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Travel Hacks: For Those On The Move!

A vacation is all about de-stressing and unwinding.  Yet, fights do erupt over packing. Let not petty issues affect your perfect holiday.  This season, we have come up with novel hacks that are guaranteed to give peace to the pre-travelling frenzy and ensure a smooth, joy filled vacation.

#1. When in Rome, Do as Romans do; To be a Roman, Eat like a Roman.

The very first thing that you need to stop obsessing over before you travel is food. Avoid those extra kilos of home cooked food in your baggage. Remember, there are people living too in places where you are about to visit. What is more adventurous than sitting in an unknown cafe, pouring over a foreign menu? A place is best visited with its food and drink, they say. So eat that variety, develop a taste for it and take back with you new fetishes that make you go back for more.


#2. Roll those clothes and save that space.

Roll the clothes that don’t need ironing into bundles and stove them into the bags. You will be surprised to find that, this way, you get more space for other stuff like shoes. Also, these bundles are great protectors of brittle items.

Saffronstays travel hacks
Roll them up! Credits:


#3. Avoid carrying entire bottles of toiletries.

What do you do when the baggage is on the verge of crossing the weight mark and you still have a dozen of toiletries to fill in? Simple. Make it a point to squeeze the shampoos and conditioners into small bottles. That way, you can carry only the necessary amount while it also doesn’t add much to the weight of the bags. And the hotel goodies are always there, just in case!

Saffronstays travel hacks
Small bottles, less space, less weight! Credits:


#4. Iron clothes while you sleep.

No. This ain’t what you are thinking. No house elves to iron and ready your clothes for the next morning while you sleep contentedly. Let’s be realistic. Spread out your shirts under the mattress while you sleep and wake up to smart and ironed clothing. Organizing wardrobe while on the move just became easy!

#5. Use a pill container to store and sort your jewellery. So tidy!

No more you need to spend hours untangling the necklaces and hunting for the right pair of earrings! Divide your jewelry into neat sets and stove them into pill containers or zip-lock bags for ready to wear paraphernalia.

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Tangle free earrings, every morning! Credits:


#6. Screenshot important details.

Always, always screenshot important details or write them down in your diary. You never know when your internet decides to go on a strike.


#7. Pack the uneaten.

Make it a point to pack the uneaten fruit, bread and bakery from your complimentary breakfast as a take away. Lunches may get delayed and it is never a good idea to starve on a holiday.

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#8. Less bottoms, more tops.

Carry with you minimum pairs of jeans and trousers as they go with very many outfits and add on to the weight too. Leggings are light in material and are a great option for travelers.

Saffronstays travel hacks
Use them delicate and the denims- Rugged

#9. Safety lies in the Passport.

This is of utmost importance. Wear your passport on your body even as you sleep. Calamities never need an invitation to strike.

#10. Carry laminated copies of pan cards and photo IDs.

Instead of carrying photocopies that could get wet, damaged/suffer from shampoo, or oil spills, carry laminated copies of your photo IDs. Last longer and saves space too.

#11. Layering has never been out of fashion.

Be smart and wear layered clothing instead of a single thermal. This is a useful hack for trekkers travelling to high altitudes. You can always take off a layer each time you feel warm, like a boss.

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#12. Invest in a good power bank for your phone.

Don’t lose the Selfie-moment to low battery and avoid losing your way just because GPS on your phone ate your battery! Invest in a power bank that runs your phone through two rounds of battery.

saffronstays travel hacks
NEVER lose a selfie moment!



#13. Wear your heaviest’s on the plane.
Reduce the weight of your cabin baggage by wearing your heaviest boots as well as your heaviest coat on the journey. You’ll save room and that coat doubles as a good pillow, too.
 #14. Throw the hotel bar soap into your dirty laundry bag.
A dry bar of sop definitely won’t wash the dirty laundry but it can certainly prevent stinking your suitcase for the rest of your trip.
Saffronstays travel hacks
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About the Author: For her, sitting at one place is a challenge.  Always in search of new quests, she doesn’t believe in bucket lists, even though she has quite an extensive one. Currently suffers from the ‘Unfinished Book Syndrome’ and is searching for books she can actually finish. A travel enthusiast as she is, she is also a no fuss traveler, counting on experience rather than on comfort.

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