SaffronStays Glistening Waters & Spa in Nashik

SaffronStays Glistening Waters & Spa in Nashik

Imagine waking up in a beautifully appointed home, to lush green views and a gently lapping lake. You nurse your morning cuppa outdoors, surrounded by twittering birds and a billowing breeze. If you like the picture we’ve painted, you will fall in love with SaffronStays Glistening Waters & Spa. Located in Nashik, this three-bedroom property has an infinity pool and spa and is perfect for intimate weddings, quiet celebrations and family getaways. It’s also a must-visit during the monsoons, since the drive to Nashik offers the most scenic views, followed by rich, verdant hues all around the property. Here are 7 more reasons to pack your bags and head to SaffronStays Glistening Waters & Spa, soon.

A Dreamy Locale

SaffronStays Spa in Nashik surrounded by banks of the serene Gautami Godavari Dam Reservoir
This beautiful home sit on the banks of the serene Gautami Godavari Dam Reservoir

Surrounded by a serene lake and plenty of greenery, SaffronStays Glistening Waters & Spa takes the form of a calm oasis. In fact, the homeowners designed this space after multiple visits to the finest estates in the country and abroad to build the perfect holiday home. The result? A graceful home enveloped by whispering trees and manicured lawns tailor-made for evening strolls or crackling bonfires.

Inspiring Interiors

Signature SaffronStays estate in Nashik
The villa is built in a contemporary design style with stone-cladded walls

This Signature by SaffronStays estate boasts three spacious bedrooms, each with an ensuite bathroom. There’s an additional bathroom on the same level, making it a thoughtfully designed space. Moreover, the home exudes a charming, contemporary vibe with modern wooden ceilings and glass-fronted windows across the stone-cladded walls.

Pool With A View

Villa with infinity pool in Nashik
Enjoy breathtaking views of the horizon from the infinity pool

The property houses a sleek infinity pool that looks out onto the natural lake. Dive in and swim endless laps, making sure to stop by the edge to take in gorgeous views of the horizon. You can also float around while enjoying the expansive views or make a splash with your family with a game of throwball.

Lip-smacking Meals

Experience local authentic meals prepared by the in-house chef at SaffronStays Nashik Villa

Indulge in local authentic meals prepared by the in-house chef

Tuck into a variety of scrumptious meals at SaffronStays Glistening Waters & Spa. Freshly prepared using seasonal and local ingredients, the food on offer spans dishes like poha, upma and more for breakfast, Indian breads and gravies for lunch and flavourful Chinese fare for dinner, as per your preferences. 

Private Jacuzzi

Relax the body and mind with peaceful, open views of the lake in Nashik
This jacuzzi is ideal for some blissful time with your partner

The property boasts a standalone jacuzzi designed to relax the body and mind. With peaceful, open views of the lake, it’s an ideal spot to cosy up with your beau as the two of you take in the splendid views spread out ahead. For a special experience that she’ll always remember, ask our caretaker to prepare the spa room for you and your partner, where you can pamper your senses side-by-side, with invigorating massages and treatments.

Activities Galore

Head to the vineyards close to SaffronStays Glistening Waters & Spa for wine tasting
Head to the vineyards close to SaffronStays Glistening Waters & Spa for wine tasting

After all that R&R, gear yourself up for a bunch of activities. Sign up for horse riding with the kids or fun-filled kayaking and boating with family. Alternately, guests can plan a visit to Grape County for an informative session on Nashik’s favourite fruit. Sula Vineyards, too, is located 20 kms away and is ideal for a round of grape picking and wine tasting. Those who’d like to stay put at the villa can set up a bonfire outdoors, cosy up at the well-stocked reading nook or enjoy a game of chess or carrom.

Celebration Central

Signature SaffronStays estate in Nashik
A perfect place for intimate nuptials

With three bedrooms, pretty lawns, an infinity pool and stunning views,  SaffronStays Glistening Waters & Spa is an excellent place for celebrations, both big and small. Consider planning your intimate nuptials here, surrounded by the magic of nature. The home also lends itself to corporate offsites, milestone celebrations and dreamy surprise proposals that she’ll remember forever.

Whether you’d like to plan a memorable family holiday or a quiet retreat surrounded by the best of nature, there’s no better place than SaffronStays Glistening Waters & Spa. Book your stay at this Signature by SaffronStays estate now.

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