A Guide To Travelling In Maharashtra With Kids During The Monsoon

Planning a family holiday in Maharashtra? Looking to travel during the blissful monsoon season? You’ve picked the right time and the right place. Fueled with rain and energy, Maharashtra blooms with life. It’s the perfect time to relax amongst orchards, head for a trek in the mountains or engage in the delights of farm life. Even the kids will enjoy this holiday to the fullest! Here are a few tips on how to ensure a hassle-free holiday with children. 

1. Check The Weather Forecast 

SaffronStays Aurelia, Panchgani
Breathtaking valley views from SaffronStays Aurelia, Panchgani
Saffronstays RedFields By Venna River, Mahableshwar
The sky paints a beautiful picture on a monsoon evening at Saffronstays RedFields By Venna River, Mahableshwar

The monsoon rains are lovely but unpredictable. If you’re travelling in Maharashtra at this time, keep a flexible itinerary accounting for delays. And stay ahead of the game by keeping an eye on the weather forecast. Light rain will add an extra dose of fun while visiting Bhilar Waterfall Point, while sunny days are best for a picnic and barbecue on the lawn. SaffronStays Aurelia, Panchgani where you can enjoy these activities, overlooks Panchgani valley — a stunning view no matter what the weather is. 

Downloading an app will pay off so you can plan out your day based on the weather. A trek to Lingmala Waterfall, barely 10 mins from Saffronstays RedFields By Venna River, Mahableshwar and Wilson Point, again close to the home, would be exciting even with a little rainfall. In case of heavy downpours, plan a fun day indoors. The kids can be entertained with board games like carrom and chess while you indulge in a hot cup of coffee and a serene view from the villa’s windows. 

2. Carry Medicines and Mosquito Repellent

SaffronStays Horizon 360°, Mahableshwar
SaffronStays Horizon 360°, Mahableshwar overlooking the
green valley
SaffronStays Boulevard StoneHouse, Malavli
SaffronStays Boulevard StoneHouse, Malavli, is surrounded by
green cover

Chances of children falling ill are rare but it’s best to stay prepared. Carry medicines for colds, coughs, diarrhoea, indigestion, motion sickness and allergies. Some basic requirements include a thermometer, bandages, and antiseptic wipes. While it’s imperative that you have a portable kit while travelling, our child-friendly villas like SaffronStays Horizon 360°, Mahableshwar come with their own first-aid kits so you can enjoy a stress-free stay.  

Due to the increase in insects, carrying insect repellent creams is an absolute must. Slap some on before you head out for treks, trips to waterfalls and any other nature-related activities. But there’s no need to worry about it indoors if you opt for a villa like SaffronStays Boulevard StoneHouse, Malavli, where every room has mosquito nets to keep you comfortable. 

3. Opt For Homemade Food Over Street Food

SaffronStays Crescent Bay, Palshet
Enjoy authentic meals at SaffronStays Crescent Bay, Palshet
SaffronStays Blue Infinitum
Indulge in the local cuisine at SaffronStays Blue Infinitum immersing in panoramic views of Lake Pawna

Street food is tempting but best avoided while travelling in Maharashtra during the monsoon. With the increase in bacteria growth, street food can be a source of infection — particularly when it comes to growing kids. But there’s no need to fear! If you choose SaffronStays villas, all those mouth-watering chaats and fried goodies can be found at your holiday home. 

Our talented in-home chefs craft meals with all the flavour and zest of street food. Imagine having authentic Konkani dishes at the sea-facing villa SaffronStays Crescent Bay, Palshet. You can tuck into chicken sukha, matki usal and konkan bhindi while gazing at the Arabian Sea, as boats come in and out of the port. Or you could soak in the panoramic views of Lake Pawna while dining on locally grown matki with jowar rotis and Indrani rice at SaffronStays Blue Infinitum, Pawna.

