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Who isn’t fascinated by the idea of an earth-sheltered home? Dwelling in an underground home is an aspiration, a fantasy that most of us have had while reading a novel or watching a television show or movie back in the day. 

One of the newest entrants into the SaffronStays family – SaffronStays AsanjA Titaly + Dragonfly, a Signature by SaffronStays estate, is a first-of-its-kind earth-sheltered home in the country. This unique retreat, barely 2.5 hours from Mumbai and 3 hours from Pune, takes you on an adventure into a mystical and magical world.


The skylights lit up the interiors of the Signature home by SaffronStays estate
The skylights lit up the interiors of the home with natural sunlight
SaffronStays AsanjA Dragonfly
A rocky stairway to a hidden door to SaffronStays AsanjA Dragonfly

The home name, ‘AsanjA’, is an amalgamation of the Sindhi word ‘Asanjo’, which means ‘Ours’ and the Punjabi word ‘Sanjha’, which means ‘For Everyone’. The two capital ‘A’s’ in the name, one in the beginning and the other at the end, denote the renowned trekking peaks – Gorakhgad and Machindragad – of the mighty Sahyadri range that form a 180° backdrop to the estate. 

Inspired by the world-famous film, theatre and novel, this remarkable retreat too unfolds its mystery just like the pages of a book. The escapade begins from the moment you take the first few steps into the premises spread over 3-acres of land. Walk along the pathway, pass by a flourishing green garden, and you uncover a rocky stairway to a hidden door.

As you open the door, heavily inspired by the fictional world, you enter an enchanted space that gives you a glimpse of inspirations sought from the Home Owners’ 15 years of experience in the interiors space and their travels across the globe. This enigmatic space, which took about six years to come by, was built by digging 15 feet below the ground to attain the organic shape we see today. Although inspired by Antoni Gaudi from Spain for the mosaic work, the true inspiration of the architectural form is Javier Senosiain.


SaffronStays AsanjA Dragonfly interiors
SaffronStays AsanjA Dragonfly interiors are adorned by
mosaic patterns in aqua, blue and grey
The pool at SaffronStays AsanjA Titaly has  of a natural waterfall experience
The pool at SaffronStays AsanjA Titaly has
of a natural waterfall experience

This 5-bedroom architectural marvel is split between, SaffronStays AsanjA Dragonfly, a 3-bedroom home, and SaffronStays AsanjA Titaly, a 2-bedroom home.

The entire home is organically shaped, including the doors and windows, and the structure in all respects is extraordinary. The interior walls, the beds, and the two pools of the home are adorned by mosaic patterns in aqua, blue, grey and orange. This earth-sheltered home has natural rocks coexisting in various sections, retaining the region’s mountainous element – from the bathroom, where the rock elements allow you to take a shower on natural boulders, to the two pools, which have been lined with natural rock to give an experience of a natural water body. Another large boulder discovered on the site has been cleverly modelled into a coffee table. 


Built underground, SaffronStays AsanjA Dragonfly, the 3-bedroom space, has a pool, a living room, an indoor dining area and a kitchen. On the other hand, SaffronStays AsanjA Titaly, the 2-bedroom home, has a pool and an outdoor dining area. Both homes have undulating terrace gardens where you enjoy a pleasant evening watching the sun set into the horizon and even lie down on the grass and watch as the stars fill the sky.

Even though it is an underground structure, the entire home is brightly lit with natural sunlight coming through the curved windows and skylights on the roof. The pools in both SaffronStays AsanjA Dragonfly, and SaffronStays AsanjA Titaly, too, add to the uniqueness of this home. While the pool at SaffronStays AsanjA Dragonfly sports a rain shower, the one at SaffronStays AsanjA Titaly has a waterfall, making pool time an enjoyable experience.


Sipping the evening tea on the terrace gardens at AsanjA
Watch the sun set into the horizon sipping the evening tea
on the terrace gardens
SaffronStays AsanjA Titaly + Dragonfly
A special appearance by rainbow at
SaffronStays AsanjA Titaly + Dragonfly

There are ‘wow’ factors galore at this estate, making it a perfect combination of natural luxury and country leisure. In addition to the architectural wonders of this home, the Signature curated menus to leave the guests enthralled. From local food made from regional produce to an exotic international spread, both the comfort Indian selections as well as fine dining offerings leave the guests’ palate satiated. A bonfire or barbecue too can be arranged in the evening to elevate the stay experience.

With a breathtaking 180° view of the Sahyadris, an orchard with chikoo and mango trees, sighting of fireflies, rare ‘red’ dragonflies and numerous birds, a monsoon stream flowing within the premises, special appearances by rainbows and the sky painting a different picture every day, this estate is a photographer’s delight and every traveller’s retreat.

There is a complete magical melding of ideas in the creation of this unique home. From the jaw-dropping exteriors to the fantasy architecture of this home, every aspect of this home will transport you to another world. Come, and explore this magical home! 

Book your holiday at SaffronStays AsanjA Titaly + Dragonfly (5 rooms) or SaffronStays AsanjA Dragonfly (3 rooms) or SaffronStays AsanjA Titaly (2 rooms)

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