60+ & Vaccinated? Celebrate Your Freedom At Elderly-Friendly Homes

The year 2020 was one of the toughest ones to get through for most people, especially for our senior citizens. The elderly family members have been cocooned indoors, nowhere to go without the feeling of fear and dependency. But the thought of breaking out of that anxiousness and living life again sparks an ineffable joy! The ongoing COVID-19 vaccination drive for people above the age of 60 asserts this positivity. To celebrate this very sense of liberation, SaffronStays brings a never before ‘Summer of 60’ offer for vaccinated people above the age of 60 to take day trips. Our safe and sanitized elderly-friendly homes near Mumbai and Pune are ready to welcome your senior citizens’ group (post vaccinations) and thoroughly experience living again!

For Mr. Gurunath, a 65-year-old from Mumbai, “It feels like a long wait…” Having spent the entire time watching the reruns of TV serials, he can finally catch up with his friends from the senior citizens’ club much better. Staying with his son and daughter-in-law, who both were mostly adjusting to their work from home schedules, Mr. and Mrs. Gurunath were happy to have them around but certainly missed going out. “For this younger generation, time passes quickly because they have their work keeping them occupied. Their phones have become their source of entertainment. I tried to learn using smartphones but there’s no comparison to the in-person communication.” he smiled. On his willingness to travel, he quipped, “Yes, I feel positive (not COVID positive) now. Our club members can finally catch up together.” There’s joy within him!

SaffronStays Casa Manga in Karjat

SaffronStays Casa Manga, Karjat

To tend to such joyousness, safe and sanitized homes, lush green lawns, good quality food, and cordial hospitality is a must. A retreat like this is possible at a private villa near Mumbai like SaffronStays Casa Manga in Karjat. This spacious villa has several spots, indoors as well as outdoor where everyone can just sit together and talk their hearts out or debate like old times! The housekeeping staff can serve fresh veg or non-veg meals as per your preference. 

For elderly couples who live away from their children, the vaccinations feel like a rainbow over dark clouds. “We had to wait for certain days of the month when my daughter Neeru would pay a visit, stay with us for a day or two, stock up on all the things needed and every time she left she’d ask us to come with her, but we refused. Now once we get our doses, we can not only visit her, but I can also go meet my sister and friends,” says Ms Jha from Pune who has registered for the vaccinations next week. “I am going to take a break from home,” she jubilantly declares. 

These sentiments of people above 60 getting to step out without being constantly instructed to, is giving them a much-awaited sense of freedom. But to plan a senior citizens’ getaway, there needs to be a surety of safety beyond exposure to the virus. Choosing safe and private villas near Mumbai or Pune is a great way to ensure there won’t be other people around, plus you will be attentively catered to. Thus, applying the filter of elderly-friendly homes nearby makes fair sense. SaffronStays Constellations Orion in Khandala fits the bill. The 5-bedroom villa has a private elevator, one need not worry about going to the upper floors to enjoy views of the surroundings.

SaffronStays 9 Palms in Alibaug

SaffronStays 9 Palms, Alibaug

Alibaug has become a persuasive spot as a quick getaway near Mumbai, thanks to the RoRo ferry taking only an hour to reach. For elderly members wanting to truly experience the outdoors, beach vibes with a boat ride, getaway to elderly-friendly villas like SaffronStays 9 Palms in Alibaug is ideal. Located just 15 mins away from Mandwa Jetty, this 5-bedroom pool villa home will woo everyone with its lush green surroundings. The joyful reunion of a laughter club can reverberate in the bamboo plantations outdoors. And to be treated to a delectable fish fry and Raigad-style Chicken curry by our in-house chef is another delight!

My grandparents are yet to even enroll in the vaccination process, but on asking them if they’d love to go on a getaway later they said the most precious words, “It would feel like we are living again”. More than us, it is the elderly who have lost out on some of the simple moments – the interactions, the evening breeze, the knitting lessons, the smiles, the essence of living life.
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Here’s a chance to help them live and love life again. We at SaffronStays wanted to do something special for people who are 60+ years and vaccinated, who are looking forward to their freedom from fear. In this once-in-a-lifetime offer, the day packages start as low as Rs. 1999 onwards (for minimum pax of 12) or a 30% off for overnight stays in our elderly-friendly homes. The main criteria is that all the senior members should be vaccinated. Contact us here to know more about the Summer of 60 Offer!  

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