Weekend Getaways near Mumbai – Part 4 – North of Mumbai

Speaking of Mumbai, the city has multitude of choices when its comes to weekend getaways. You could either opt for more familiar places like Mahabaleshwar, Lonavala, Panchgani, Khandala, Alibaug, etc.; Or if you are looking at exploring more possibilities and untouched places, then below are 6 places ideal for weekend getaways near Mumbai! North of Mumbai is about sea beaches like Madh and Bordi, and unequalled silent villages like Palghar and Boisar. 

# 01. Have a restful holiday at Madh Island

Madh 01












A bungalow nestled among coconut trees, this Villa is ideal for relaxation and reflection. The large property is located over 20,000 square foot. The bungalow sits at the trailhead of several mountain paths, and is, therefore, perfectly located for long walks. The property has a distinct charm and with its surrounded beauty it is sure to give you a feeling of relaxation. It also offers an escape for writers, poets, artists and thinkers, and for a contemplative holiday at large.

# 02. Retreat into Nature at Palghar













Located near Vikramgad, this retreat centre is a perfect getaway to deter and find inner peace. If you are wanting to stress out from your daily routine, this rustic cottage house in Palghar is an ideal place for you to rejuvenate yourself and regain the balance of your chakras through Yoga, detox, natural and clean vegetables. You can also grow our own fruits and vegetables while your stay at this place.

# 03. Agro tourism stay at Bordi













A farmhouse surrounded by greenery will soothe your soul as you leave behind the buzz of the city. A temple within the premises of this place offers a positive feeling to the guests. Beautiful exteriors makes this holiday home a special one. Bedrooms are spacious & impeccably furnished infrastructure. The long stretch of green lawn adjacent to the house could be used as a play area. This is a perfect place to have a family get-together or simply laze around with friends.

# 04. Escape to the beach facing Bungalow at Madh Island

madh 02 (1)












If you don’t want to travel too far yet get away from the crowds and the rush of the city, this place is ideal for the purpose. Located in Madh, the bungalow has a direct access to the beach. A fully furnished 4 BHK Villa with a garden and a stretch of green lawn makes this place a must visit with your kids and large group of friends/family.

# 05. Enjoy the serene view at Kelwa beach near Palghar













This rustic villa is set within a picturesque farm, with the views overlooking the sea. Situated right besides the beach, the home holds an open pavilion, a breakfast patio, a shaded courtyard, a barbecue pit, hammocks and multiple outdoor sit outs. Although this place is largely gainings footfalls, Kelwa beach is still hidden from a lot many tourists. Enjoy the serene view from the verandah, and soothe yourself with the sound of crashing waves on the sea shore.

# 06. Stay near Bordi Beach

Kelwa (1)












Set amid beauty of the nature, this is a perfect weekend getaway to come with your family, friends. The surrounding is windy and the apartment provides pool with play area. The room gives a serene view of the nature.

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