Inspire and Motivate Teams With A Corporate Getaway

In a year gone by, most workspaces have efficiently adapted to the new style of working from home. But on days when you think in-person communication would have eased the process of understanding, there is a unanimous appeal for team-bonding sessions. A one-day corporate getaway in and around the city that collaborates professional goals with personal bonding can work wonders for a team’s productivity. If you are considering where and how to go about planning a corporate getaway around Mumbai and Pune, we have some ideas for you.

Host an Induction For New Joinees 

SaffronStays Summer Salt in Alibaug
SaffronStays Summer Salt, Alibaug

If your company has welcomed a set of new employees in the last few months, then host a one-day retreat to induct them into the work culture. It is a significant way to include them in the larger team, communicate your expectations of them, help them know their coworkers, and forge connections. A one-day corporate getaways as a welcome will leave a lasting impression on the first go, especially if you choose stunning private villas in Alibaug like SaffronStays Summer Salt. This villa is located on a secluded spot of Akshi beach with a surrounding lawn, where you can sit under the canopy of coconut trees and have team-bonding sessions. 

Make it a Mix of Work Meets Leisure

Other than getting away from the confines of conventional conference rooms, you need to have refreshing activities where the team can forget about their work, at least for a few hours. You need not decide what the team should do, but let them make the most of their time. At SaffronStays Aura, a luxury villa in Alibaug, it will be difficult to choose between infinity pool time, a game of cricket on the lawn, the entertainment bay and the crossfit/gym station in the outdoors. Make this one-day trip near Mumbai an experience of not just work meets leisure, but where work meets luxury!

Replace Your Drab Presentations With Real Sceneries

Enough of Zoom calls to lay down your strategies, it’s time to change that approach. Picture a blue poolside for your presentations, which eliminates the redundancy of just another meeting. Or hold your training sessions in open spaces which inadvertently fuel an openness to learn in the attendees. SaffronStays Sea La Vie in Alibaug has the dual advantage of a large pool right across the Mandwa beach. The spacious property can accommodate about 40-50 people to sit together and attend the presentations, while a slight ocean breeze refreshes them by the side.
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Making a Well-Planned Retreat

SaffronStays Constellations Orion in Khandala
SaffronStays Orion, Khandala

A corporate getaway that communicates goals and collaborates efforts is a well-planned retreat. But certain things have to be considered- distance, strong internet connection and facilities for enjoyment. SaffronStays Constellations in Khandala, a set of 3 private villa complexes are ideal for every kind of corporate holiday near Mumbai and Pune. Be it hosting select top leaders or a larger team gathering, these spacious, well-connected homes have lawns to host your meetings outdoors. Your work presentations can later turn into fun parties, with the mini-bar setup by the pool. 

So, be inventive and plan a one-day corporate retreat with SaffronStays where colleagues bond as friends and come back reenergized to tick off their goals highly motivated.

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