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7 Reasons That Make SaffronStays Jannat A Slice Of Paradise

Sitting pretty in Igatpuri, Maharashtra is SaffronStays Jannat — an elegant, 3-bedroom pool villa. This Signature by SaffronStays estate, a three hour drive from Mumbai and 30 minutes from Nashik, has the most striking views of tranquil lakes and verdant trees. This home with natural beauty all around is a perfect getaway from the bustle of the city, especially in the monsoons. This holiday home is equipped with spacious bedrooms, a well-appointed living room, a pool and loungers, and rambling lawns for long walks or games of catch. True to its name, SaffronStays Jannat is a dreamy destination for close families or friends looking for some much-needed R&R. Here are 7 reasons you ought to consider booking this gorgeous property.


SaffronStays Jannat offers glorious views of nature
 Spectacular views of Waldevi lake from the estate

SaffronStays Jannat offers glorious views of nature at its finest. Each day here brings with it idyllic views that you can witness from your bedrooms — a lush mango plantation surrounding the estate on one side and the soothing Waldevi Lake and dam on the other. The best bit? Visit the home in the summers and relish the freshly plucked mangoes from the plantation. The living room, too, offers beautiful views of the garden, making this property a visual delight.


Luxurious Interiors at SaffronStays Jannat
Fascinating luxurious interiors at SaffronStays Jannat

This Signature by SaffronStays estate boasts a contemporary design style. The facade comprises smooth, modern lines that seamlessly join in with the expanse of grass all around. The pool, too, is designed to look like a smooth extension of the villa. Inside, you will find luxurious rooms with comfortable furniture and warm lights, setting the tone for a relaxed, cheerful stay.


Lakeside Picnic with magical views
Enjoy your meals or evening snacks surrounded by magical views

Don’t miss the chance to dine outdoors with your family while you’re here. Ask our in-house cooks to put together a little picnic hamper and spread out your picnic mats outside by the banks of the lake. The gentle sounds of the water, the delicious taste of the food and the company of the ones you love will definitely make this experience one for the books.


Home-cooked meals at SaffronStays Jannat
Savour delicious home-cooked meals

At SaffronStays Jannat, you can enjoy delicious meals prepared using fresh, local ingredients. Our in-house cooks are skilled at preparing a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare, spanning across Indian, Chinese, Continental and Oriental offerings — from soups to salads and everything in between. 


Engage in an exciting game of table tennis or foosball at SaffronStays Jannat
Engage in an exciting game of table tennis or foosball

This holiday home has everything that you need to have a great time. The balcony on the first floor has a table tennis set-up, a carrom board, board games and more, where you can play for hours on end, surrounded by magical views. Or, head out onto the lawns with your sibling for a friendly game of badminton or throwball.


Relish the specially curated barbeque at Holiday Home 30 minutes from Nashik
Relish the specially curated barbeque

While here, make the most of the great outdoors. Spend quality time with your family by asking our caretaker to set up a bonfire outside. Cosy up by the warmth of the flames and make sure to carry a bag of marshmallows to toast, to keep the kids entertained. Sing songs with your family around the bonfire or play your favourite music. You can also set up a barbecue here and enjoy some hot, delicious food under the star-studded skies.


Hike to a cave close to the SaffronStays Jannat villa or walk down to the picturesque lake
Take a dip in the pool or go for a hike to a cave close to the villa or walk down to the picturesque lake

There are plenty of things to do around this property. Adventure enthusiasts can set up a hiking trail at the Pandav Leni Caves, located 20 minutes from the villa. History lovers will enjoy a trip to the Gadgada, Ranjangiri and Bahula forts, located around 15 minutes from the estate. Those who are up for a long drive can also visit Sula Vineyards, which is a 50-minute drive from SaffronStays Jannat.

With a beautiful pool, sprawling lawns, fantastic views and plenty to do, SaffronStays Jannat is the ultimate getaway spot for friends and families. Book a memorable stay at this Signature by SaffronStays estate now.

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