Head to SaffronStays Athaang (Tarang) For A Spectacular Seaside Escape

Prepare to ‘seas’ the day at SaffronStays Athaang (Tarang) — a signature property with an unbeatable charm. Located in Dapoli, Maharashtra, this home is close enough to Mumbai, Pune and Alibaug and offers sweeping views of the Konkan coast and the majestic Sahyadri ranges. With a total of 2-bedrooms, this Signature by SaffronStays home is a sound choice for small family trips, couple getaways or even corporate offsites, steeped in the beauty of nature. Here are seven key features of this lovely holiday home to which you’re bound to lose your heart.

1. A Seaside Sojourn

Sip your first tea of the day with the spellbinding view of the sea

SaffronStays Athaang (Tarang) enjoys one of the most idyllic locations. Situated amidst the mighty Sahyadri ranges, the home sits on the beautiful Konkan coast and offers uninterrupted views of the Arabian Sea from each of its rooms. So, whether you’re catching up with friends, enjoying that first cup of coffee or spending time with family, the sea will be your constant companion, sparkling in the background.

2. Easy Connectivity

The breathtaking views enroute to SaffronStays Athaang (Tarang)

This property is precisely located in Dapoli (Anjarle), Ratnagiri, Maharashtra. It’s easily accessible from Mumbai, Pune and even Alibaug. Just hop into your car for a scenic 6-hour journey from Mumbai, a 5-hour drive from Pune or a 4-hour drive from Alibaug. The stupendous views at the end of your journey will make the drive worthwhile and ease your stress.

3. Elegant Design

 This structure of this estate is roofed by Mangalore tiles 

On the outside, the cottage flaunts sloping crimson-tiled roofs, which will remind you of something straight out of a fairytale. Inside, the cottage has two bedrooms, both of which offer brilliant sea views. Better still, the rooms are charmingly designed with wood-panelled walls and four-poster beds, made for maximum comfort throughout your stay.

4. Authentic Konkani Meals

Relish a plethora of Konkani dishes cooked by the chef using locally sourced ingredients

The estate also hosts the Athaang Restaurant. Stop by to get your share of traditional Konkani food here, cooked to perfection by the locals of Dapoli. Every meal incorporates fresh, locally sourced ingredients, including fresh fish and fiery spices. Alternatively, you can also opt to relish some Chinese and Continental fare.

5. A Viewing Deck

The ultimate evening chai spot

This home’s crowning glory is its peaceful viewing deck. Located a little further away from the front yard, this deck serves as an excellent spot for a round of yoga and meditation. You can also just stand there and experience the magic of the sea and the mountains. 

6. Perfect For Intimate Holidays

Seaside scenery backdropped by a cliff make SaffronStays Athaang (Tarang) an ideal getaway for couples

Kitted with two bedrooms, SaffronStays Athaang (Tarang) is a prime choice for intimate holidays. Families of four will find this the perfect place to spend quality time together, by the sea. It’s also an excellent destination for two couples looking for a weekend getaway in a serene locale. 

7. Dine Under Open Skies

Perfect spot to munch some piping hot evening snacks

Next to the viewing deck, guests will find a thoughtfully-placed alfresco dining area. Imagine sipping on a hot cup of chai at this deck while you munch on some Konkani specials. You can also enjoy a delightful family dinner here, re-counting old favourite tales while immersing in the beauty of the sea and the open skies.

Plan your seaside escape at SaffronStays Athaang (Tarang) and lose yourself to the many charms of nature and wholesome, local food. Book your stay at our Signature home now.

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