4. Get Appropriate Clothing

SaffronStays Kaia Waters by Kosha Villas
Soak in the infinity pool at SaffronStays Kaia Waters by Kosha Villas
SaffronStays Ahilya Waters by Kosha Villas
Take a dip in the sleek pool at SaffronStays Ahilya Waters by Kosha Villas and immerse in the stunning lake view

Chances are, you will get caught in the rain more than once during your holiday. And while the sights of the lush green hills are totally worth it, you can take a few precautions to keep the little ones comfortable. First and foremost, synthetic clothing. Cotton absorbs water and grows heavy. Synthetic clothing dries faster, feels light on the skin and will keep children in a good mood. 

Waterproof backpacks are a must for keeping your things dry. Throw in an extra set of clothes for the kids to change into after a trip to a waterfall. Get strong, durable footwear that can withstand flowing water, rocky terrain as well as wet mud. And don’t forget your swimwear! SaffronStays Kaia Waters by Kosha Villas and SaffronStays Yahvi Waters by Kosha Villa have an infinity pool with a lake view while SaffronStays Ahilya Waters by Kosha Villas has a sleek, indoor one — you definitely do not want to miss out on either!

5. Avoid Hygiene Hassles

SaffronStays Tranqvilla, Murbad
The well-looked-after pool at SaffronStays Tranqvilla, Murbad
Hygienic SaffronStays Tranqvilla, Murbad
Hygiene comes first at SaffronStays Tranqvilla, Murbad, just like it does at all our homes

The rainy season increases the risk of water-borne diseases, and you don’t want the kids to catch any of them. But a few simple rules can keep them out of harm’s way. Carrying your own water bottles is one of the best alternatives. Whether you’re going on a drive or trekking through the wilderness, a large 1-litre bottle will ensure you never fall short of clean water. It’s worth the extra weight!

If you need to visit public restrooms, wash your hands in a clean area. A bottle of sanitiser spray is a handy tool for situations like this. And a pack of wet wipes can go a long way. Armed with these essentials, you can stay at lavish villas like SaffronStays Tranqvilla, Murbad and head out for nearby treks like the one to Siddhagad fort, without worrying about hygiene issues. 

6. Get That Farm Experience

Farmstays near Mumbai
SaffronStays SanvinaFarm, Karjat

As the hills bloom with the coming of monsoon, your visit to Maharashtra will be incomplete without a holiday at a farmstay, in the midst of nature. Picture staying amongst beautifully rustic surroundings, helping out on the farms and getting a complete disconnect from the hustle of city life. 

At farmstays near Mumbai like SaffronStays SanvinaFarm, Karjat, you can plant samplings and milk the resident cows. Later, you can enjoy a hot meal at a set up in the middle of a flowing river — sounds magical, doesn’t it? You get to enjoy organic meals while also spending time with dogs, rabbits and geese. You can even try out a night of camping on estates like SaffronStays Rosé by the Vineyard, Nashik — a private villa in the middle of a vineyard! 

7. Prepare For Adventure Activities and Picnics

SaffronStays Sea La Vie, Alibaug
Head to the beach near SaffronStays Sea La Vie, Alibaug for some fun adventure activities
SaffronStays Minerva, Alibaug
Plan a picnic in the extensive lawns at SaffronStays Minerva, Alibaug

Travelling in Maharashtra opens you up to a wide range of adventure activities! They’re exhilarating, adrenaline-pumping, and usually, even the kids can participate in the fun. If your children are first-timers, ensure they know what they’re in for. Get them excited but assure them it’s safe. On the day, pick out light and comfortable clothing and their sturdiest shoes. 

Some ground rules can help guarantee their safety. Like always following the instructions and speaking up if they want to stop. Even for relatively easy beach activities like kayaking and banana boat rides, spend some time showing them exactly what to hold on to and how the life jacket functions. You’ll find these at villas near beaches like SaffronStays Sea La Vie, Alibaug and SaffronStays Minerva, Alibaug.

Our luxury villas are a great way to travel in Maharashtra and get a first-hand experience of the beautiful monsoons. From the finest standards of hygiene to impeccable food and service, you have a five-star holiday waiting for you. 

Looking for more villas for families with children? Head this way!

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