A dream road-trip (and stay options) through the Coastal beauty of Konkan

Is Ready, Set, Go, your mantra for most weekends? Have you found a car and the countryside to be your calling? Then this picturesque surrounding and lush green foliage on the way to Ratnagiri is a great source to calm those jittery nerves. So if you are in the region and planning to take a road trip look no further.

Why to go?

When vacation plans are tossed around, few Mumbaikars can resist the lure of seashore! And the drive to Ratnagiri-Ganpatipule from Mumbai is a vacation in itself.  This Coastal beauty is ready to welcome you round the year. The backwaters lead you towards its tranquil shores and the friendly locals give you a good start to help you explore Ratnagiri & dive deep into the salty sea, aroma of delicious seafood, sound of the waves, and feel of the wet beach sand as you walk along barefoot. Expect the clear blue sky and vast blue sea to be your sole companions on your weekend getaway from the loud city!


The 500-odd kilometres might take upto 11 hours on a single stretch. A pleasant stretch, lined on both sides with forest, gives a delightfully scenic drive. Passing past your window you will witness paddy fields and coconut palms plantations. Also, if you are a bird watcher, you cannot resist to take a halt at Karnala Bird Sanctuary.

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Although, don’t hurry through Ratnagiri; After all, nothing can beat the thrill of being on the road, right? The route from Mumbai to Ratnagiri gives you plenty scenic options mentioned above to pick and choose your experiences.

Where to stay?

# 01 Spend a luxury holiday at Diveagar

A two minute walk from the seashore, this luxury bungalow makes sure that the guests experience a relaxing and comfortable stay in Diveagar. Some of the places to visit in the vicinity include Diveagar and Harihareshwar Beach, the Lord Suvarnaganesha temple which houses the 300 years old idol of Lord Ganesha, and Murud Janjira, long considered to be an impregnable fort. Also of interest is the Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary, spread over an area of around 53 sq kilometres, housing a variety of fauna.

# o2 Homestay near the beach in Shrivardhan

Located at a walking distance from the beach in Shrivardhan. We pride ourselves on our well- maintained gardens & farm of coconut trees, mango trees and are canut trees. Guests can spend time at Shrivardhan Beach and enjoy water activities on offer. They can also visit the Shiva Temple and Bankot Fort.

# 03 Pleasant stay in Harihareshwar

During your stay here, the place is in close proximity with Harihareshwar Beach, you can enjoy the water activities there, and visit Harihareshwar Temple. There are few other temples that lie in the vicinity and can be visited. Boating and backwater trips to see dolphins are other activities to be enjoyed. One can also take day trips to Diveagar and Shriwardhan as well.

# 04 Tree house in Dapoli

Nestled in interiors of Dapoli in Coastal Maharashtra, this homestay in Dapoli provides the perfect retreat from the chaos of city life. They aim to provide a rustic experience in natural settings while ensuring that the guests are comfortable. There is an in-house restaurant where they serve delicious local meals.

# 05 Farmstay at a hilltop in Chiplun

Overlooking the valley, is this farmstay built on an 18 acre land, with a lot of love and care. You wake up to absolute peace and quiet, with the sounds of birds and roosters as your morning wake up call. The fresh air and lovely views of the green valley right in front of the rooms brings you a fresh and heavenly feeling. When you visit here, you have peacocks on the farm for company and friendly hunter dogs as pets.

# 06 Hilltop stay overlooking the Valley in Chiplun

Located on top of a hill, away from the otherwise touristy spots in Chiplun, the view of the scenic Vashishti river with a backdrop of the setting sun in the mountain range is breathtaking and something you can enjoy from your room. Without interfering much into the natural balance, one can achieve relaxation or rejuvenation that you wish to experience. They promote eco-friendly tourism, the only place where you can experience a wonderful mix of adventure tourism, agro learnings, spiritual places & the divine peace of nature. Here you also get an opportunity to pursue your hobbies like painting, photography, reading, writing, music, while enjoying the splendid breathtaking view of the river Vashisthi.

#07 Beach view bungalow at Guhagar

Located in a small fishing village about 5 km from the town of Guhagar, atop a small hillock and far away from city life, is this beautiful farm house. It lies nestled between forest cover on one side and a stunning view of Guhagar beach on the other, and makes for an ideal place to experience the unique flavour of Coastal Maharashtra. The simplicity of the rooms is made up for by the large number of activities on offer. Guests can explore the village, go for walks through the forest and opt for bird watching trips with the friendly host who’ll also tell you about the efforts he’s made in the field of agriculture in his village.

# 08 Malgund beach facing Villa in Ganpatipule

While driving from Ganpatipule towards the town of Ratnagiri, the sky and sea blend together to make a blue vista that will keep you company through your travels. The 25 kilometre drive is scenic and calming. A drive to Guhagar (52 kilometres from Ganpatipule) will take you through acres of mango farms and the drive further to Dapoli (46 km from Guhagar) will introduce you to more beaches, small villages, backwaters and shades of green.

# 09 Live amid the lush green garden in Ganpatipule

Located in a close proximity from Ganpatipule, this cottage is surrounded by lush gardens that are regularly attended to. A mere 1.5 kilometres from the temple, the place is accessible easily from the main road.

# 10 Escape into the nature at Rajapur

A Sprawling Property In the heart of the Konkan offers a peek into the natural, ecologically vibrant environment. Located in Coastal Maharashtra, this hideaway offers a fine balance of luxury and holistic wellness. You can enjoy the natural beauty of Ratnagiri. Come here to relax, recharge and rejuvenate.


  • Pay heed to accident signs.
  • Look for speed breakers while approaching and leaving bridges across rivers.
  • Slow down near villages where there’s plenty of non-motorized traffic.
  • The scenic beauty could be a possible distraction, pay full attention on the road.
  • Don’t follow another vehicle too closely.
  • Lastly, pay attention to the weather forecast for your destination!

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