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My grandfather loved maintaining a daily diary for all the lovely things he read about, for all the beautiful places he visited every six months, for all the new friends he made and for every new dish that my mother cooked. One day we happened to sit together & he narrated half his diary to me. It is then that I realised that his life was all about observing. He noted that my mother is a very hard working housewife, that my father needs a weekend break too, just like me, and grandpa and his aged friends have nothing to do but sit and chat. So I thought, why not send him on a one day picnic not too far from the city with his friends? Why not organize a women’s only get together for mom and her friends? Why not skip asking for money for my weekend parties and instead ask dad to go and chill with his peers? Because at the end, I wanted that diary to be an experiential observer! So what’s the answer? It’s hitting the road with your friends/family/colleagues. Just think of all the benefits: You can explore the world together, reconnect and rejuvenate, learn more about each other, and make the kind of lifelong bond that only time alone can foster. Below listed are few places you must visit to rejuvenate your rusted self and rest your mind.

# 01 Luxirious farmhouse in Karjat

Barely 2 hours drive from Mumbai, Karjat is approximately 91 km away from the city, sprawling over western ghats and deccan plateau. You anyway consume an hour or so while traveling to work every morning; But this 2 hour journey will be much more happening with your friends/family/cousins. Besides the picturesque fields, Karjat is also connected to quite a few sightseeing places like Buddhist Kondana Caves, Peth Fort, Ulhas Valley etc.

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# 02 Bungalow with a scenic view in Khandala

Khandala holds a special place in the heart of Mumbaikars. Maybe it’s too close to the city or may be it’s just the weekend vibes. Situated between Mumbai and Pune in Maharashtra, Khandala is located at a height of 550 meters above sea level. This hill station has something for everyone visiting here. It can cater to all sorts of mood and fancies.

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# 03 Exoctic Pool Villa in Alibaug

The destination is accessible both via road, as well as ferry which departs from Gateway of India. For those who are religious types, Alibaug has two very famous temple’s i.e. Kanakeshwar Devasthan temple and Vikram Vinayak temple. It is also known for remains of Sagargad fort which is worth a visit for history lovers. A villa nestled in the quiet and serene village of Zirad, in Alibagh is approximately a ten minute car/auto ride from the Mandwa jetty.

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# 04 Riverside Cottage in Karjat

Karjat is a popular weekend holiday destination from Mumbai, and located near the basin of Ulhas River,  scenic natural vistas follow this place by default. It this because of this splendid beauty and easy accessibility from Mumbai, that it is so famous for weekend getaways. The beauty of this place multi-folds during monsoons.

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# 05 Campsite in Kamshet

Kamshet is a paragliding hub of Maharashtra and where stay options are set up to offer a range of activities. Kamshet is surrounded by immense scenic beauty, and is home to small villages that are built in the traditional style (with mud, thatch and reeds). Maval is the main market of area and attract people from around 60 to 70 villages. You can visit Vadivale lake, an artificially created lake due to the backwaters of the Uksan dam.

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# 06 Luxury Bunglow near Karla Caves in Lonavala

A mere 2 hours by road from Mumbai, beautifully landscaped Lonavala is famous for its seemingly innumerable varieties of hard candy sweet, commonly known as chikki. It also offers worth a visit sights like Bhushi Dam, Valvan Dam, Duke’s Nose, Tiger Point, etc. Anybody visiting here for the first time will definitely fall in love with the scenic beauty.

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