10 Treks In India That’ll Make You Fall In Love With Monsoon

It’s monsoon time, the most awaited time of the year. The skies turn grey, and a bright green cover is what you see everywhere. It’s also the perfect time to set out on a trail to the hills enveloping the countryside. Trek through the rocky terrain, lush green forests and steep steps and visit the marvellous waterfalls. It’s the time when nature offers you its best side. Here are some popular and easy treks in Maharashtra you can take part in to feed your adventurous bones! Save this handy guide for when the lockdown ends.

The Torna Fort (Pic Source: Google)

Head to SaffronStays Niramay, Velhe, a 2-hours drive from Pune, and set out for a small trek that takes you to a spot from where you can enjoy beautiful panoramic views of the Bhatghar Dam. This 3-bedroom villa is also located close to the Torna and Rajgad Forts, a favourite among trekking enthusiasts during the monsoon season. While staying at this home, you can also head for a long drive to Madhe Ghat and catch spectacular views of the waterfall there.

Lingmala Waterfall (Pic Source: Google)

If you plan to head to the strawberry capital this season, then SaffronStays Redfields by Venna River, Mahableshwar, should be your obvious choice of stay. This veg-only 3-bedroom private villa in Mahabaleshwar, overlooking verdant mountains and strawberry farms, is just 5 minutes from the famous Lingmala Waterfall. A short serene trek from this lovely home to the Lingmala Waterfall is a visual treat and is ideal for photography enthusiasts. On your return, you can unwind with a fresh cup of chai or coffee and later experience the scrumptious farm-to-table meals.

The Katwan trek

Heading to Karjat in the rain is another alternative you can think of. In the misty weather, a drive through the winding hills roads lands you at SaffronStays Sundowner, Karjat, an 8-bedroom private pool villa. Situated at the end of Karjat amid hills and near Morbe Dam, this villa is a perfect choice for the season. A short trek up the hill right next to the estate gives you a breathtaking view of the Morbe Dam. You could also head to the Katwan Mountain View Point, which is 20 mins from the home or hike through the waterfall and embark on the Palasdari Fort trek. During monsoons, you can enjoy blissful views from the Umroli Waterfalls.

Trek to Kondana Caves (Pic Source: Google)

Another gorgeous home surrounded by the towering Sahyadris that you could head to, is SaffronStays Olive Greens, Karjat. This 4-bedroom pool villa with verdant, lush greenery is a great choice at this time of the year. If you choose to stay here between August to October, you can catch fireflies and witness stunning waterfalls on every mountain around the villa. Trekking enthusiasts can opt for a guided trail walk or trek to Kondana caves to explore the cultural heritage of Maharashtra. Alternatively, you visit the nearby Ulhas river and just sit by and enjoy by the riverside.

The Janjira Fort (Pic Source: Google)

If a visit to Alibaug is on your list this monsoon, SaffronStays Sunglade, Kashid, should be your choice of stay. Not too far away from the city of Mumbai, at the top of a hillock, overlooking the ocean and on the edge of a wildlife sanctuary, this five-acre estate is skirted by a stream from around the back that gurgles during the monsoon season. The Janjira Fort in the middle of the ocean is close to this Wadi-style home. You could also take a trek to the Reserve Forest (Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary) during your stay here.

Shrima Rai on trail in the forest near SaffronStays The Forest

While in Alibaug, staying at SaffronStays The Forest, a nature retreat, is another choice you make. Feel the adventure of living in a forest and trek down to the nearby lake, which is only accessible to the locals of village Bhal. A local guide from the village can escort you on this trek to ensure you don’t get lost along the way.

A leisurely trek to the to the nearby stream from SaffronStays Nandanvan Estate, Kodaikanal

Travel enthusiasts do not restrict themselves to locations. So this monsoon, if exploring a different destination is on your list, then SaffronStays Nandanvan Estate, Kodaikanal, should be one option you should consider. Engulfed in a 35-acre organic coffee plantation, this 3-bedroom pet-friendly estate was established with the sole objective of enjoying an exceptional cup of coffee with family and friends in the lap of nature. You can enjoy a leisurely trek on the estate or even plan a picnic by the stream. Birdwatchers, keep your binoculars handy and be ready to spot around 30-40 species of birds. You may even spot a herd of elephants, bison or mouse deer as you trek through the woods. The estate has multiple trails around where guests can wander.

Chirapulla peak (Pic Source: Google)

If you wish to head further down to the state that announces this arrival of monsoon, then a gorgeous undulating terrain, flanked by mountains and trees as far as the eyes can see, greets you at SaffronStays Bella Verdura, Wayanad, a 5-bedroom private pool, pet-friendly villa. Head over to the Neemgiri waterfall, which is most resplendent during rainy months. Find new hiking and walking trails to explore in and around the hills surrounding the property. The Chirapulla peak and Kurumpada point are popular trekking spots for adventure seekers.

Chandrakhani Pass trek (Pic Source: Google)

For those planning a trek to the hills in the north, SaffronStays Persimmon House, Raison, a 4-bedroom villa in Manali, could be a great option. Stunning mountain capes surround this hidden gem in Manali. For those interested in some short nature treks, Chandrakhani Pass trek is ideal for both beginners and experienced trekkers. Hiking-enthusiasts can head to the surrounding forests for some great hiking adventure. Those who wish to enjoy tranquil nature treks can visit the rejuvenating Babeli Nature park.

Beas Kund (Pic Source: Google)

If you opt to stay at SaffronStays Snowdrop, Raison, a 2-bedroom private villa, a hike up to Beas Kund is the one to engage in. This famous trek around Manali combines big snowy summits, the greenery of the grasslands, and the emerald lake out of which the river Beas emerges.

So, pack your haversacks, lace up your boots for the ultimate trekking holiday and book your SaffronStays villa now!

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