shares with Goa. 

1. Cocooned by distant hills and forts

SaffronStays Minerva Villa in Alibaug 
SaffronStays Minerva, Alibaug is surrounded by the distant hills

While Alibaug is coddled by the mountains of the Sahyadri Range, Goa is nestled between the Sahyadri and the Brahmagiri Mountain Ranges of the Western Ghats. In addition, both these regions are also home to various forts. While Goa has the likes of Cabo de Rama Fort, Fort Aguada, Alibaug has the renowned Murud Janjira Fort, Sagargad Fort, Korlai Fort, to name a few. These cities offer the best of the sea and mountains, making them a preferred location for mountain and beach lovers. One of such accommodation options surrounded by pristine distant hills is SaffronStays Minerva, Alibaug. This 4-bedroom pool villa has lush green lawns, thoughtfully curated interiors, and panoramic views of distant hills.

2. Plethora of beaches 

SaffronStays Beach Blues Alibaug Villa
The Sasawane Beach is at a shouting distance from SaffronStays Beach Blues, Alibaug

For beach lovers, both Alibaug and Goa are destinations where they will be spoilt for choices. While Goa has Arambol, Candolim, Calangute and thirty more beaches, Alibaug, at its end, has Kihim, Kashid, Murud, to name a few (overall around 15); Kihim is the best of all. You can make the most of these beaches by staying at one of the SaffronStays homes in Alibaug. One such home is SaffronStays Beach Blues, Alibaug, about 5 minutes from Mandwa Jetty. This 4-bedroom pool villa is just 300 metres from Sasawane Beach, giving you the perfect Goa vibe. Bask in the scenic beauty of Alibaug and relish the home-fresh delicious Alibaug-style meals throughout your stay. This is one beach getaway near Mumbai you must not miss!

3. Quaint alley brushed by the sea breeze 

SaffronStays Sea La Vie Alibaug Villa
SaffronStays Sea La Vie, Alibaug offers an uninterrupted view of the sea

Riding through the roads of Goa, you would have noticed that it has the stillness and stability that everybody craves in today’s hectic life. You will observe the same thing when you drive through the quaint alleys of Alibaug. The sea breeze is cooling and refreshing. Moreover, both these places will offer a homely feeling, especially if you are staying in a villa like SaffronStays Sea La Vie, Alibaug. With its well-manicured, lush green lawns, uninterrupted views of the sea, SaffronStays Sea La Vie, Alibaug is undoubtedly one of the finest beach-facing villas just 5 steps from the Saral beach. Here, you can laze around with your kids, take leisure strolls with your better half, lay down a picnic on the lawns and treat yourself to the finest and the calmest – something that the city life deprives you of.

4. The Colonial architecture and the European touch on the interiors

SaffronStays Osaree Villa in Alibaug
Colonial-style furnishings adorn the interiors at SaffronStays Osaree, Alibaug

Many Goa and Alibaug resorts and villas brag about the European style of art and architecture. The Portuguese ruled Goa for a long era, and the impact of Portuguese culture on the Goan lifestyle is obvious. In Alibaug, too, many villas reflect European designs and furnishings in their homes. You can notice the same in SaffronStays Minerva, Alibaug and SaffronStays Osaree, Alibaug. The living room, common sitting area and dining have European paintings as interiors, along with a dreamy patio and the swimming. The spiral staircase is another common feature that draws influences from colonial times.

5. Lazy afternoon mood

SaffronStays Gardenia Alibaug Villa
Enjoy a dip in the pool at SaffronStays Gardenia, Alibaug

Afternoon siestas are a common feature in the European nations, and Goa and Alibaug have adapted this trait quite well. You can either catch up on your sleep or just enjoy the afternoon relaxing and observing the things around you. Villas like SaffronStays Gardenia, Alibaug have a wonderful ambience. Relax and look at the serene blue sky, just take a nap, or enjoy playing some games on the lawn. But if you want to do work while indulging in some quality time, this is the ideal weekend getaway near Mumbai where you can enjoy a workation as well.

6. The evening BBQ and drinks set the mood for the party

SaffronStays Summer Salt Villa in Alibaug
Gorge on lip-smacking Alibaug-style meals at SaffronStays Summer Salt, Alibaug

Goa is all about the fun and partying during the evenings and nights. In fact, the nightlife of Goa is what attracts tourists. The Goan feni, the seafood fare, BBQ, and the signature dish Vindaloo make the affair even more special. The scenario in Alibaug is similar; You can satiate your taste buds with delectable cuisine sitting in a private villa in Alibaug. Moreover, if you rent private villas like SaffronStays Summer Salt, Alibaug, our in-house chef will pamper you with the food of your choice. Moreover, you can get the goodness of lip-smacking Alibaug-style meals during your stay here.

7. Easily Accessible

SaffronStays Casa Del Palms Villa in Alibaug
Chill out by the pool bar at SaffronStays Casa Del Palms, Alibaug

Both Goa and Alibaug are easily accessible from Mumbai. While a drive or  RORO trip from Mumbai will get you to Alibaug in a jiffy, travelling to Goa is just a 1-hour flight away. Board a ferry or a hire speed boat or take a RORO trip from the Gateway of India, and you would be in Alibaug in no time. From the Mandwa Jetty, you can take any public transport to reach SaffronStays Casa Del Palms, Alibaug, to pamper yourself in the lap of luxury. This villa, just 30 minutes from the jetty, has a large swimming pool, verdant lawns, and a plethora of outdoor activities to experience, making it simply perfect for celebrations, milestone occasions, corporate offsites, get-togethers and reunions. 

With its vast stretching seashore, Alibaug has been the quiet weekend haven for many Mumbaikars. So, next time life becomes monotonous, and the mayhem of the city takes a toll on you, head to Maharashtra’s mini-Goa – Alibaug.

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