a definite to-go-to for anyone looking for a beach stay

This was an outcome of a much needed break. Between jobs, needing to recharge, get away from the city for a while and what a break it was.
Getting off the expressway and driving through scenic cloud shrouded mountains was just a small step compared to the awesomeness that was in reaching the cottage. I had long conversations with Muneera (the owner) about how to reach and what to expect. As friendly as she is, she is no great salesperson. Three and a half hours from Mumbai, I was expecting a cottage a walk away from the beach and just another serviced room kind of a setup. We were met at the gate by the exceedingly helpful and cheerful housekeeper, and truth be told i was kind of apprehensive. All that disappears, when you meet his wife and the amazing food she cooks. The food, the dessert, the setting, their promptness, try as i might I couldn’t fault them for a thing. (And I’m in general a cynical man). The view of the sea is something else, it never seemed so real, the tides – you see the frolicky, noisy sea in high tide right at the cottage boundary, that steps away to reveal an amazing beach during low tide. A walk in the morning and evening is a must to truly understand what peace can mean (so desired when you come from the hustle bustle of Mumbai). btw, they have some very shy flock of ducks to keep company and add a surreal touch to an incredible setting.

A must go place for anyone who needs a break to find a smile back on their face.

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