5 Incredibly Easy Kitty Party Ideas You Can’t Believe You Haven’t Tried

Hosting a great kitty party is a lot harder than one would think.

It’s not just gathering together a bunch of friends every month but choosing the perfect venue, finding the right food and taking care of a million other details that take a kitty party from ‘Fun’ to ‘Can we do that again?

If you’ve been desperately scouring websites for fresh inspiration for your party, we’ve lined up some incredible ideas for you.

1.Host A Poker Party

We bet you didn’t see this one coming!

What better way to spice up your next kitty party than with a quick round of poker? Incredibly easy to put together, all you need is a box of poker chips, non-messy finger food and some willing friends. Fun and snappy, poker’s one activity that’s guaranteed to leave an impression on your guests!

2. Pick Up A New Skill

Workshops can be a great way to make your party memorable while keeping it fun. It doesn’t have to be something technical. It could be something as simple as a handwriting analysis workshop or even a dance class.  Some incredible workshop options to check out: 

  • Food Workshop: What if there was a workshop that could make cooking fun? Imagine a party where you could learn how to make fresh jams, flavoured butters, artisanal breads, cakes and even fresh cocktails! Sounds quite perfect to us!
  • Recommended: Food consultant and author Saee Khoranne-Khandekar
  • Contact Details: 98702 43193
  • Wine Tasting & Workshop: For all the wine lovers out there, Vaniitha Jaiin hosts an amazing workshop demystifying different types of wine and unique customs across the world.
  • Recommended: The Perfect Pour
  • Contact Details: Vaniitha Jaiin (+91 99300 08400)
  • Dancing Lessons: How cool would a private salsa lesson for your group be? Or a stylish ballroom dance session? Talk to nearby dance studios to see if they’d be interested in organizing a beginner’s workshop for your group.
  • Recommended: Dance Central Mumbai / Baile-de-Salon / Tanz Verden Ballroom International
  • Contact Details:
  • Vineet Bangera (Dance Central) – 98206 14253
  • Diageo (Tanz Verden Ballroom) – 98213 27535
  • Baile-de-Salon – 098339 73669
  • Art Therapy: Call the creative folks at the Bombay Drawing Room to help you host an evening of socialising over paintings. Learn how to paint or doodle together as they hand hold you into the world of art.
  • Recommended: Bombay Drawing Room
  • Contact Details: Snehal (+91 98335 26557)

3. Host A Food Pop-Up

Imagine hosting a pop-up of your favorite cuisine. You could finally introduce all your friends to the delicious wonders of a perfectly prepared 6-course Bohri meal or watch them savor a series of Lebanese hummus platters. Here are some of our favorite food pop-ups:

  • Recommended: The Bohri Kitchen for a Bohri spread
  • Contact Details: Munaf Kapadia (+91 98199 08095)
  • Recommended: COMMEAT for all types of exquisite and exotic cuisines
  • Contact Details: Ruchika Mehta (+91 84470 90008)
  • Recommended: Spitfire BBQ –  India’s first-ever barbecue food-truck
  • Contact Details: Gauthami Shankar (+91 90365 11769)

Alternatively, you could skip the main course altogether and host a dessert pop-up. Just imagine the brownie points you’ll score…

4. Put Together Your Own Luxury Spa

Why wait months for an appointment at an exclusive spa when you can surprise your girl gang with the same luxury treatment at a destination of your choice? Surprise your gang with a special afternoon of poolside pampering, courtesy of a mobile spa nearby and we guarantee you’ll be the talk of the group for months.

Pampering Petals (based in Mumbai), a mobile spa, promises great massages and manicures right at your doorstep. You can connect with them at 098920 63208 for more details on special offers and bookings.


Last but not the least…

5. Surprise Them With A Fresh Venue

If you’re looking for something incredible to set your party apart, how about a destination kitty party? A luxury weekend outside of the city where you and your friends can relax and get pampered.

Escape the city with your kitty party group and find a stunning villa where you can lounge in all through the weekend. Sounds quite ideal, doesn’t it?

If you absolutely adore this idea but can’t think settle on a destination, we highly recommend Alibaug. 20 minutes from Mumbai, Alibaug has a lot of upscale villas that one can easily rent for a weekend. Come Monday, we promise you’ll be the kitty party to beat!

Already thrumming with excitement for your next kitty party? We’ve got just the destination to get you started!

What was your favorite idea? Did we miss out on a great #kittyparty hack? Tell us in the comments below.


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