5 Luxury Villas Near Mall Road In Manali And Kasauli

If you’re heading for a vacation to Manali or Kasauli, Mall Road is where you will end up spending most of your time. In both these cities in Himachal Pradesh, this bustling street is the centre of tourist activity. Both the roads are packed with restaurants, cafes, and shops where you can enjoy local delicacies and find the best souvenirs. Coupled with some splendid views of the surrounding hills and mountains, this area is where you will get the best holiday experience. Here are five private villas near Mall Road in Manali and Kasauli. 

Villas Near Mall Road Manali

Mall Road is the lifeline of Manali. As you step onto this vehicle-free road, you will be struck by vibrant colours from fabrics and Buddhist paintings, the incessant sound of excited chattering and, occasionally, the smell of incense. Eat, drink, shop, and take hundreds of scenic photographs — this is the heart of the city. 

SaffronStays Monarch Manor (Master Suite), Manali

SaffronStays Monarch Manor is majestic home structure that takes your breath away
monarch manor2

Get ready for a truly royal treatment at this opulent private home in Manali. You enter through a massive 24-foot entrance fit for nobility, to enter a space with tasteful wooden interiors. An attic that opens up to the sky is the perfect place for nights of stargazing in the hills. The home is about 25-minute drive from Mall Road, close to tourist attractions like the Arjun Gufa or Naggar Castle, and has very comfortable interiors, should you want to relax indoors. At this villa, a mesmerising view of Himachal’s hills will be available to you at all times of the day. You can also opt for the Monarch Manor (Family Rooms) for larger groups or the Monarch Manor (Glass Suite) of the villa for your own private jacuzzi.
Max. no of guests: 3
Distance to Mall Road: 25 minutes; 8 km
Book your hillside retreat now: SaffronStays Monarch Manor

SaffronStays The Amlyn, Manali

For the unfailing companionship of nature, uninterrupted views of snow-capped peaks head to SaffronStays The Amlyn

Everybody has wanted to stay in a dreamy cottage in the hills at one point. Now you can make it happen! Wake up to cosy wooden interiors and lounge on the balcony, soaking in the view of the sprawling valley. While the skilled in-home chef will serve delicious Pahadi meals, you can head to Mall Road for the authentic Dhaba experience. For those who enjoy a good stroll, take a 30-minute walk (10-minute drive) to Mall Road in the pleasant Manali weather and drink in the beautiful landscape on the way. Don’t miss out on the dazzling night market on Mall Road!
Max. no of guests: 15
Distance to Mall Road: 10 minutes (drive); 4 km
Book your hillside retreat now: SaffronStays The Amlyn

SaffronStays Mont Arcadia, Manali

SaffronStays Mont Arcadia offers breathtaking views of the mountain ranges

This private villa near Mall Road is an ideal choice for families. Ample space and elegantly decorated rooms make it suitable for kids and adults. It comes with a breathtaking view of rolling green valleys and majestic mountains that you will never get enough of! And, of course, it’s a short drive from Mall Road — a small paradise for shopping lovers. Whether you want authentic Pashmina shawls, Tibetan handicrafts, keychains, and magnets as souvenirs, Mall Road has everything you could possibly need.
Max. no of guests: 12
Distance to Mall Road: 20 minutes; 5 km
Book your hillside retreat now: SaffronStays Mont Arcadia

Popular Eateries in Manali:

  • Cafe Amigo: Lip-smacking coffee and a wide range of breads and desserts.
  • Cafe 1986: Warm vibes, live music and a variety of cuisines.
  • Chopticks: Small and cosy, known for a delicious Gyathuk (noodle soup).
  • Mountview Noodles: Quirky wall art, diverse Asian dishes, and a tunning rooftop beer lounge.

Villas Near Mall Road Kasauli

One of the most happening spots in Kasauli, you simply can’t miss a trip to Mall Road. Divided into the Upper Mall and Lower Mall areas, this tourist attraction is best visited during the evenings. While Lower Mall is known for its shops and eateries, Upper Mall boasts gorgeous views of the valley as well as heritage monuments. End your day at Upper Mall’s sunset point for a truly magical evening! 

SaffronStays Grandview Haven, Kasauli

View the beautiful sunset on the mountains from SaffronStays Grandview Haven

This hilltop villa in Kasauli makes you feel like you’re on top of the world! Barog Valley spreads out beneath you, with rolling hills for miles in every direction. From morning yoga sessions on the lawn to the nights with music and barbecue under the stars, you get a complete holiday package under one roof! Make your family trip to North India even more memorable with a long, winding drive through the hills. A 40-minute journey will get you to Mall Road, where you can experience the best of Kasauli’s culture!
Max. no of guests: 10
Distance to Mall Road: 40 minutes; 20 km
Book your hillside retreat now: SaffronStays Grandview Haven

SaffronStays Hillview, Kasauli

Watch the snow-capped mountains during the winter from SaffronStays Hillview and let it get etched in your memory forever

A trip to the hills with your furry friends sounds difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. At this charming hillside Kasauli villa, your pets are as welcome as you are. Now you can relish the view of snow-capped mountains and breathe the crisp mountain air together. There are plenty of pet-friendly excursions around too — from hiking the Gilbert Nature Trail to taking a 20-minute drive and exploring Mall Road’s various goods and delicacies.
Max. no of guests: 12
Distance to Mall Road: 20 minutes; 8 km
Book your hillside retreat now: SaffronStays Hillview

Popular Eateries in Kasauli:

  • Cafe Rudra: Vibrant atmosphere, retro music, famous for its crepes.
  • Cafe Mantra: Country music, scenic views and a swing to swing to enjoy it from!
  • Narinder Sweet House: One of Kasauli’s oldest shops, known for its ginger tea, bun samosa and gulab jamun. 
  • Cliff Houzz Restaurant & Bar: Panoramic view of the hills and a vegan-friendly menu.

Both Manali and Kasauli bring a unique charm to their streets that just can’t be found elsewhere. You may stock up on spices and jewellery at Manali’s Mall Road while sipping on green tea and tucking into momos in Kasauli. Each town will leave you with distinctly beautiful memories. Either way, a villa near Mall Road will take your holiday to the next level!
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