10 New SaffronStays Villas

10 New SaffronStays Villas For A Totally Unique Holiday 

This monsoon, SaffronStays has an exciting new gift for you — ten brand new villas! Ten amazing new holiday homes in gorgeous holiday destinations. You can choose from a wide range of incredible travel spots in India, from the beaches of Alibaug to the hills of Himachal. Check out these private villas for rent and find your perfect fit! 

1. SaffronStays Kaia Waters by Kosha Villas, Pawna 

SaffronStays Kaia Waters by Kosha Villas in Pawna
An unobstructed views of Pawna Lake from SaffronStays Kaia Waters by Kosha Villas!

That’s right. Taking a dip in this gorgeous pool will feel like swimming in the lake itself, which is ringed by the serene hills of Lonavala. The bohemian decor combined with blue and white furnishings creates a charming atmosphere. It’s suitable for bachelorette parties as well as family getaways. And it’s only three hours from Mumbai!
Special Feature: Infinity pool with a panoramic view of Lake Pawna.
Max no. of guests:
Book a lakeside retreat at SaffronStays Kaia Waters by Kosha Villas!

2. SaffronStays Yahvi Waters by Kosha Villas, Pawna

SaffronStays Yahvi Waters by Kosha Villas in Pawna
Get a true forest stay experience at SaffronStays Yahvi Waters by Kosha Villas!

You get to the entrance of this 2-bedroom villa in Pawna by crossing a wooden bridge over a natural stream. This storybook-like feeling persists indoors among the brick walls and wooden furnishings. Nestled by a lake and surrounded by hills, this pool villa is the perfect place for weekend excursions with friends or serene staycations with the family. Staying at this home gives you a true forest stay experience with a natural stream flowing below, which is visible from the glass flooring in the living room.
Special Feature: Glass floor in the living room through which you can see a flowing stream.
Max no. of guests: 8Find a luxuriously rustic vibe at SaffronStays Yahvi Waters by Kosha Villas!

3. SaffronStays Ahilya Waters by Kosha Villas, Pawna

SaffronStays Ahilya Waters by Kosha Villas in Pawna
The indoor pool at SaffronStays Ahilya Waters by Kosha Villas offers a stunning view of the Pawna Lake

Picture sipping your morning cup of chai while drinking in the lovely scenery. You can spend the day walking by the stream near the home or head out for a beautiful trek up to Tungi Fort. If staying in is more your thing, the villa offers many nooks where you can read and enjoy the surrounding view. Wrap up the day with a barbecue on the terrace or an indoor pool party. Either way, you’ll be accompanied by a stunning sunset as well as tons of cheer and laughter!
Special Feature: An expansive terrace with a breathtaking view of Lake Pawna.
Max no. of guests: 10
Soak in the serene views at SaffronStays Ahilya Waters by Kosha Villas!

4. SaffronStays Midori, Kolad

SaffronStays Midori in Kolad
SaffronStays Midori lies close to the renowned Kundalika River

Got any anniversaries or birthdays coming up? This 4-bedroom private villa is the ideal place to host your celebrations! About 2.5 hours from Mumbai airport, this villa keeps you away from city noise and pollution. In the thick of Raigad’s gorgeous landscape, you can turn up the music and let your hair down. Keep the party spirit going by moving from the lawn to the poolside to the mini-terrace. Visit the famous Kundalika river, where you can indulge in kayaking and bungee jumping. Follow it up with sightseeing at beautiful waterfalls on the way from Kundalika Valley. When you leave, it will be with a suitcase full of memories! 
Special Feature: Only 2-minutes from the picturesque Kundalika river. 
Max no. of guests: 12
Book your riverside holiday at SaffronStays Midori!

5. SaffronStays Odyssey, Karjat

SaffronStays Odyssey in Karjat
SaffronStays Odyssey is an ideal getaway for corporate retreats

Apart from a lavish 6-bedroom villa, SaffronStays Odyssey, Karjat offers sprawling green lawns, a large private pool, a 1km long track and a large organic farm! Dotted with palm trees and prepped with numerous lounge chairs to relax on, you could spend a whole weekend exploring this estate. The expansive terrace offers a 360-degree view of the place and is fit for every occasion, from company retreats to college reunions. Your dream holiday is waiting for you at this luxury-defining villa!
Special Feature: A massive 10-acre estate that is exclusively yours — plus a unique farm-to-table experience!
Max no. of guests: 18
Holiday like royalty at SaffronStays Odyssey!

