Plan a Workation- The New Travel Trend!

In adapting to the new normal of working from home, a lot of people aced it with remote working. Complementing their professional life, people added personal feats of traveling by working from a vacation or the buzz word these days ‘Workations’. Workation in simplest terms means a working vacation; You unwind after finishing work. Now, with fears looming over of another possible lockdown, the search for workation destinations in and around the city spikes up. A workation with family by your side, where you get busy on your work tasks in the day and switch up to play later on has the perks of a work-life balance we all hope to achieve.

A workation with family needs to be thoroughly planned to address the comforts of every family member, those who have to work and those who don’t. At the same time, ensuring privacy, following safety protocols, and hospitality that takes care of everyone will make it an enjoyable experience.

Easy Guide to Plan a Workation

Choosing a Safe Location

It’s imperative to choose a safe location considering the COVID-19 situation. While a lot of you may dream of working from the hills, the government has now made COVID tests mandatory for several states. So pick a place that is nearby and follows all safety and social distancing protocols. 

Strong Network Connectivity

One of the pre-requisites of fixing upon a workation destination is a stable internet connection and cell reception. A place with good WiFi and regular electricity will enable a smoother work process. It is wise to choose a private villa vis-a-vis a hotel, where there will be a lot of people chancing upon the free internet connection. 

Destination With Activities to Do

A home with a pool, large lawns, gardens or near the beach ensures rejuvenation activities once the laptop shuts down. So pick a place that facilitates your unwinding away from any devices. 

SaffronStays Horizon 360°, Mahabaleshwar
SaffronStays Horizon 360 °, Mahabaleshwar

If you want your workation to be wrapped in close arms of nature, then SaffronStays Horizon 360° in Mahabaleshwar opens up to infinity views of the surrounding green valley. This chic 3-bedroom villa provides a refreshing stay with a cool breeze from the thicket of trees around. The home’s striking feature allows you to catch both sunrise and sunset from its spacious balconies. You can take the kids boating in the Venna lake just a kilometer away, or to the Mapro garden (30 mins drive) and have a workation trip.

Guaranteed Privacy

SaffronStays Kenzen, Alibaug
SaffronStays Kenzen, Alibaug

Choosing a private villa ensures the whole place is to yourself and enough social distancing from the crowds. There’s no worry of you disturbing someone, or vice-versa when you are sitting outdoors. Like, if you choose SaffronStays Kenzen, you can sit all day long in the greener courtyard or find a spot under any tree as your workstation. Wind up with a book or play a game of badminton in the spacious outdoors, you’ll have unparalleled privacy here. It’s a cluster of 7 bedrooms, so you can plan an outing with your extended family as well. With Awas, Kihim and Mandwa beaches in close proximity to the home, spend your evenings basking the views of sunset by the beach.

Warm Hospitality

SaffronStays The Forest, Alibaug

What fulfills an experience of a memorable vacation is the service you enjoy during your stay. Be it a break from the kitchen chores or served with tea just when you wished for, the feeling of being taken care of properly is heartwarming. When you are busy answering calls or sharing quality time with your family, let our trained chefs and staff on-site help you with your needs. In SaffronStays The Forest, in Alibaug you can savour some lip-smacking meals with signature local taste. The chirping of the birds is the only sound that accompanies your keyboard clattering. This 4-bedroom villa is pet-friendly too, so make a complete workation with family, without missing your pooch.

Let your work meet leisure by trading up the monotonous lives in a four-walled concrete jungle with open spaces, cooler workstations, rejuvenating change of scenery, and laughter of your loved ones.

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