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The Maldives and other global hot-spots are okay, but there’s more to travel than following trends. Because, what is travel if not an escape from the clichĂ©s of Maldives and Bali? It’s a journey into the unexplored, an exploration that seeks out authentic encounters and distinctive experiences off the beaten track. In this blog, we’re going to talk about some of the unexplored Indian beaches.

If that sounds like you, here’s a guide to Indian beach destinations that match the global hotspots. These hidden gems seamlessly combine affordability, heartfelt hospitality, and unmatched natural beauty, surpassing even renowned international destinations. May it be the Hamptoms of Mumbai with ever-living nightlife or the untrodden Konkan region with azure waters and golden sand beaches. This guide will be exhaustive for you to get over your Maldives fever.

1. Alibaug: The Hamptons of Mumbai

Alibaug, often called the Hamptons of Mumbai, is a place where the Arabian Sea meets beautiful sandy beaches. It’s a lively and easily accessible location for a weekend getaway.

The most common way to reach Alibaug is via ferry from the Gateway of India. If you prefer a more scenic route, you can drive down the Mumbai-Goa highway, enjoying the picturesque surroundings along the way. Explore the historic Kolaba Fort, standing in timeless testimony to the region’s maritime history. Indulge in culinary delights with fresh seafood and local flavors at beachside shacks. Feel the thrill of water sports along the coastline or discover hidden gems like Kihim and Awas beaches for a serene retreat. As night falls, join the lively beachside atmosphere with bonfires and local music, creating communal connections under the starlit sky.

If you’re want something more laid-back, you can explore other lesser known beaches like Korlai, Murud, and Kashid beaches.

SaffronStays offer a serene escaped in Alibaug, a complete stay with beautiful surroundings, cozy accommodations like Kimaya, Sea la vie, Mograa Lafffaire, Hacienda by the Sea, and Salt Rim on the Beach stand as architectural masterpieces against the backdrop of Alibaug’s breathtaking beauty, offering a luxurious retreat where luxury harmonizes with the serenity of the coastline.

While if you’re looking to break away for regular SaffronStays offer in a place to with villas like Little Paradise, and Alma Grove in Murud and Kashid, irrespectively.

2. Dapoli: The Konkan Unexplored 

Ratnagiri Homestays

Dapoli is located on the Konkan coast in Maharashtra, India, offering a serene escape with its beautiful beaches and green landscapes. The region’s rich history is reflected in its ancient sea forts, providing a unique blend of cultural charm and natural beauty.

Many travelers overlook the simple beauty of Maharashtra’s Konkan region. Here, you’ll find stunning, quiet beaches that are surprisingly clean and empty. If you’re searching for a peaceful blend of sunshine, nature, and calmness, Konkan offers a serene alternative to busy destinations. Cherry on the cake? This trip won’t break your bank.

Imagine waking upto a golden sunrise amidst the voices of nature, a place where city life bids an adieu. The charm of Dapoli extends beyond its sandy shores to encompass a rich coastal ecosystem. Surrounded by lush greenery and gently rolling hills, the region is a visual delight for nature lovers. SaffronStays Athaang Mira, Athaang Adira  and Villa 270 let you soak in Dapoli’s natural splendor. With rhythmic waves and unspoiled surroundings, it’s a perfect retreat to explore the unspoiled beauty of the Konkan coastline.

3. Redi Beach: A Touch of Maldivian Charm

Located on the Maharashtra-Goa border, Redi is a quaint fishing village celebrated for its unspoiled white sand beaches, clear azure waters, and mouthwatering local seafood.

Tucked near the Maharashtra-Goa border, Redi Beach mirrors the charm of the Maldives with its white sand shores and turquoise waters. Redi beach is also known as Paradise Beach for all the right reasons. Being a lesser known beach destination, one can find complete solitude while enjoying the water sports and tasty local delicacies.

SaffronStays brings an exclusive retreat, Stella Maris Beach House, featuring a private access path to the unspoiled beach. Dive into water sports like kayaking and paddleboarding, and be sure to capture the mesmerizing sunset from the elevated deck—a touch of magic that adds an unforgettable dimension to your Redi Beach retreat.

4. Udupi: Revisit the Malgudi Days

Udupi’s beaches unfold like chapters from a coastal version of “Malgudi Days,” offering a picturesque tapestry of golden shores and crystal-clear waters.

Udupi, cradled along the Arabian Sea, unfolds as a captivating tale straight from the pages of Malgudi Days. With secluded golden sand beaches, where nature creates a soothing melody along the beautiful coastlines.

Malpe Beach is a popular spot known for its tranquil atmosphere and vibrant water sports scene. The coastline is further adorned by St. Mary’s Island, where unique basalt formations create a surreal landscape. Kodi Bengre offers a serene retreat with its rhythmic waves, providing a diverse range of beach experiences for those seeking relaxation or adventure in Udupi.

Golden Sunrises and amber sunsets, golden sand on the feet and a cold breeze carrying the reminisce of simpler life. Featured in Deccan Herald, SaffronStays Suvarna Sangam, perched overlooking the Suvarna River elevates this experience. It’s just a beautiful setting that invites everyone to enjoy the timeless charm of Udupi.

It’s time to take a trip to these unexplored Indian Beaches

Unexplored indian beaches

Travel is not just about destinations; it’s an immersive experience that weaves together places, people, and personal discovery into the rich tapestry of life’s journey.

As the world yearns for Maldives and Bali, these Indian coastal destinations not only provide an escape but also unveil the breathtaking beauty that lies within their boundaries. With affordability, unmatched hospitality, and convenient access, these havens redefine luxury living, proving that India’s coastal retreats are a matchless treasure trove for those in pursuit of unparalleled beauty. 

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