6. SaffronStays Casa De Familia, Karjat

SaffronStays Casa De Familia in Karjat
SaffronStays Casa De Familia is a perfect family getaway with pleasing interiors as well as exteriors

Aptly named, this private villa near Mumbai is ideal for large family vacations. It has ground-floor bedrooms for senior citizens, a ramp for wheelchair access, an outdoor play area for the kids and a basketball court for the adults. Equipped with hammocks, swings and an outdoor pool, this villa encourages you to unwind. The alfresco sit-out spot is great for snacks and chit-chatting but the bonfire pit is the best spot to bond!
Special Feature: A bathtub with a view of the stately Sahyadri mountains.
Max no. of guests: 18
Book your large family getaway at SaffronStays Casa De Familia!

7. SaffronStays Kimaya, Alibaug

SaffronStays Kimaya in Alibaug
Planning a pool party? Your search ends at SaffronStays Kimaya

The perfect pool for parties exists, and it is at this luxury villa in Alibaug! This sparkling Balinese-style pool twists and coils around the estate, curving around palm trees and hugging the side of a gazebo at one point. You can relax on the loungers, sip drinks while dipping your feet in or play pool games with your friends — it’s the perfect party spot! The rest of the villa perfectly complements this lively atmosphere with spacious rooms, lush green flora and a multi-cuisine menu!
Special Feature: A man-made lily pond and stone pathway that is ideal for some musing and meditation. 
Max no. of guests: 11
Book your next pool party at SaffronStays Kimaya!

8. SaffronStays Casa Bellissimo, Dehradun

SaffronStays Casa Bellissimo in Dehradun
Wake up to the verdant valleys and lovely garden views at SaffronStays Casa Bellissimo

This European-style villa amid Dehradun’s rolling green hills gives you the feeling of a set-up straight out of a romantic Bollywood movie. But the sweeping lawns and majestic mountains are ten times more beautiful than they appear on the screen! Here, you get a first-hand experience of the verdant valleys — from the view of your window, while picnicking in the garden, or while walking one of the trails around the property. In fact, there is a lovely waterfall just 2 minutes from the villa!
Special Feature: A massive terrace where you will get the perfect sunset and perfect selfie!
Max no. of guests: 9
Get a tranquil hillside retreat at SaffronStays Casa Bellissimo!

9. SaffronStays Doon Hideout, Dehradun 

SaffronStays Doon Hideout in Dehradun
SaffronStays Doon Hideout is a cosy cottage hidden amongst the coniferous trees

With its white railing and shingled roof, this villa has ‘home away from home’ written all over it. Just 1.5 hours from Jolly Grant Airport, this cute and cosy cottage is adorned with hanging flowers, patterned cushions and a fireplace to keep you warm. It’s just the right villa for families in North India. And you also get your own private pool for an extra splash of fun! From barbecue nights to paragliding adventures, you will get a complete holiday package. 
Special Feature: An attic with a TV, music system, board games and stunning lawn views — the ideal hangout spot! 
Max no. of guests: 6
Get your own private cottage at SaffronStays Doon Hideout!

10. SaffronStays Grandview Haven, Barog, Himachal Pradesh

SaffronStays Grandview Haven in Barog
Bird’s eye view of the hills rolling all the way to the horizon from SaffronStays Grandview Haven 

This hilltop villa has one of the best views in North India! Imagine starting your day looking at miles of green hills with small towns scattered over the peaks and valleys. Its convenient location lets you experience all facets of Himachal Pradhesh — from enjoying yoga in the hills to exploring Tibetan culture around Dolanji Bon Monastery to visiting Dharampur’s Japanese gardens. You can even gaze at a star-studded sky at Pine Hill Eco Camp, 15 minutes from the villa!
Special Feature: A one-in-a-million bird’s eye view of the hills rolling all the way to the horizon. 
Max no. of guests: 10
Book this hilltop holiday at SaffronStays Grandview Haven!

Don’t you just feel like visiting them all? We don’t blame you. Each of these private villas for rent comes with a unique charm. And with enough time and a well-organised itinerary, you just might be able to see them all!

Need some family activities while on holiday? We’ve got you covered!

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