Does your Pooch love to be outside? Pet friendly stays- Part 2

Bunty or Sonu can, but Cookie or Pooch can’t! Why? The sky is showering love for nature and so must you for your beloved. While you spend plenty time away from your home and plausibly day dreaming about your ideal weekend trip, make sure you mention your pets in the plan too. Oh, wait what? Pets? You always thought weekend activities aren’t pet friendly. We brought you pet-friendly places around Mumbai last time (read Pet-friendly-stays-near-mumbai-pune), which was received with a resounding bark. We bring you new places in continuation of the theme:

#1. Crawl back to the nature at Kolad

A stay in the lap of nature, Kolad
A stay in the lap of nature, Kolad

This place will put the jumping jack in your pet at ease. Be it a dog, a cat or any other pet, taking them to the green lush is like taking them to where they actually belong. The serene beauty located next to river in forest area provides a beautiful sit out next to river where you along with your pet can relax and gaze at the river and fish in the river in your leisure time.

Homestay at Kolad
Sit and gaze at the river endlessly

# 2. Feel home away from home at Karjat

Karjat farm house

Set amid the lush green valleys of Karjat, this farmhouse is situated on 120 acres of thick wooded mango orchards land in Karjat near Mumbai. A natural man made lake, bicycle tracks and the near by mountain ranges offer a view and activity that nature enthusiasts and adventure lovers will remember. The poolside, with place for an outdoor lunch and barbecue, is completely geared to having fun.

farmhouse in karjat
Catch-up on your book while your pet runs freely around the trees

#3. Spend an active weekend at Kelwa Beach

beach stay at Kelwa beach

Barely 2.5 hours away from Mumbai, is located this beautiful Villa by the sea that makes sure you don’t spend your weekend like a lazy bum! With three forts on this beach, one at the southern tip of the beach, submerged in seawater during high tides; the smaller one located within the coniferous trees near the northern tip on the beach, Kelwa beach provides a fair share of activities. They have paragliding and ATV bikes. There is also a famous shitala devi temple at Kelwa.

beachstay Kelwa beach
Stay amidst lovely coconut plantation, right next to the sea

# 4. Witness the sunset at Kamshet













If your pet loves water as much as you do and all you want to do is sit back and watch the sunset with your friends or family, we suggest you to spend your weekend at Villa by the lake, at Kamshet. This serene lakeside heaven will rejuvenates and repair your weekday stresses and sorrows.

Kamshet 02












# 5. Spend quality time away from city

homestay in dapoli

If you are looking at spending your weekend with no TVs, and a very rustic, natural yet modern settings, this place provides the perfect getaway to spend quality time. Nestled in interior Dapoli in Coastal Maharashtra (about 220 kms from Mumbai), you can go bird watching trails, mountain treks, bonfires (rains permitting!). Or visit nearby plantations of mango, cashew, coconut, areca nut, jackfruit, chikoo, water apple and spices.

# 6 Embrace the fresh air at Alibaug

Pool villa in Alibaug

If you are wanting to go out for a weekend trip with your family or a large group of friends, this place is ideal for private seekers and will help you to rejuvenate yourself over a weekend. While you enjoy your leisure time with your friends and family, throw the ball at your dog and let him get nasty in the mud! The Villa has a Sky deck for sun worshipers and stargazers with amazing 360 degree views.

# 7 Stay in harmony with Nature

Bungalow in Mahabaleshwar

Experience a magnificent aura as you enter the spacious, big Villa at Mahabaleshwar. The place makes sure you return home with peaceful mind. With a splendid view of the clouds descending over lush green fields, not just you but your pet can lay their silent and easy, admiring the beauty of nature.

# 8 Go sand digging at Diveagar

With incredibly soothing surroundings of beautiful and pleasant garden, and a seashore at just 5 minutes walk away, is this homestay that offers all the leisurely tranquility of a true beach getaway and the comfort here will make you feel at home. Let your kids and pets play in the beach sand while you go walking the seashore with your beloved.

To ensure that you travel safely with your pets, follow the below points to make your journey as comfortable as possible:

  1. Stop playing heads or tails! While you travel with your pets in a car, make sure to keep those heads inside, for the debris in air might affect their eyes or the cold breeze may cause the illness. Also, never let your dog ride in the back of an open truck.
  2. Get your dog used to the car by letting him sit in it with you without leaving the driveway, and then going for short rides.
  3. Take frequent breaks so that your pet can stretch and exercise a little.
  4. Never leave your pet unattended in car, hotel or anywhere, they might freak out and panic in your absence.
  5. Leave the front sit for humans and bring along a human buddy to share driving and pet caretaking.
  6. Do not leave your pet alone in the car, ever, especially a heated car. Extreme temperature can lead to organ failure for pets and your 5 minute break might just turn into a heartbreaking disaster!
  7. To keep your pet calm carry their favorite toy, blanket, or anything familiar.
  8. Before your dog enters the hotel room make sure you or either of your family member check in into the room, so that the dog can catch your scent and feel comfortable.


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