Discovering Bajkhet: A Hidden Gem Among Offbeat Places in Uttarakhand

Tucked away in the serene arms of Uttarakhand, Bajkhet is a rare find for travelers seeking solace away from the bustling tourist circuits. As one of the offbeat places in Uttarakhand, this village in the Almora district is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by the avid traveler.

Why Bajkhet Stands Out amongst the Offbeat Places in Uttarakhand

Bajkhet is not your typical tourist destination. It’s a place where time slows down, allowing you to immerse yourself in standstill silence. With a population of just 174 people, the village offers an intimate experience of mountain life. The literacy rate here is commendable, reflecting the village’s progressiveness amidst its untouched beauty. 

What is the Friendship Lane?

In the heart of Bajkhet lies Friendship Lane, a collection of seven private cottages that add a touch of luxury to this offbeat destination in Uttarakhand. Managed by SaffronStays, each cottage is equipped with modern amenities, ensuring a comfortable stay without losing the essence of a rustic mountain retreat. The cottages, overlooking the Himalayas, provide a panoramic view that can mesmerize anyone. From the local Pahadi cuisine to the views of the valley, it’s what you’ve been looking for.

Experiencing the Local Life

Visiting Bajkhet gives you a chance to experience life in the Himalayan hinterlands. The local culture, cuisine, and lifestyle are as authentic as they get. Here, you can enjoy home-cooked Pahadi meals, stroll through lush gardens, and bask in the warmth of a bonfire under the starlit sky. Do not be surprised if a friendly fox comes to greet you on your way! – But please! For your safety and theirs, wave them from a distance. Pro-tip – Maybe also collect some pinecones while you’re at it.

Cultural Richness and Natural Splendor

Bajkhet is not just about picturesque landscapes. The village is a stone’s throw away from the revered Manila temple, offering a spiritual retreat for those who seek it. Adding to the allure of this beautiful hide is the Manila Bird Sanctuary, a paradise for bird watchers and nature enthusiasts. This sanctuary is a testament to the region’s rich biodiversity, providing an opportunity to witness a variety of bird species in their natural habitat. It’s a delightful experience that makes Bajkhet a must-visit among offbeat places in Uttarakhand. 

A Haven for Peace-Seekers

If your idea of a vacation is to unwind and reconnect with nature, Bajkhet is the place to be. The village’s serene environment, combined with the homely yet luxurious setting of Friendship Lane, provides the perfect backdrop for a peaceful getaway. For those in search of the offbeat places in Uttarakhand, Bajkhet invites the adventurous soul with its trails and treks. Near the Friendship Lane, a picturesque spot awaits just a short trek away, where a serene stream flows, ideal for a picnic amidst nature. The trek, suitable for all skill levels, offers a refreshing blend of physical activity and natural beauty.

Journeying to Bajkhet

Reaching Bajkhet is an adventure in itself. From Nainital (approximately 150 km), Ranikhet (around 90 km), and Almora (nearly 70 km), the drive to Bajkhet is a mesmerizing journey through the hills of Uttarakhand. The entire drive is just a movie of different types of flora and unending gram-worthy spots. For those coming from Delhi NCR, the distance is about 350 km, offering a road trip through diverse terrains and captivating landscapes. 

Nearest Transit Points

The closest airport to Bajkhet is Pantnagar Airport, situated about 160 km away.

Another option is Dehradun Airport, further yet well connected. For rail travelers, Kathgodam and Ramnagar railway stations serve as the nearest railway junctions, each offering a unique journey through the heart of Uttarakhand’s beauty.

Why Choose Bajkhet?

Bajkhet is more than just one of the offbeat places in Uttarakhand; it’s a destination that promises a unique experience. Whether it’s the tranquility, the cultural richness, or the natural beauty, Bajkhet has something for everyone. It’s a place where you can truly disconnect from the world and find solace in nature’s lap. It stands as an ode to the beauty of Uttarakhand. It beckons travelers to explore its trails, revel in its natural bounty, and immerse in the tranquility of its aura. 

For those who yearn to explore the road less traveled, Bajkhet in Uttarakhand offers an experience like no other. Its untouched beauty, cultural richness, and serene environment make it a must-visit for anyone looking to explore offbeat places in Uttarakhand.

SaffronStays has a home for you in the best of the offbeat places in Uttarakhand. SaffronStays Friendship Lane is one such example – so different, yet so familiar. It’s like a warm hug in the shape of a house.

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